Things haven’t been very peaceful in Maharishi, Iowa lately.

One devoted follower attending Maharishi University (MU), named for the 1960s guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, apparently stabbed to death a fellow student reported the Iowa

And it appears that simultaneously elsewhere on campus a MU employee was busy growing marijuana reports Golden Triangle News Service.

Days after the police moved pot-growing equipment from a frat room on campus MU student and accused murderer Shuvender Sem pleaded “not guilty” in court reported the Fairfield Daily Ledger.

Perhaps it was just a bad week for Maharishi, the 92-year-old guru who once taught the Beatles TM (Transcendental Meditation).

So much for the ballyhoo about “yogic flyers” that supposedly can reduce stress and crime by bringing greater peace through meditation.

Maybe they were grounded in Iowa?

Or should the indoor marijuana grower have supplied them with leafy fuel for yogic flight?

Whatever, it’s unlikely that these recent setbacks will stop the aged guru from further fund raising for his so-called “Peace Palaces.”

A murder and marijuana bust will likely just become a minor media glitch for the tireless self-promoter and certainly won’t stop his ever-growing Maharishi/TM multi-billion dollar spiritual empire.


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