Don’t worry about Iran getting the bomb or the spread of global terrorism. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of Transcendental Meditation (TM) has a “peace plan” to save the world, but like many of his plans it’s expensive.

Maharishi's multi-billion dollar smileHis “perfect and supreme defense system for every nation of the world” is called “Vedic Defense” according to a recent press release.

“Governments…will be wise to adopt Vedic Defense,” says  the 89-year-old guru who was once spiritual mentor to the Beatles in the 1960s.

“Vedic Defense means defense on the grounds of Veda, the Constitution of the Universe,” says the man many have called a “cult leader.”

What is this defense plan?

It’s based upon the “Sounds of the Veda,” which means chanting.

Supposedly these “sounds” somehow “prevent a dangerous confrontation between two nations.”

However, these sounds require more than a mouth to make them, they also require a place to be mouthed, and that means cash.

Maharishi wants everyone to pay for so-called “peace palaces” where his devotees will do all this chanting. This is what he calls the “secret of creating an effect from a distance,” which supposedly culminates in a “Transcendental field.”

As usual Maharishi wants people to “put their money where the mouth is,” or that is pay for chanting.

Some might say that’s ridiculous and that no matter how much the guru’s followers chant a mantra it won’t make the world any more peaceful.

However,  buying up pricey properties  for all those proposed palaces could certainly expand the guru’s global financial empire.

Maybe he can’t create a “Transcendental field,” but Maharishi has proven to be quite adept at scooping up good real estate and at times flipping those properties for profit rather than peace.

Maharishi Global Financing, a Dutch foundation affiliated with the Indian guru is also now marketing as much as $10 trillion of “World Peace Bonds” reported Bloomberg Financial News

All of his financial deals and shrewd investments over the years has made the guru perhaps the richest purported “cult leader” in the world.

The TM global portfolio of assets has reportedly been estimated at between $5 to $9 billion dollars. Making Maharishi probably richer than Rev. Moon, the billionaire leader of the Unification Church.

How about that?

Maybe Maharishi hasn’t brought the world peace, but he certainly controls quite a piece of the world.


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