One of the most inane and perhaps insane films to come out since Battlefield Earth with John Travolta was “What the (bleep)? with J.Z. Knight.

J.Z. Knight says she speaks for 'Ramtha'This is a “cult film” that was actually produced by members of a group called a “cult.”

A few of the faithful from the “Ramtha School of Enlightenment” that believe a former housewife and cable saleswoman from Tacoma speaks for a 35,000 dead general named “Ramtha” from the “lost continent of Atlantis” made this stinker.

Now comes the so-called “director’s cut” titled “What the Bleep!?: Down the Rabbit Hole.”

But the producers of this long-winded “New Age” preach-a-thon should have tossed footage of the ridiculous Ramtha down some “hole.”

The not so well received original has reportedly been “bloated into a shameless infomercial for the Ramtha” who offers her boring philosophy in “a droning monotone” reports Phil Villarreal for Scripps Howard

Villarreal calls the film “condescending…one-dimensional…Pseudo-scientific and psychological mumbo jumbo.”

Frankly that’s charitable.

Anyone who believes J.Z. Knight speaks for the dead, from Atlantis or anywhere else, is really “Down the Rabbit Hole.”


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  1. You obviously have not read a book, published by JZ Knight, and you obviously have not attended a class at the school. So you are just as flipp’n stupid as two thirds of this world’s population. And if this world didn’t have such stupid minds in it, (like yours) it wouldn’t be in the crisis that it is in. You who make this opinion are a baffoon. I hope you didn’t have children, and pass that stupid gene onto them. Idiot!!

  2. cultex06 @ 2006-04-06 16:18

    Yeah right. The stupid books give all the answers and show u the straight path to hell. If all of the world had genius mind like yours there will be only one person having all the money in the world and owning all of it, namely the imposter JZ Knight.
    The Ramtha sounds like a fiction story and adjusted copies of the Lord of the rings.
    Genes? I thought u guys only believed in entities and creating realites and maybe altering the DNA and there by genes.

    Just say to your JZ stupid Knight, that she should stop this nonsense. There is no proof what so ever what this woman is telling is true. Wake up. She is just robbing u.

  3. You know, I recently saw the movie and found it very thought provoking. I mean, is the movie’s quantum theory discussion completely based on scientific fact? Nope. Is a lot of what they discuss based on imcomplete or poorly tested theory? Yep.

    What I appreciated most is that, through SOME rational thought, they provide a worthy alternative to the cold reality of determinism, which science continues to unabatedly support (through no fault of its own obviously) with every new discovery… At least it gives some sort of hope that perhaps there’s something out there for us to yet discover that won’t depress the hope of all those intelligent enough to understand the reality of the world we know it to be.