It seems that Showtime is afraid of Scientology, at least that’s what Trey Parker says, one of the creators of South Park.

No 'Bullshit!' about Scientology for Penn & Teller“Showtime wouldn’t let [Penn] do an episode of Bullshit! on Scientology” and “that’s “f–ked up” he told GQ Magazine in an interview.

According to recent press reports the South Park Scientology episode “Trapped in the Closet” that mocks the controversial church often called a “cult” and ridicules Tom Cruise will not be run in Britain due to threats from the litigious former “Top Gun.”

So it seems there are some limits even to South Park bravery.

Nevertheless it’s quite easy for Brits or anyone else in the world with Internet access to see the Scientology slapdown through an array of Web sites, such as one cited by Wikipedia.

“Now that we’ve done it, now it’s like we’ve sort of opened the floodgates. People will be less scared,” observed Trey Parker.

Trey Parker says 'that's f--ked up'But the “floodgates” were actually first opened by bumbling Scientologist Tom Cruise running his mouth recklessly in interviews and of course his infamous couch jumping stunt on Oprah.

Since the Hollywood superstar’s media meltdown last year Scientology and the actor have become “fair game” for almost any reporter and a standing joke amongst standup comics.

Hey Showtime, how about showing a little guts?

Why not let Penn & Teller feature Scientology in a show that’s name seems synonymous with its public persona?


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  1. marty_mcfly @ 2006-03-19 02:44

    Rock on Trey and Matt.
    What scientology is off limits?!! FUCK tom criuse and HOLLYWOOD and anyone else, you are not the AMERICAN people, South Park is someone’s opinion. That is the FIRST AMENDMENT assholes

    Oh and tom ask Katie’s parents what they think, I’ve met them more times then I can count..

    Marty from Toledo