Jehovah’s Witnesses historically have predicted the end of the world four times. Needless to say nothing happened and they now insist that no such specific prophecies were ever really made. Now the organization claims the “end is fluid,” whatever that means.

But for a group that seemed so sure that the end was near the Witnesses made some pretty savvy long-term investments.

Prime Witness property with Manhattan viewFor example, they bought up real estate in Brooklyn right on the East River opposite Manhattan, which has paid off quite handsomely.

Recently a huge windfall came to the controversial religion through the redevelopment of an old distribution center located in Brooklyn at 360 Furman Street. This building will be replaced by new luxury condos.

The Furman property will become 450 “swanky condominiums” called “One Brooklyn Bridge Park” reports the New York Daily News.

The developer says that it will have “exquisite waterfront views,” with a  “lush 85-acre park setting, meditation room,” “refrigerated storage for grocery delivery” and that “residents may purchase their own … private riverfront cabanas.”

Most Witnesses probably couldn’t afford a cabana, let alone a condo.

And these luxury digs will be a far cry from the humble dormitory-like existence Witness full-time workers known as “Bethelites” endure. These “volunteer ministers” survive on a small monthly stipend and work for little more than room and board.

However, that low-cost labor force combined with the income from the publications they produce and of course donations, enabled Jehovah’s Witnesses to amass a real estate empire. The Brooklyn development deal is just one example of how the organization has cashed in on its member’s hard work.

Did the leadership of Jehovah’s Witnesses ever really believe the end of the world was so imminent?

If this was so, why didn’t they just lease?

It seems they did believe that the “end was near” for the hot real estate market, so they sold short. 

Note: CultNews previously reported that Jehovah’s Witnesses “see Jesus as an angel rather than the Son of God.” For further clarification they specifically don’t acknowledge Jesus as the “only begotten Son of God.” At times Jehovah’s Witnesses may parse their language to obscure or avoid this point.

Postscript: CultNews correctly should have said that unlike Christians who believe that “Jesus is also God” included through the trinity, Jehovah’s Witnesses deny this historical Christian doctrine (see comments below).


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  1. Fleecing the flock,the Watchtower’s ‘creed of greed’ has defrauded millions of followers including 3 generations of my Haszard clan.

    We all invested everything in the blasphemous “creator’s promise of a peaceful new world,before the generation that witnessed the events of 1914 passes away”.

    The Watchtower’s corporate bosses all belong in jail!-Danny Haszard Bangor Maine

  2. Having been a pioneer for two years and anxious to live at the hub of “God’s organization,” Bethel seemed like a wonderful place to be. From the start, I learned to run a press, printing the New World Translation, the Aid book, and many other publications. By 1977 I had been appointed a floor overseer and a Bethel elder. I was in charge of the presses that printed their Bibles, and help start an offset printing training school. Later projects involved helping to renovate the entire printing operation. Traveling regularly around New England as a speaker, I made many fine friends and enjoyed my work. I was convinced this was truly “God’s organization,” and was even zealous to report those who were entertaining thoughts contrary to those of the “faithful slave.” I was well-known as an “organization man.”
    I left in 1980 after seeing all the heavy control issues that are now destroying the organization. Just recently the Watchtower laid off 1500 workers, so they might be selling some more for luxury properties!

  3. Triple GGG @ 2006-02-08 16:47

    Once again Rick has distorted the facts.And I quote him from the above statement.
    ” they specifically don’t acknowledge Jesus as the “only begotten Son of God.” At times Jehovah’s Witnesses may parse their language to obscure or avoid this point.” Whos being mislead here? Your readers. And of course the former Bethelite and former JW don’t mention that JW do believe that Jesus is the only Begotten Son of God. The Watchtower 10/15/78 page 26 quoting:”The man Jesus was indeed the Christ, the only-begotten Son of God.” Seems like you made another mistake Rick in clarifying an earlier stamtent. Now who is trying to avoid the point?

    Rick sounds like you may want to start another website. You can’t seem to get your facts straight.

  4. For decades, Jehovah’s Witnesses were told that college was a waste of time because the “New Order” was right around the corner. My own brother dropped out of college when my family started studying with the Watchtower cult in 1971. Today, he is an Elder, lives in poverty, unemployed and dependent on my retired father to survive. The Watchtower organization has done nothing to help him afford the necessities of life and yet he continues to spend countless hours every month going door to door, telling others that the “New Order” is right around the corner. It’s so sad how this organization has ruined so many lives. Brenda Lee, Author: “Out of the Cocoon: A Young Woman’s Courageous Flight from the Grip of a Religious Cult”

  5. buildupnotteardown @ 2006-02-09 07:33

    I want to show my family how wrong they are about this cult. They claim that there is no paid clergy, so I am looking for names of the watchtower leaders that are grabbing up their money.


  6. Apostates, Enemies of the Truth
    Firmly Uphold Godly Teaching

    “Trust in Jehovah with all your heart and do not lean upon your own understanding. In all your ways take notice of him, and he himself will make your paths straight.””PROVERBS 3:5, 6.

    PRESENTLY, there are about 9,000 daily newspapers in circulation worldwide. Every year some 200,000 new books are published in the United States alone. According to one estimate, by March of 1998, there were about 275 million Web pages on the Internet. This figure is said to be growing at a rate of 20 million pages per month. As never before, people have access to information on just about any subject. While this situation has its positive aspects, such a superabundance of information has caused problems.

    2 Some individuals have become information addicts, always feeding an insatiable desire to be up-to-date while neglecting more important things. Others acquire partial information about complex fields of knowledge and then view themselves as experts. Based on only a limited understanding, they may make crucial decisions that can cause harm to themselves or to others. And always present is the danger of exposure to false or inaccurate information. There is often no reliable way to verify that the flood of information is accurate and balanced.

    3 Curiosity has long been a human trait. The dangers of wasting too much time in the pursuit of useless or even harmful information were recognized back in the days of King Solomon. He said: “Take a warning: To the making of many books there is no end, and much devotion to them is wearisome to the flesh.” (Ecclesiastes 12:12) Centuries later the apostle Paul wrote to Timothy: “Guard what is laid up in trust with you, turning away from the empty speeches that violate what is holy and from the contradictions of the falsely called knowledge.’ For making a show of such knowledge some have deviated from the faith.” (1 Timothy 6:20, 21) Yes, Christians today need to avoid unnecessary exposure to harmful ideas.

    4 Jehovah’s people also do well to heed the words of Proverbs 3:5, 6: “Trust in Jehovah with all your heart and do not lean upon your own understanding. In all your ways take notice of him, and he himself will make your paths straight.” Trusting in Jehovah includes rejecting any idea that conflicts with God’s Word, whether it stems from our own reasoning or from that of our fellowman. To protect our spirituality, it is vital that we train our perceptive powers so that we can identify harmful information and shun it. (Hebrews 5:14) Let us discuss some sources of such information.

    A World Overpowered by Satan

    5 The secular world is a prolific source of harmful ideas. (1 Corinthians 3:19) Jesus Christ prayed to God regarding his disciples: “I request you, not to take them out of the world, but to watch over them because of the wicked one.” (John 17:15) Jesus’ request that his disciples be protected from “the wicked one” acknowledged the influence that Satan has in the world. Our being Christians does not automatically shield us from the bad influences of this world. John wrote: “We know we originate with God, but the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one.” (1 John 5:19) Especially during this final part of the last days, it is to be expected that Satan and his demons will saturate the world with harmful information.

    6 It is also to be expected that some of this harmful information may appear harmless. (2 Corinthians 11:14) Consider, for example, the world of entertainment, with its TV shows, movies, music, and printed page. Many agree that in more and more cases, certain forms of entertainment promote degrading practices, such as immorality, violence, and drug abuse. On first exposure to a form of entertainment that sinks to a new low, audiences may be shocked. But repeated exposure can desensitize one. Never should we view as acceptable or harmless entertainment that promotes harmful ideas.”Psalm 119:37.

    7 Consider another source of potentially damaging information”the flood of ideas published by some scientists and scholars who challenge the Bible’s authenticity. (Compare James 3:15.) Such material appears frequently in mainstream magazines and popular books, and it can erode confidence in the Bible. Some individuals take pride in weakening the authority of the Word of God with endless speculations. A similar danger existed in the days of the apostles, as is clear from the apostle Paul’s words: “Look out: perhaps there may be someone who will carry you off as his prey through the philosophy and empty deception according to the tradition of men, according to the elementary things of the world and not according to Christ.””Colossians 2:8.

    Enemies of the Truth

    8 Apostates can present yet another threat to our spirituality. The apostle Paul foretold that apostasy would arise among professed Christians. (Acts 20:29, 30; 2 Thessalonians 2:3) In fulfillment of his words, after the death of the apostles, a great apostasy led to the development of Christendom. Today, there is no great apostasy taking place among God’s people. Still, a few individuals have left our ranks, and some among them are bent on defaming Jehovah’s Witnesses by spreading lies and misinformation. A few work with other groups in organized resistance to pure worship. In doing so, they side with the very first apostate, Satan.

    9 Some apostates are increasingly using various forms of mass communication, including the Internet, to spread false information about Jehovah’s Witnesses. As a result, when sincere individuals do research on our beliefs, they may stumble across apostate propaganda. Even some Witnesses have unwittingly exposed themselves to this harmful material. In addition, apostates occasionally take part in television or radio programs. What is the wise course to follow in view of this?

    10 The apostle John directed Christians not to accept apostates into their homes. He wrote: “If anyone comes to you and does not bring this teaching, never receive him into your homes or say a greeting to him. For he that says a greeting to him is a sharer in his wicked works.” (2 John 10, 11) Avoiding all contact with these opponents will protect us from their corrupt thinking. Exposing ourselves to apostate teachings through the various means of modern communication is just as harmful as receiving the apostate himself into our homes. Never should we allow curiosity to lure us into such a calamitous course!”Proverbs 22:3.

    Within the Congregation

    11 Consider yet another possible source of harmful ideas. While not intending to teach falsehoods, a dedicated Christian can develop the habit of speaking thoughtlessly. (Proverbs 12:18) Because of our imperfect nature, all of us will at times transgress with our tongue. (Proverbs 10:19; James 3:8) Evidently, in the apostle Paul’s day, there were some in the congregation who failed to control their tongue and got involved in quibbling debates about words. (1 Timothy 2:8) There were others who thought too much of their own opinions and even went so far as to challenge the authority of Paul. (2 Corinthians 10:10-12) Such a spirit resulted in needless conflicts.

    12 Sometimes these disagreements escalated into “violent disputes about trifles,” disrupting the peace of the congregation. (1 Timothy 6:5; Galatians 5:15) Of those who caused these arguments, Paul wrote: “If any man teaches other doctrine and does not assent to healthful words, those of our Lord Jesus Christ, nor to the teaching that accords with godly devotion, he is puffed up with pride, not understanding anything, but being mentally diseased over questionings and debates about words. From these things spring envy, strife, abusive speeches, wicked suspicions.””1 Timothy 6:3, 4.

    13 Happily, in apostolic times the majority of Christians were faithful and remained focused on the work of declaring the good news of God’s Kingdom. They were busy looking after “orphans and widows in their tribulation” and kept themselves “without spot from the world,” not wasting their time on futile debates about words. (James 1:27) They avoided “bad associations” even within the Christian congregation in order to safeguard their spirituality.”1 Corinthians 15:33; 2 Timothy 2:20, 21.

    14 Similarly, the situations described in paragraph 11 are not typical of the congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses today. Still, we do well to acknowledge the potential for such futile debates. Of course, it is normal to discuss Bible accounts or wonder about aspects of the promised new world that have not as yet been revealed. And there is nothing wrong with exchanging ideas on personal matters, such as dress and grooming or choice of entertainment. However, if we become dogmatic about our ideas and take offense when others do not agree with us, the congregation may end up becoming divided over minor issues. What begins as harmless small talk may become harmful indeed.

    Guarding Our Trust

    15 The apostle Paul warns: “The inspired utterance says definitely that in later periods of time some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to misleading inspired utterances and teachings of demons.” (1 Timothy 4:1) Yes, harmful ideas pose a real threat. Understandably, Paul entreated his dear friend Timothy: “O Timothy, guard what is laid up in trust with you, turning away from the empty speeches that violate what is holy and from the contradictions of the falsely called knowledge.’ For making a show of such knowledge some have deviated from the faith.””1 Timothy 6:20, 21.

    16 How can we today benefit from this loving warning? Timothy was given a trust”something valuable to care for and protect. What was it? Paul explains: “Keep holding the pattern of healthful words that you heard from me with the faith and love that are in connection with Christ Jesus. This fine trust guard through the holy spirit which is dwelling in us.” (2 Timothy 1:13, 14) Yes, Timothy’s trust included the “healthful words,” “the teaching that accords with godly devotion.” (1 Timothy 6:3) In harmony with these words, Christians today are determined to protect their faith and the body of truth with which they have been entrusted.

    17 Guarding that trust includes cultivating such things as good Bible-study habits and perseverance in prayer, while working “what is good toward all, but especially toward those related to us in the faith.” (Galatians 6:10; Romans 12:11-17) Paul further admonishes: “Pursue righteousness, godly devotion, faith, love, endurance, mildness of temper. Fight the fine fight of the faith, get a firm hold on the everlasting life for which you were called and you offered the fine public declaration in front of many witnesses.” (1 Timothy 6:11, 12) Paul’s use of such phrases as “fight the fine fight” and “get a firm hold” makes it clear that we must actively and determinedly resist spiritually harmful influences.

    The Need for Discernment

    18 Of course, in fighting the fine fight of the faith, discernment is needed. (Proverbs 2:11; Philippians 1:9) For instance, it would be unreasonable to distrust all secular information. (Philippians 4:5; James 3:17) Not all human ideas conflict with God’s Word. Jesus alluded to the need for sick people to consult a qualified physician”a secular profession. (Luke 5:31) Despite the relatively primitive nature of medical treatment in Jesus’ day, he acknowledged that there was some benefit to be derived from a physician’s help. Christians today display balance in the matter of secular information, but they resist exposure to any that might be harmful to them spiritually.

    19 Discernment is also vital on the part of elders when called upon to assist those who speak unwisely. (2 Timothy 2:7) At times, congregation members may get caught up in disputes about trifles and speculative arguments. To protect the unity of the congregation, elders should be quick to address such problems. At the same time, they avoid imputing wrong motives to their brothers and are not overhasty to view them as apostates.

    20 Paul described the spirit in which assistance is to be given. He said: “Brothers, even though a man takes some false step before he is aware of it, you who have spiritual qualifications try to readjust such a man in a spirit of mildness.” (Galatians 6:1) Speaking specifically about Christians who struggle with doubts, Jude wrote: “Continue showing mercy to some that have doubts; save them by snatching them out of the fire.” (Jude 22, 23) Of course, if after repeated admonitions someone insists on promoting false teachings, elders need to take decisive action in order to protect the congregation.”1 Timothy 1:20; Titus 3:10, 11.

    Filling Our Minds With Praiseworthy Things

    21 The Christian congregation shuns harmful words that “spread like gangrene.” (2 Timothy 2:16, 17; Titus 3:9) This is true whether such words reflect misleading secular “wisdom,” the propaganda of apostates, or thoughtless talk within the congregation. While a healthy desire to learn new things can be beneficial, unbridled curiosity could expose us to harmful ideas. We are not ignorant of Satan’s designs. (2 Corinthians 2:11) We know that he is making great efforts to distract us so as to slow us down in our service to God.

    22 As fine ministers, let us firmly uphold godly teaching. (1 Timothy 4:6) May we make wise use of our time by being selective about the information we choose to take in. Then we will not be easily shaken by Satan-inspired propaganda. Yes, let us keep considering “whatever things are true, whatever things are of serious concern, whatever things are righteous, whatever things are chaste, whatever things are lovable, whatever things are well spoken of, whatever virtue there is and whatever praiseworthy thing there is.” If we fill our minds and hearts with such things, the God of peace will be with us.”Philippians 4:8, 9.

  7. [[“”Once again Rick has distorted the facts.And I quote him from the above statement.

    “they specifically don’t acknowledge Jesus as the “only begotten Son of God.” At times Jehovah’s Witnesses may parse their language to obscure or avoid this point””]]

    Rick’s honest mistake,JW’s reject the trinity concept that Jesus IS also God See here

  8. Triple GGG @ 2006-02-09 18:53

    DannyHaszard Said:

    “Rick’s honest mistake,JW’s reject the trinity concept that Jesus IS also God”

    Honest mistake? He does not how to type and proof-read? Danny, he has made so many ” honest” mistakes how can we trust him?These are simply not typo errors. These are totally incorrect statements. Rick & Danny you like being callled an expert, you have no clue what you are doing as cult experts…which obviously you are not. And as far as Brenda Lee she seems to shill her book. Must be good profit margins when others buy it. She never makes thought provoking statements.

  9. buildupnotteardown @ 2006-02-10 10:18

    I would like to ask this again:

    I want to show my family how wrong they are about this cult. They claim that there is no paid clergy, so I am looking for names of the watchtower leaders that are grabbing up their money.

    I have looked on other sites, and I can’t find any names. No way can anyone make that much money and not have a trail to follow.


  10. buildupnotteardown:

    There is no money trail, they are all volunteers right up to the governing body.They are provided with a place to stay at the Bethal sites and a small monthly allowence for subways and taxies and things like that and thats all.Unlike Christendom where the leaders become rich off the adherents. Jehovah’s witnesses are an international brotherhood of love, and are organized to get the preaching of the goodnews about Gods kingdom done through out the earth. Look at the difference on their website to sites of christendom. There you will see they do not promote any individual nor are they trying to sell self help books or promote there latest CD collection.

  11. buildupnotteardown is outright lying.Why don’t you have the courage to use your real name like i do?

    The Watchtower is a multinational corporation with close to $200 billion in worldwide assets,The Watchtower leaders all live comfortable lifestyles and the corporation hoards billions in (tax free) real estate ventures.Just look at all the Kingdom Halls in your state.

    The difference between the Jehovah’s Witnesses and nearly all other religions is JW’s have NO charities.

    Think!Have you ever seen a soup kitchen,food pantry or charity of any kind in your town?

    The watchtower amassed this wealth off the backs of it’s followers taking their money having promised them they would not need it for old age as the ‘new system’ is coming any minute.

    That’s what Rick’s post is about,you whining Jehovah Witness apologist trolls come and and wanna talk trinity to hijack the thread.

    Open your eyes people the Watchtower $ociety swindled us all.-Danny Haszard “expert witness on the Jehovah’s Witness”

  12. buildupnotteardown @ 2006-02-13 08:09


    I am not the one you are arguing with. Stuart was replyinhg to me. Besides, you attacked at his ideas, but i still have not been given one name that i can use to show my family that they are wrong for believing in this “cult”. I need facts, not opinoins, or i will be just like them. I will restate my request again:

    I want to show my family how wrong they are about this cult. They claim that there is no paid clergy, so I am looking for names of the watchtower leaders that are grabbing up their money.

    I have looked on other sites, and I can’t find any names. No way can anyone make that much money and not have a trail to follow.


  13. Google isn’t an ‘apostate’ source

    The deadbeat Watchtower corporation pays no municipal taxes on their buildings, without even one charity to compensate the community.

    They hoard billions of dollars in vast real estate holdings,the Watchtower corporation owns every Kingdom Hall.

    The Kingdom Hall building (slush) fund of which i Danny Haszard was guilt goaded and encouraged to donate tens of thousands of dollars,is a scam.

    This is how it works:the Watchtower corporation receives ‘donations’ from followers like myself,and lied to that this ‘system’ will expire before i need my money for my old age care.Then they LOAN the money at INTEREST to the local congregations.When the loan is finally paid off the WTS then holds the title to the hall.

    What a $weetheart deal !

    Do a google search of “Jehovah’s Witnesses charity and see for yourself:… Google+Search

    google don’t lie

    Oh,JW apologist will argue that no individual is wealthy,this is deceptive the prestigious WT leaders live comfortably,all their expenses provided for.

    One of the big “perks” of being appointed an elder,is ‘robbing the cradle’ i know of many elders who have wife’s half their ages.These young brides are told the ‘new system’ is coming any minute before he gets old.

    Joe Rutherford the WTS second president was a multi-millionaire and lived lavishly on the squandered assets of his followers.
    Tell the truth and don’t be afraid-Danny Haszard Bangor Maine

  14. More From The Republican
    Faith groups help with rebuilding
    Sunday, January 22, 2006
    Until last week, Tina Cook of Pascagoula, Miss., had never met Easthampton photographer and real estate agent David Ryan. But on Thursday, she referred to him as her friend.
    “My friends came from New Jersey, Illinois, Massachusetts, all around,” said Cook, in describing the hundreds of volunteers like Ryan, one of 22 local Jehovah’s Witnesses who traveled to Mississippi last week to assist in rebuilding efforts along the storm ravaged Gulf Coast.

    Cook said that at times she and other Hurricane Katrina victims felt abandoned by the slow response of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, but her faith in the religious community never wavered.

    It was faith-based organizations that reacted immediately to the needs of survivors, opening synagogues, churches and mosques to house evacuees, and continue to help in rebuilding efforts.

    “They let me know how Jehovah works … that when we’re in need He will step in. He did so by sending so many friends who stepped in to help,” said the 34-year-old Cook, a mother of three and bank teller whose home was flooded in the hurricane.

    Thanks to the work of Jehovah’s Witnesses, many from Western Massachusetts, Cook’s house is the only one on the block rebuilt.

    The federal government has set aside nearly $70 billion for relief and reconstruction, though securing some of the funds has been a challenge for storm survivors.

    Volunteers from all religious denominations have cleared debris, constructed homes, renovated schools and helped residents regain some order in their lives.

    “We’re here to physically repair homes and to help people spiritually, and to bring joy back into their lives,” said Ryan, who as a designated kitchen crewman awoke before 7 a.m. last week to cook three gallons of grits, gravy, biscuits and sausages for more than 100 volunteers from around the nation.

    “This whole neighborhood was flooded and most of the homes are being rebuilt because of mold and water damage issues,” Ryan said

  15. Church members come from far and
    wide to repair hundreds of houses

    By: Jamie Reid, The Enterprise 01/13/2006

    Email to a friendPrinter-friendly

    Volunteers Lucero Ocon, left, Michel Gil and Vanessa Gil haul shingles away from Rafael Duran’s home. Jehovah’s Witness volunteers have been repairing damage done by Hurricane Rita.
    BEAUMONT – Each weekend since October, Danny Farrow has driven about 90 miles to the Golden Triangle, where he lives in a trailer and feeds thousands of homemade meals to volunteers.

    He could be golfing. He could be fishing.

    Instead, he’s feeding hundreds of Jehovah’s Witnesses who come to the area to rebuild hurricane-damaged homes.

    They arrive at the area Kingdom Halls from all over the state – and some from beyond its borders – to repair more than 850 homes that belong to their “brothers and sisters,” other Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    They will stay until the work here is done, about three to four months, J.C. Avila Beaumont hub coordinator at the North Major Drive site, said. And after that, some volunteers likely will help out in Louisiana, he said.

    “This is probably the one organization you will see that will see this project to the end,” Farrow said.

    Jehovah’s Witnesses who can’t drive to Southeast Texas donate money to help the cause, Avila said, which is used to buy supplies and food. Also, several nonprofit groups, like the Red Cross, have donated frozen and canned foods.

    Since early October, the volunteers have completed more than 400 homes. About 260 homes remain in Beaumont and Orange, with another 150 in the northern counties, Avila said.


    Click Here

    No one is paid. No one is forced to work.

    They volunteer their weekends because the Bible tells them to, Avila said.

    The Bible instructs people to love each other, Avila said before quoting John 13:34-35:

    “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; even as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By this men will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”

    Helping someone rebuild a home is the best way these men and women know how to show their love right now, they said.

    Jehovah’s Witnesses also rebuilt homes damaged during Hurricane Allison in 2001 and Florida homes damaged in recent hurricanes.

    “I can’t fix everything in the world,” said Michael Perham, 47, of Rosenberg. “My little contribution is the best I can do.”

    Perham said he would like to help more people who are not Jehovah’s Witnesses but added, “You gotta look after your family. You can’t take care of everyone in the world.”

    Taking care of other Jehovah’s Witnesses is a large enough task.

    On Christmas weekend, close to 1,000 people volunteered, Avila said. On New Year’s weekend, about 800 assisted. Jehovah’s Witnesses do not celebrate holidays.

    So many volunteers and so many homes could become a logistical disaster.

    The volunteers obviously are experienced. They have set up stations – assessments, food service, administration, first aid, and trucking – to keep everything running smoothly.

    Chris Alberga, 28, of Van Vleck in Matagorda County, began volunteering last month in the administration office. He makes sure the programs that chart people’s names, phone numbers, addresses and problems are working.

    At the first-aid station, volunteer nurses, paramedics and doctors take care of cuts, burns and other medical problems.

    When workers were chopping trees off homes a couple of months ago, a few people hurt themselves with chain saws, said Perham, a paramedic. Those people were taken to the hospital for stitches, he said.

    Now, most injuries are related to food service, he said.

    Volunteer cooks wake at 3 a.m. to start breakfast. Meals must be packaged and taken to other volunteers in Orange, Silsbee and Port Arthur by 5:45 a.m., Farrow said.

    On a recent Saturday, volunteers ate Italian sausage for lunch and gumbo for dinner. That was 160 gallons of gumbo – one batch with shrimp and crawfish, another without.

    Cooksy work in two trailers equipped with two long grills, 12 low-boy burners, five convection ovens and one char grill.

    Farrow won’t let the men (the women don’t cook) talk while cooking because saliva could end up in the 20- or 25-gallon pots, making diners sick.

    Dennis Cantrell, 49, of Houston travels every weekend to rebuild homes.

    Usually, dozens of people (as many as 50) work on one home, he said. It makes for a tight work space but gets a house done quickly, he said.

    People often have tears of thanks in their eyes, Cantrell said. But that’s not why he does the work. He volunteers because it’s what the Bible instructs him to do.

    “We live our lives around our religion,” Cantrell said. “Not our religion around our lives.”

    Many volunteers want the work here to finish quickly so they can get back to door-to-door witnessing.

    Evangelizing has fallen off since the storm because so many people are busy repairing homes, volunteers said.

    (409) 833-3311, ext. 428

  16. Jehovah’s Witnesses: September 1, 2005 News Release
    Help Victims of Hurricane Katrina. UNITED STATES”Representatives of …

  17. buildupnotteardown @ 2006-02-13 11:41

    Do you have a list of names of the JW’s top clergy? If you do, it should be very easy to expose these people for what they are. SHOW ME DA MONEY! I would like to be able to PROVE that there is someone getting rich, not just shout propaganda that is motivated by hate.
    Please help me, if you can.

  18. buildupnotteardown @ 2006-02-13 12:59

    Do you think that Danny is going to come up with a name? I have asked this question several times. All over the internet the Watch Tower is balsted as money grabbing and misleading, yet not one site or blog has been able to give me ANY, not even ONE, name of someone that is getting rich from this so called scam. I do know that the bible says that the LORD will have a chosen people before the end of the world comes, and that they will be hated and treated badly like Jesus was. I’m starting to think that JW’s are the ones that they Bible was talking about. I don’t have a Name of some money grubbing Jehovah’s Witness to give them, so I guess I will have to listen to my family the next time the talk about how noone is paid. Maybe I will even ask them about these things.

  19. Danny Haszard did answer your question on the Watchtower’s money trail.

    “”I do know that the bible says that the LORD will have a chosen people before the end of the world comes, and that they will be hated and treated badly””

    If religious ‘persecution’ is a sign from God that you have the true religion,then the Jewish faith is it.Nobody gets persecuted as badly as the Jews.

  20. Judging Jehovah’s Witnesses
    Judging Jehovah’s Witnesses tells how persecution–much of it directed by …
    how their legal resistance transformed the civil liberties of all Americans. … – 10k – Cached – Similar pages
    Thank Jehovah’s Witnesses for speech freedoms
    The legal clashes Jehovah’s Witnesses had with government authorities over …
    The American Civil Liberties Union reported to the Justice Department that …
    Human Rights News:

  21. Placing thinly veiled sermons into your news page about Jesus being God and the witnesses “denying” the trinity makes your page lose credibility.

    It’d be like a page criticizing scientology for not believing that Squirrels created the earth. Try and keep your reports objective rather than being clearly from the viewpoint of an evangelical Christian.

  22. buildupnotteardown @ 2006-02-13 16:33

    117 Adams St
    Brooklyn, NY 11201 sold to Joe Rutherford on the 24th day of December 1929 for $10.00.


    1929 Dan. Got anything more recent?
    Oh and by the way, your source is wrong about the picture. Even before it sold in 1929, it was already being built and turned into a factory for printing in 1926. It was sold, to Watch Tower under Joe Rutherford’s name because he was it’s president, by one of Jehovah’s Witness’s that had the money to spend……for $10.00. Today it is used as a place for the laundry service for those who work at Bethel.

    Greedy People, these JW’s.

    Got any other names, Danny?

    As a sign off you have ” tell the truth and don’t be afraid.”
    My advice,” Tell the truth, and make sure you are right!”

  23. Letter to Pastor Robert Vonderlack:
    December 10, 1994

    Pastor Robert Vonderlack
    c/c Philip W. Comfort
    Tyndale House Publishers
    336 Gundersen Drive
    Box 80
    Wheaton, Illinois 60189”0080

  24. * * GANGSTERS R- US * *

    Al Capone vs. Judge Rutherford (WTS second president)

    Al Capone gained his power by exploiting the weaknesses of people.

    Judge Rutherford gained his power by exploiting the weaknesses of people.

    Al Capone lived and acted like a King using his own money.

    Judge Rutherford lived and acted like a King using everyone else’s money.

    In 1923, before the Great Depression, Al Capone bought a very nice house on a small plot of land for $5,500.

    At the start of the Great Depression in 1929 Judge Rutherford had a mansion built for $25,000, excluding the 100 acres of land he possessed around the home. As soon as his mansion was built, Rutherford bragged he was offered $75,00 for it.

    Al Capone eventually had two homes, including a 4,000 square foot mansion in Florida.

    Judge Rutherford eventually had five homes, including two 5,000+ square foot mansions in California, a luxury apartment in Manhattan (worth millions today), a home on Staten Island, and a residence in Germany.

    Al Capone was one of the very few elite rich people who bought a 1930 V-16 Cadillac. That car cost between $5,400 and $9,200 and that was during the Great Depression. A new Ford that year only cost $600, which means one could buy about 15 new Ford automobiles for the cost of that one Cadillac.
    Judge Rutherford was one of the very few elite rich people who did not own one of those V-16 Cadillacs: he owned TWO of them.

    Al Capone had 1 yacht.
    Judge Rutherford had 2 yachts.

    The finances of Al Capone’s city-wide empire were known to no one but himself and his accountant.
    The finances of Judge Rutherford’s WORLD-wide empire were known to no one but himself and his accountant.

    Al Capone lived with his wife and son.
    Judge Rutherford would not live with his wife and son or even visit them or cause them to visit him.

    Al Capone had at least one mistress.
    Judge Rutherford had at least one mistress.

    Al Capone was very close to his son, Sonny.
    Judge Rutherford’s son Malcolm despised his father and wouldn’t even attend his father’s funeral.

    Al Capone smuggled illegal whisky and sold it.
    Judge Rutherford smuggled illegal whiskey and drank it.

    Al Capone got all of his money illegally.
    Judge Rutherford got all of his money immorally.

    Al Capone did not pay enough taxes on his ill-gotten fortune.
    Judge Rutherford did not pay ANY taxes on his ill-gotten fortune.

    Al Capone assassinated his enemies.
    Judge Rutherford assassinated the character of his enemies.

    Al Capone sold a tangible product which gave value and cheer for those who drank alcohol.
    Judge Rutherford sold failed promises which had virtually no value or cheer, and gave only disappointment and bitterness for those who believed him.

    Al Capone never claimed to exclusively represent the interests of God.
    Judge Rutherford always claimed to exclusively represent the interests of God.

    Al Capone had personal bodyguards.
    Judge Rutherford had personal bodyguards.
    Al Capone always traveled first class.

    Judge Rutherford always traveled first class.
    Al Capone never wrote any worthless books.
    Judge Rutherford wrote dozens of worthless books.

    Al Capone wasn’t an alcoholic.
    Judge Rutherford was a first-class alcoholic.

    Al Capone’s friends attended his funeral.
    Judge Rutherford had no friends.

    Al Capone never incited people into riots.
    Judge Rutherford incited thousands of people into riots.

    Al Capone once had a charity that helped the poor.
    Judge Rutherford never had any charity for the poor, and he spent his life doing his best to make and keep everyone associated with him poor.

    Al Capone never spent months of his time visiting Europe.
    Judge Rutherford spent four months of every year visiting Europe.

    Al Capone bluffed his whole life, but at least he didn’t brag about it.
    Judge Rutherford bluffed his whole life and bragged about it.

    Al Capone scorned and disobeyed the Law of the Land.
    Judge Rutherford scorned and disobeyed the Law of the Land.

    No one dared to question the orders of Al Capone.
    No one dared to question the orders of Judge Rutherford.

    Al Capone got syphilis brought on by his sexual exploits.
    Judge Rutherford got colon cancer brought on by his alcohol excesses.

    Al Capone lost his sanity due to his syphilis.
    Judge Rutherford lost his sanity without any outside help whatsoever.

    Al Capone paid his dozens of workers handsomely.
    Judge Rutherford didn’t pay his tens of thousands of workers squat.

    Al Capone did not hate and vilify the government that gave and protected his freedoms.Judge Rutherford spent his entire life hating and vilifying the same government that gave and protected his freedoms.

    Al Capone was a very wicked man who never pretended to be otherwise.
    Judge Rutherford was a very wicked man who claimed to be the personal spokesman of God himself.

    ((“And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you. ” – Matthew 24:4))

    By Farkel

  25. Hospital witnesses new gift to surgical theatres
    PATIENTS at Pilgrim Hospital will soon be able to benefit from a new piece of equipment donated by the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    The machine will be used during operations such as hip replacements and Caesarean deliveries, as well as major vascular surgery.
    Blood will be pumped out of the patient and ‘cleaned’ before being returned to the body.
    The machines normally cost £17,000, but the Jehovah’s Witnesses have organised a national scheme to provide several such pieces of equipment to hospitals around the country.
    Paul Haigh, a project leader at the hospital, said: “There are many advantages to using this machine.
    “For example, there is
    less chance of the patient having a bad reaction because we’re
    not introducing foreign blood
    and it will ease the pressure on the blood banks.”
    Theatre manager Christine Holiday added: “We’re slowly running out of blood, and as you could never get a 100 per cent match with blood from the bank, this method eliminates the problem “ and there is obviously also less chance of infection.”
    14 February 2006
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  26. scientolgyciatorture @ 2006-03-23 22:05

    Why are all the hospitals in the country run by religious organizations. Causing the American taxpayers employers and employees government and insurance companies trillions. I think that’s a bigger thing than a religion downsizing. That’s always good right means they aren’t growing.
    Uhm I been to New York for years and I’ve seen that Jehovah Witness clock building for years. Them selling it is far from Catholic Church land deals. Give me break. I mean an oppinion on their teaching is one thing but the fact they sold a building to some condo investers. And then to break it down like oh my god the developer plans to. Come on. I said catholic church cause obviously you left them out of this list of cults for a reason. Because their is no greater secret society than the Catholic.