Scientology’s top star Tom Cruise is jetting “down under” with his pregnant fiancée Katie Homes to attend the memorial service in Sydney of Australian tycoon Kerry Packer reports The Australian.

Scientology's 'Top Gun'During filming of The Last Samurai in New Zealand Cruise “struck up a friendship” with James Packer, heir to the Packer fortune, estimated at more than $4 billion dollars.

Scientology’s “Top Gun” managed to get Packer involved in the controversial church, often called a “cult.”

James Packer reportedly became involved with Scientology courses and/or training.

However, since taking over his father’s financial empire Packer has distanced himself from Scientology and specifically said he is not a member.

Is Tom Cruise simply showing respect for the father of his “friend,” or swooping in on his jet hoping to make another pitch for Scientology?

But this is no doubt a difficult time for James Packer, which may make him somewhat more vulnerable to the suggestions of a “friend” offering to help him.

Does the “world’s biggest movie star” think this is a good time to suggest some more Scientology?

This might prove to be a “mission impossible” for the man many regard as a missionary for the controversial church.

Cruise is likely to end up just another famous face at the Sydney Opera House memorial service that will include a eulogy by Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe.

Nicole Kidman dumped ScientologyPerhaps James Packer should look up and consult with another Oscar-winning Aussie and Sydney resident Nicole Kidman and ask her about Scientology if he has any lingering questions.

Ms. Kidman doesn’t appear to be attending the memorial service, but she was quite involved with Scientology courses while married to Tom Cruise.

If Mr. Packer still has any doubts he might ask Kidman why she dumped her ex-husband’s church so quickly after their divorce.


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  1. Nicole Kidman, as far as I know didn’t dump Toms Church, she just couldn’t change or take on the modern ideas of the church, as she had been bought up in the obsolete subject of Psychology, by her father.
    As most know, Scientology is anti psychiatry and psychology and continually exposes both subjects for their fraudulent practises which made it very hard for Nicole to look at new ideas with her father being a psychologist.

    James Packer is more intelligent and is his own person. It want take long for him to see what Scientology has to offer and how it can improve his life.