Scientology offers its very own unique Mother’s Day greeting by quoting none other than its dead founder L. Ron Hubbard posthumously at PR Newswire.

“‘In the charge of woman is the care of the children,’ wrote philosopher and author L. Ron Hubbard,” the press release states

Is that why Hubbard reportedly “kidnapped” his baby daughter Alexis from her mother? Why didn’t he want this woman to take “care of the children”?

And here’s another interesting Hubbardism. “It is a remarkable fact, a scientific fact, that the healthiest children come from the happiest mothers,” wrote the “philosopher.”

However, according to press reports Hubbard once told his child’s mother that she would never see her baby again, and that “if she ready loved him, she would kill herself and thus save him further bother with her.”

Is this the stuff of happiness?

Hubbard also wrote, “Woman, you have a right and a reason to demand good treatment.”

But the Scientology founder reportedly once “subdued” his wife with a “hammerlock, causing strangulation.”

Is this the “good treatment” a woman has the “right” to expect?

Sarah Northrup Hubbard eventually sued her husband for divorce “on cruelty grounds” and called him “hopelessly insane and crazy.”

It doesn’t appear that the former Mrs. L. Ron Hubbard was one of those “happiest mothers” her estranged husband talked about.

Interestingly, Scientology says that “Hubbard’s research uncovered how unpleasant, painful and upsetting experiences influence us in the future and cause stress, anxiety, and unhappiness.” And also that “these occurrences subtly weave their way from incident to incident, causing our lives to follow patterns.”

This might explain why one Hubbard child Quentin may have committed suicide and another, L. Ron Hubbard, Jr., has been described as a “survivor.”

Of course Scientology doesn’t bother to offer such Hubbard family footnotes in its Mother’s Day message.

Instead it concludes, “‘Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health’ may be the best present you could give your wife or mother this Mother’s Day.”

It appears that Dianetics didn’t work out that well for the Hubbard family, but Scientologists want everyone to believe that nevertheless it will somehow work out for you.


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