Purported “cult leader” and perennial publicity seeker the “Supreme Master Suma Ching Hai” (born Hue Dang Trinh in Vietnam) has found a new angle to get her name in print.

The 53-year-old self-proclaimed “master of meditation” has sent some of her followers on a “mercy mission” to Iran reported England’s Evening Star.

Feeding off of world headlines is nothing new for the guru, who has homes in California and Florida. And it seems the devastating earthquake in Iran is her latest ploy for publicity.

The last time the seemingly ego-driven guru sought attention through charity was 9-11. At that time a gift she gave to UNICEF was rejected and another ultimately was an embarrassment to the American Red Cross.

Though Ching Hai claims to be a benevolent and selfless soul, she has a penchant for material things and status symbols. The “cult leader” lives very comfortably from the cash that flows from her followers and related business schemes.

One steady source of revenue for Ching Hai is a chain of vegetarian restaurants staffed by her followers.

In a naked bid for publicity and possibly influence the guru once gave Bill Clinton’s defense fund $600,000. The check was later returned when the president discovered the background of his dubious benefactor.


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