WhiteWind Weaver

WhiteWind Weaver, also known as WhiteWind Swan Fisher and Susan Kilborne Musumeci self-proclaimed “shaman” and founder of “Friends Landing” has gone bankrupt a second time, but this time for more than a million dollars.

Details have been disclosed regarding the Eugene and Springfield, Oregon would-be guru’s discharge of debts in September 2003 US Bankruptcy Court, District of Oregon (case number 603-6649-aer7).

In what may become something of a regular event for WhiteWind the economically challenged shaman dumped debts to her attorneys Gleaves, Swearingen, Potter, Behrands; local accountants Fleek, McElhany, Merwin, Shotola; local doctors Ghandour, Marzano, Cherne, Ducker Ruckman, Richie; Wellsprings Friends School and numerous collection agencies.

Unfortunately for her many creditors the debts were largely unsecured.

Over $200,000 of WhiteWind’s debts were to long-time friends and/or associates. Some that can be seen as her most devoted followers.

But this reportedly “cultic” guru seems to repay loans made by her devotees by discharging them through bankruptcy.

For those considering becoming a WhiteWind devotee perhaps pondering the potential financial costs might prove meaningful.

According to her most recent bankruptcy filing the debts to individuals, which she apparently flushed away without any further payment arrangements, included the following:

Long-time childhood friend Marie Freyre said goodbye to $30,000.

Devoted student Robert Reid was listed for the discharge of $72,500.

Chrysta Anderson, one of the first “practitioners” who began working with WhiteWind in the 1980s, took the plunge to the tune of $141,495.

Martin Starr, a substance abuse counselor who once taught at Friends Landing, got off easy only losing $15,000.

WhiteWind listed her total liabilities at the time of bankruptcy at a staggering $1,103,620.51 with assets of only $7,660.

It appears that the guru business in Oregon has not paid off for the former California therapist once sued for medical malpractice and sexual battery by a former patient before leaving that state.

The former therapist turned “shaman” currently is trying to turn a profit selling puppies as a dog breeder, but it doesn’t seem that this business has worked out for WhiteWind that well either.

Hopefully, life for the guru’s dogs won’t be as deprived, as it has apparently become for her devotees, lawyers and other unfortunates within the Eugene and Springfield, Oregon business community.

The moral of this story may follow along the old adage; “if you lay down with dogs you get up with fleas.” But with a subsequent twist, if you lay down with this dog breeder, you may be lucky to get away with only a few fleas and your assets intact.

WhiteWind’s dogs may take a relieving tick and flea bath at the dog-seller’s kennel, but the bottom line for her less fortunate followers, friends and creditors seems to be just taking a financial bath.


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