Scientology is ranked lower than Islam as one of the most, unpopular religions in America. Even Islam, despite “Muslim terrorists” and rioting radicals making headlines, is seen better.

Are Scientology's numbers funny?Specifically, Americans are twice as likely to view Islam favorably than Scientology.

The poll conducted by CBS News was actually focused on measuring the perception of Islam amongst Americans and not Scientology, but other religions were named and came up and also were measured in poll results.

CBS found that amongst Americans 45% said they have an unfavorable view of Islam, a rise from 36% in February reports Daily Times in Pakistan. 

Only 19% of had a favorable view of Islam, compared to 30% in 2002.

But only 8% of the American public view Scientology favvorably according to the CBS poll, which is less than one in ten.

That’s right, despite the star power of Tom Cruise Scientology’s “Top Gun” and all his efforts to promote the controversial religion, its religious ranking now may be lower than ever.

Is Jerry Falwell a better spokesman than Tom Cruise?Other faiths ranked are also follows; 58% had a favorable impression of Protestantism, 48% of Catholicism, 47% of the Jewish religion, 31% of Christian fundamentalist religions and 20% of the Mormon religion.

What has happened to Scientology?

CultNews could not find before Cruise polling as opposed to post Cruise results.

However, it looks like “Muslim terrorists” and rioting radicals are doing a better job than the “world’s biggest movie star” promoting the faith they claim.

Likewise, Donnie and Marie have arguably done better for the Mormons as have televangelists like Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell it appears for Christian fundamentalism, at least when compared to the job Cruise seems to have done for his church.

In all fairness, Scientology is perhaps a difficult religion to promote. The church has often been derided as a “cult” and Time Magazine once called it “a hugely profitable global racket that survives by intimidating members and critics in a Mafia-like manner.”

Perhaps if the product is bad the salesman shouldn’t be blamed?

But it does seem that Cruise has damaged Scientology’s public image, even taking into consideration its history of bad press. 

In an interview with GQ Magazine the actor insisted “that talking about his Scientology beliefs had not damaged his career” reports the Mirror of the United Kingdom.

“It’s the exact opposite. You can try and create a PR machine that’s going to put out misinformation and discredit someone. But that’s not gonna stop me. Ever, ever. It’s the right thing to do,” he said.

Well maybe the box office recepts will be OK for Mission Impossible III, but what about Scientology?

With pitiful numbers like CBS uncovered maybe Scientology should tell Tom Cruise that “the right thing to do” is just shut up.


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