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According to the May issue of Source, an official Scientology magazine, “Bella Cruise” has completed the “Basic Study Manual,” which is an introductory level of Scientology.

The course completion was accomplished at what is referred to as the “FLAG Land Base” in Clearwater, Florida, which is Scientology’s spiritual headquarters.

The Cruise kids, Isabella, 12, and Connor, 10 are also home-schooled according to Fox News.

Tom Cruise’s sisters, both Scientologists tutor the adopted children of their brother and his ex-wife Nicole Kidman.

Perhaps this is a trend amongst Scientology’s celebs; John Travolta has his kids home schooled too.

It seems that whatever decision making provisions were once agreed upon in 2001 by the divorced couple, Nicole Kidman may have somehow lost the ability to say much about the education of her children.

But the Cruise/Kidman divorce reportedly provided for joint custody, with educational decisions to be made by both parents jointly.

Rumors swirled that Scientology was the primary cause for the last Cruise marriage meltdown. And Kidman once cool and somewhat distant about her former husband’s religion has since their breakup apparently abandoned it completely.

Could the Oscar-winning actress’s worst nightmare now be just around the corner?

Reportedly within Scientology kids are hooked up to “lie detectors” called “e-meters” and Scientology auditors then “interrogate them about their families” and may “denounce non-believers as enemies.”

One day Nicole Kidman might be labeled a “Suppressive Person”(SP), which is Scientology-speak for someone negative that should be avoided.

“I don’t have time…to be suppressed,” said former sitcom star and Scientologist Jenna Elfman. SPs are “the biggest cowards that exist,” she told Scientology’s Celebrity magazine.

This type of attitude could potentially affect the relationship Nicole Kidman has with her children. The actress could be declared an SP if she opposes her ex-husband’s religious choices for their children.

Maybe this is why Ms. Kidman has been so guarded in her comments and/or kept quiet about Scientology, Tom Cruise and his recent rants.

“You want to be aware of everything your children are up to, When they hit 13, there’s a lot of secrets, and my daughter will be 13 this year,” she recently told the Houston Chronicle in an interview about her new movie Bewitched.

Tom Cruise, arguably Scientology’s number one crusader, has converted his entire immediate family and now seems intent upon arranging for the intensive indoctrination of his adopted children into the often-secretive religion, which has been called a “cult.”

Nicole Kidman says she is “desperately trying to be a good mom,” but is she really “aware of everything” that her daughter is being taught behind Scientology’s closed doors?

Note: Dave Touretzky contributed supporting material for this article.


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