Madonna is on a mission it seems, devoting considerable time to missionary work that fulfills the agenda and recruitment objectives of Philip Berg’s so-called “Kabblah Centre,” which is frequently called a “cult.”

The fading pop diva that once sang “Papa don’t preach” appears to think there is an exemption for mamas.

She has apparently even preached about her new found religion to presidential hopeful Wesley Clark reports the NY Daily News.

Recently the former “Material Girl” also took to the airwaves promoting a program called “Spirituality for Kids” via a live satellite broadcast to Israel from Europe. This program’s launch was closely coordinated to the release of Madonna’s books for children.

Karen Berg, the wife of Philip Berg, described the programs as “a new initiative designed to provide children with practice tools to experience life as a great adventure.” But it seems more like a thinly disguised proselytizing effort targeting kids and families for recruitment.

The New York Kabblah Centre has even opened a pre-school in Manhattan located on East 53rd St.

In a Yahoo press release Berg claimed that everyone “should be free, strong and able to independently control his/her own destiny.”

But increasingly it seems Madonna has become dependent upon the Bergs to define her “destiny,” and acts more and more like their full-time salesperson, promoting what appears to be the Berg family business.

The Berg family has apparently grown rich from teaching their version of “Jewish mysticism.” They reportedly began building three homes simultaneously for family members in Beverly Hills last year.

Madonna, once known for her strong sense of individual identity, now behaves more like sock puppet scripted by the “cult” that she believes is the impetus behind her supposed deepening “spirituality.”


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