Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s followers within the Unification Church consider him their “savior” and “messiah” and according to a statement run within his Washington Times newspaper 36 dead US presidents speaking from “spirit world” have agreed and proclaimed him “Lord of the Second Advent, the Messiah, the Savior and the True Parent.”

Moon gets crowned 2004Moon even had himself crowned once within the US Senate building, in a ceremony attended by politicians and assorted sychophants.

However, the one self-proclaimed and gradiose title the seeming megalomaniac Moon has spoken that just might prove to be true, was when he called himself “king of the ocean.”

Given to ranting and rambling on and on about his supposed greatness the man many consider a “cult leader” outlined a plan in a 1980 speech about how he would eventually rule the world’s fishing industry.

“I have the entire system worked out, starting with boat building. After we build the boats, we catch the fish and process them for the market, and then have a distribution network. This is not just on the drawing board; I have already done it.”

And despite some pretty pitiful business failures, such as the Washington Times that has cost Moon millions annually to subsidize, his fishing investments have actually paid off. 

Moon is now “dominating one of America’s trendiest indulgences: sushi,” according to the Chicago Tribune as reported by Monica Eng, Delroy Alexander and David Jackson. 

The Moon-controlled enterprise called “True World Group” has apparently largely fulfilled the would-be “messiah’s” 1980s prophecy. The business “builds fleets of boats, runs dozens of distribution centers and, each day, supplies most of the nation’s estimated 9,000 sushi restaurants” reports the Chicago Tribune.  

True World Foods reported revenue for 2005 was $250 million. Its fleet of 230 refrigerated trucks delivers raw fish to 7,000 sushi and fine-dining restaurants across America and Moon’s Alaska plant processes more than 20 million pounds of salmon, cod and pollock annually.

King and Queen of the Ocean?Rev. Moon’s fish businesses operate under a nonprofit umbrella called “Unification Church International Inc.” (UCI) 

In 1978 a congressional investigation concluded that UCI had no “independent functions other than serving as a financial clearinghouse for various Moon organization subsidiaries and projects.”

Like Moon who was convicted criminally for tax fraud in the 1980s and sentenced to 13 months at Danbury, the one-time prison inmate’s fish business has gotten into its share of trouble too.

True World Foods in Alaska pled guilty to a federal felony, was fined $150,000 and put on probation in 2001. And more recently Moon’s company has had repeated problems with the FDA, which cited it for “gross unsanitary conditions” just last year.

The 86-year-old Moon’s journey is nearing its end and it won’t be long until he is in “spirit world.”  He has failed to fulfill his goal to become a globally recognized “messiah” and perhaps the head harvester of human souls.

But maybe the purported “cult leader” has finally succeeded at something somewhat more conventional, as a sole catcher and sushi provider.

Does that make Moon a “messiah/fishmonger”? 


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