Madonna seems to have joined the ranks of those suffering from eating disorders, but who will do the intervention?

An empty Madonna?There doesn’t seem to be much left of the former “Material Girl” who once was regarded as a sex symbol and sang songs looking like Marilyn Monroe.

She “exercises at least three hours a day, sometimes runs 10-miles, and eats mainly wholegrains and vegetables” reports The Mirror from the UK.

Apparently the 47-year-old 1980s icon’s spiritual journey with the so-called “Kabbalah Centre” hasn’t helped her to understand that the inner soul is more important than the physical body that contains it.

And whatever is driving the star she doesn’t seem to have either a positive self-image or the inner peace gained through some form of enlightenment.

Despite those endless interviews about newfound fulfillment Madonna has seemingly become only an empty shell of her former self.

Perhaps her spiritual mentors Philip Berg, his wife Karen and their two sons Yehuda and Michael should take some of the credit.

After all, it’s been a decade since the Bergs began extracting millions from Madonna and now it seems they should share in some of the responsibility for leaving the pop diva running on empty.The old Madonna

But the Bergs meanwhile have filled their bank accounts, bought mansions and embraced the very materialism they supposedly teach their students to reconsider.

It appears that Philip Berg’s teachings may be as empty as the woman who became his most public and recognized spokesperson and booster.

This is perhaps a warning to anyone wanting to place the star on a pedestal as a role model or make Madonna’s spiritual journey with the “Kabbalah Centre” their own.


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  1. WiccaMagical @ 2006-01-26 20:09

    I do not think it’s really Madonna in that picture. The Tabloids have been known to do a LITTLE too much, and go a LITTLE too far when it comes to editing pictures to fit their story. I admit, Madge does over exert herself, but you have to stay on top when your queen of pop. I seriously doubt that this is an ACTUAL photo of the Material Girl.

    Love ya Madge!