Have you ever considered doing Scientology, but thought it might be just a bit too expensive? After all, not everyone has millions like Tom Cruise, John Travolta and other Scientology celebs.

Get what Tom and Katie have for freeBut for those curious about what some call the Sci-fi “cult,” there is a cheaper way to get whatever Tom Cruise says he’s got and a dose of that Travolta “Saturday Night Fever.” And it can be done without maxing out your credit cards.

First, you can study all of Scientology’s so-called “secret teachings” through a Web site “Operation Clambake.” Find out for free what Scientologists paid thousands and thousands to learn.

“Clambake” includes in its “secret library” the zealously guarded “Operating Thetan” (OT) levels, one through eight, John Travolta has reached OT-7, but you can get to eight tonight if you cram.

Just click here to see it all.

Then there is that process Scientologists call “auditing,” which has cost Cruise and his girl Katie big bucks per hour. This process is largely predicated upon a device used by Scientologists called the “e-meter.”

A Scientologist using the e-meter called an “auditor” sits across from someone holding two cans wired to a box with a meter. The auditor asks questions and watches the needle on the meter to determine how the subject is doing. The auditor also often keeps copious notes on any responses and the general progress of the subject, which may be shared with others in the church.

But what is the e-meter?

Do-it-yourself LEGO GSRWell, to Scientologists it’s almost a “sacred object” or perhaps a “holy relic” left behind by their beloved founder L. Ron Hubbard.

Hubbard may be dead, but the e-meter lives on.

However, there is really nothing so secret or unique about the e-meter.

This basic device is more commonly called a “Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) Meter,” or what some would see as simply one component of a machine known as the “lie detector.”

That’s right, Hubbard’s holy relic actually measures nervous tension, and as most people get a little tense when they lie or discuss upsetting aspects of their lives, this makes the needle move within the e-meter.

But you don’t have to pay money like Tom Cruise to be audited. Instead, you may be able to make your very own personal GSR for less than Tom and Katie probably pay for single Scientology auditing session.

“The LEGO lie detector makes interrogations fun,” reports Engadget.

Just click here for better understanding on how to build your very own GSR, or what you might call a personal “e-meter.”

After assembling your device to detect nervousness and/or differentiate truth from fiction, why not recruit a friend to become your personal auditor and take turns auditing each other for free.

And just think, you won’t have to sign away any of your civil rights through any Scientology “release forms” to perform these “religious services.”


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  1. Good God Scientology is just a huge scam Why can’t Scientologists see it???


  2. honeybunk @ 2006-03-30 09:34

    Thanks for the link to the xenu website. Unfortunately a lot of the links have been censored or blocked all together because of legal action taken on the Scientology side. It’s still interesting to read some of the e-mails he’s recieved from Scientologists, though. 🙂

  3. PeterSteenkamp @ 2006-04-06 04:54

    There are other ways to do Scientology cheaper.

    Early 1980`s, there was a power struggle in the Church of Scientology, with 3 major factions fighting over control

    The first faction was faction-Miscavige, who won the power struggle and got the Church and copyrights.
    The second faction was faction-David Mayo. David Mayo was the Senior C/S international (the top technical person in the Church after L.Ron Hubbard). David Mayo set up his own organization, the AAC. The AAC was destroyed through the courts for violating copyrights.
    The third faction was faction-Captain Bill. Captain Bill was the head of the Sea Org (the inner core of dedicated staffmembers). He moved with a lot of followers to Germany and set up an underground organization, known as Ron`s Org. Ron`s Org today is very much alive, setting up lots of new groups all over Europe, while staying as close to the original technology of L.Ron Hubbard as possible. It is the biggest group of Scientologists outside of the Church. It has a very loose organization, to make it difficult for the Church to attack it.
    Prices are a lot lower, and the social atmosphere is a lot friendlier.

    Also over the years a lot more Scientologists have left the Church, disgusted by current management. They set up their own organizations, collectively known as the “Freezone”

    Suggested search parameters for more information:
    Freezone Scientology, fzaoint, icause, International Freezone Association, IFA, Ronsorg. These are organisations that stay relatively close to the original philosophy and tech of L. Ron Hubbard.

  4. Kameron J. @ 2006-05-08 09:03

    There is nothing mystical or cooky crazy about Scientology. It all makes fantastical practical sense. I mean, come on, it’s factual – it’s mathamatical, it’s habizatical and, as one of it’s biggest named stars would say, it’s automatic, systematic, hydromatic, it’s Greased Lightning.

    Get some overhead lifters and some four barrel quads
    A fuel injection cutoff and chrome plated rods oh yeah
    I’ll get the money I’ll kill to get the money (This is soooo true)
    With a four speed on the floor they’ll be waiting at the door
    You know that ain’t no shit we’ll be getting lots of tit
    In Grease Lightning

    Now…a layman (or woman…ah hell…lay somethin!) would probably think I’m just sitting here making fun of it. And they would be absolutely correct.

    My big brother is a good freind of Xenu. Xenu is a little pissed off he has been stuck in that mountain for the past 75 million years. He has missed so much. The birth of radio, Happy Days, The Pet Rock. He telepathically picked up some tunes from the 80’s and then got really pissed off that he wasn’t around to take part in it.

    But now….he knows the eternal battery may be going a little low on it’s nicad juice and he is preparing to break free and cause a bunch of shiznit to happen to all the thetabops in this sector.

    One question though – if Xenu was only in control of 76 planets….who was in control of the other planets? And did they suffer from over population also?

    If they did – how did they handle that little problem? Or did they find a better way to deal with it instead of vaporizing everyone that took a little right in coach on the DC8s?

    Look – this is more than just a scam – it’s pathetic, non-sensicle, full of baloney (Oscar Mayer even)….and in any respect of the word … FULL OF SHIT.

    Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go prepare for a meeting with the Supreme Rulah of Zurg. He telepathed me he will be flying into town for a few hours so we are gonna enjoy some tea. He said if I make the tea the way he likes it, I could take the Gravocar out for a spin as long as I keep it under 4.5 light years per minute. He has been having a little problem with the Gravometic Overthruster lately. It’s time for it’s 100,000 lightyear check up!

    Xenu Rocks!!