Attention all single Scientologists! There is a dating service where you can find your “soul (Thetan) mate.”

Two smitten Scientologists might even sign a joint “billion year contract,” which the controversial church allegedly uses for some of its most devoted followers. Though this could necessitate a change to the traditional wedding vow, “Till death do us part.”

The Affinity Dating Exchange run by Marcia Powell in Los Angeles “caters to people who are spiritually aware and into self improvement and is the service most used by those who are adherents of the philosophy of L. Ron Hubbard.”

For those who don’t already know, Hubbard is the founder of the Church of Scientology.

“The more people involved the better the game,” says Powell.

But is Scientology somehow linked to a con game?

A dating service called “Affinity International” in Australia apparently conned a man out of more than $200,000.00 Australian dollars. Scientology has denied any connection to the business, reports MSNBC.

But according to the Herald Sun an Australian newspaper, Affinity International dating service of Queensland “has ties to Scientology.” And the Affinity Exchange run by Powell does tout itself as an international concern.

So what’s up with this dating game amongst Scientologists anyway?

Is there a proscribed commandment etched somewhere in the Book of Hubbard for celebrities that says, “Thou shall not lay with non-Scientologist“?

Maybe there is a handbook for celebrity Scientologists that dictates your love interest must at least minimally demonstrate a serious interest in the church’s services and/or courses before marriage?

It does seem that virtually every Scientology notable is linked to another Scientologist, or at least someone that has somehow signed up for the controversial religion’s offerings.

And when that interest dissipates it may spell divorce.

Ask Kirstie Alley’s ex Parker Stevenson or according to the rumor mill Nicole Kidman and Mimi Rogers–Tom Cruise’s former wives.

Cruise’s new squeeze Penelope Cruz has signed up according to recent reports. Did she have any choice if the actress wanted to keep dating the Scientology superstar?

And does this possible rule of L. Ron also apply to questionable unions such as “Wacko Jacko,” once wed to Lisa Marie Presley?

It seems so.

When the former “King of Pop” purportedly wouldn’t pop for Scientology courses/services he got dumped.

But at least there’s still hope for Kirstie Alley. The single one-time sit-com queen can call Marcia Powell and get hooked up with another true believer.

Maybe Marcia was the matchmaker for the Travolta/Preston partnership?

Then again, if she was the marriage broker for the thrice-divorced Lisa Marie, her services may not be so good.

Come to think of it wasn’t Scientology the reported problem between Presley and her last husband Nicholas Cage?

Stay tuned, “As the [Scientology] World Turns.”


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