Sheriff Baca, Scientology's new special friend?It seems like Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca is becoming one of Scientology’s special friends.

Not long ago Baca appointed Scientology’s apparent President for life Heber Jentzch to a slot on his “Executive Clergy Advisory Council.”

Then Baca “spearheaded” the 6th Annual Multi-Faith Prayer Breakfast,” which included Jentzch along with Scientologist and sitcom star Jenna Elfman. The former “Dharma” gave a speech pitching a Scientology-linked program called “Criminon.”

Now Baca has shown up at a special fundraiser for another Scinetology-linked project called “Youth for Human Rights International” run by Scientologist Mary Shuttleworth according to a recent press release.

The Sheriff brought his wife to the elegant “gourmet dinner for a select one hundred and twenty guests” at Scientologist and actress Anne Archer’s Brentwood mansion.

The event raised $50,000, more than $400.00 per plate.

Has the Sherif become Scientology’s latest “soup du jour”?


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