Victoria Beckham, the former “Posh Spice” and wife of soccer superstar David Beckham, has been approached by Tom Cruise about Scientology and is friendly with his pregnant bride-to-be Katie Holmes.

Did 'TomKat' fail?Not long ago the soccer stud’s queen was seen reading a copy of “Dianetics” by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

But it seems that Madonna and the Kabbalah Centre may have scooped her up despite Tom and Katie’s recent attentions.

Victoria Beckham was recently photographed wearing the “red string” reports Sydney Confidential.

The string is more than a fashion statement to Kabbalah Centre devotees like Madonna, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. Though the string supposedly wards off the “evil eye” according to the group, it also typically symbolizes something more–and affinity or interest in the organization that sells it.

Victoria Beckham with 'red string'It appears that there has been an almost frantic competition between the two most popular purported “cults” in Hollywood, to get the Beckhams onboard, they are Britain’s most popular celebrity couple, outside the royal family.

Each group’s top recruiter has come knocking on the door, Tom Cruise from Scientology and Madonna for her beloved Kabbalah Centre.

Certainly, whoever gets “Beck” and his wife Victoria will draw the attention of soccer fans worldwide, not to mention celebrity watchers, waiting for the next trend.

Has the Kabbalah Centre won?

Or will Victoria Beckham succumb to Scientology?

Perhaps Madonna and her husband Guy Ritchie have the edge, since Ritchie after all is a Brit and his wife keeps a house in the English countryside.

But Katie Holmes’ coming blessed event coule reel the Beckham’s in for a visit to some Scientology venue?

CultNews continues to watch breathlessly, which “cult” will win?


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  1. And what do all these cult celeb’s have in common? They are former Catholics gone bad. In other words, when they go south, they REALLY go South!

    Too bad Mel Gibson hasn’t approached them. It would only be fair that the one schismatic cult type org claiming to be Catholic get a chance at these people!