Mayor Gavin NewsomSan Francisco’s Mayor Gavin Newsom is dating actress Sofia Milos star of the TV series CSI Miami, there’s just one problem, she’s a Scientologist.

And per what seems to be something of a religious rite within the controversial church, if an outsider becomes romantically involved with one of its stars Scientology is along for the ride.

The beautiful Ms. Milos is quite a nice package, but dating her is a package deal, and partaking in romance with Scientology stars means going to church.

Just ask Katie Holmes who reportedly spends hours at a Scientology center every day.

The CSI star hasn’t even known the mayor a month and she has already gotten him to attend a Scientology-linked function.

With Mayor Newsom in tow Milos showed up at the annual dinner bash of the “Citizens Commission for Human Rights” in Los Angeles, a group co-founded by Scientology that essentially spends its time bashing psychiatrists and any drug they might prescribe.

Ms. Milos has “spoken out in support of legislation to stop the psychiatric drugging of children” reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

More troubling than any anti-Ritalin crusade though might be Scientology’s founder’s beliefs concerning homosexuality. After all San Francisco is pretty gay city.

Sophia MilosMaybe the mayor should pick up a copy of this months Rolling Stone, which is at times can be quite revealing in an article titled “Inside Scientology.”

According to the magazine L. Ron Hubbard thought homosexuality “was a form of sexual ‘deviance'” and it allegedly “ranks low on Scientology’s ‘tone scale.'” a supposed register of human behavior.

Hubbard also wanted his followers to know that homosexuals “should be taken from the society as rapidly as possible . . . for here is the level of the contagion of immortality and the destruction of ethics.” He said, “No social order will survive which does not remove these people from its midst.”

Doesn’t sound like Scientology’s savior would have enjoyed a stroll through the gay Castro district of San Francisco, nor is it likely that the “Citizens Commission for Human Rights” will be lobbying any time soon for the right of gays to marry as the mayor did.

This may eventually quash the whole dating thing between Sophia Milos and Gavin Newsom, and it’s probably those little Hubbardisms that are giving what the Chronicle calls “political heartburn” to the mayor’s advisors.

One thing is for sure. If the mayor’s heart is really yearning or burning for Sophia Milos he better do two things quick.

First, make sure his divorce is final from Court TV commentator Kimberly Guilfoyle.

Second, get a copy of L. Ron Hubbard’s book Dianetics and start studying up.

Note: The mayor also might want to study up on why San Francisco schools dropped a Scientolog-linked program called Narconon.


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