CultNews has reported before about the outrageous claims and bizarre behavior of Ronald Lloyd Spencer, who calls himself “Buddha Maitreya” and runs the self-proclaimed “Tibetan Foundation.”

'Buddha' Ron posing with his crownIn fact, Spencer is a former truck driver and has often been called a “cult” leader rather than a “Buddha.” He has also been repeatedly denounced by Buddhist leaders, such as an official representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet. 

Spencer’s rampant megalomania has now reached new heights. It seems that the truculent ex-trucker has taken to bullying Buddhist monks.

Apparently not satisfied with past self-anointed titles and grandiose claims, such as his radio announcement that he would one day be “sitting on [a] throne” next to the Dalai Lama, Spencer now wants to be recognized as the reincarnation of “Buddha” and “Jesus.”

Does this mean he thinks that Christians and Buddhists should bow down to him?

So much for Rev. Moon’s messianic pretensions, he has been topped by the man who claims to be both messiah and Buddha too.

Apparently some Buddhist monks refused to bow down to Spencer and the supposedly fully enlightened sage got nasty.

Spencer had sponsored seven Tibetan Buddhist monks on a visit to the United States, but when they refused to recognize him as the reincarnation of “Buddha” and “Jesus,” they were “abandoned without money in Arizona” reported the New York Times.

Eventually the monks managed to make it to Omaha, Nebraska where they were arrested by immigration officers in riot gear.

Sounds like this lucky seven will no doubt return to their native land with glowing accounts of American hospitality.

Who informed the authorities?

Could it have been our very own American “Buddha”?

If so, the one-time trucker isn’t exactly a benign Buddha now is he?

But this type of behavior fits well within the profile of Ronald Lloyd Spencer, the man some former friends seem to see as a grifter, who has been accused of theft, sexual abuse, fraud and brainwashing.

One former associate said that he is little more than a “con man.”

Sadly, it looks like Spencer for a time successfully conned the monks into believing he would be a good sponsor and kind host for their journey.

However, in the end not only does Spencer come up short as someone who has achieved full enlightenment or the role of supposed savior, he doesn’t even measure up as a decent human being.


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