As if Whitney Houston didn’t have enough problems, she has apparently continued her involvement with a group often called a “cult.” The fallen star reportedly sought help from the “Black Hebrews” as recently as two months ago.

Whitney Houston in Israel 2003“Friends hoped she had reformed thanks to a ‘spiritual adviser’ and her renewed links to a controversial religious sect” reports the Herald Sun.

But is it wise for Houston’s friends to hope her crack habit can be cured by a cult?

Certainly there are more credible options, such as a hospital treatment program.

Houston and husband Bobby Brown first hooked up with the so-called “Black Hebrews” in 2003 on a trip to Israel. The strange group is led by Ben Carter a former Chicago resident who now calls himself “Ben Ammi Ben Israel”

Carter claims that the “Archangel Gabriel told him that many African Americans were descendants of the lost Israeli tribe of Judah.” He led some followers to settle in Israel during 1969, but they didn’t receive permanent residence status until 2003.

The “Black Hebrews” have been linked to crime and the death of a child.

One of Carter’s henchmen was found guilty of “operating an international crime ring” in 1986 and just last year a couple was charged with manslaughter. And the death of their baby was allegedly tied to the group’s strange diet.

Houston recentlyDoes Whitney Houston really need this kind of help?

Her family has said repeatedly that the influence of Bobby Brown brought about the star’s downfall.

Is the undue influence of this strange sect really going to restore reason to the former diva?

Perhaps Houston’s friends should come up with something better than a choice between either crack or a “cult” for the troubled singer.


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  1. Word is, Whitney has had a problem long before Bobby Brown was on the scene. She now just has a ‘partner in crime’ to do it with.

  2. howrobseesit @ 2006-04-05 18:11

    She needs to refind her gospel roots for obvious reason

  3. noloyiso @ 2006-04-06 06:08

    It’s no use trying to point fingers, the only sensible thing is to get Whitney to the rehabilitation programme or be taken to pastors who will prayer for her and be delivered from this ordeal. remember, drugs and occults are a spirit (evil).

  4. noloyiso @ 2006-04-06 06:12

    There is any use pointing fingers as to who is responsible or not. what’s needed now is for Whitney’s family and friends to pray as well as take her for deliverance with one of the pastors in the local church.

    That will help save her life.

    A smart, intelligent, woman that lost her power in a man that is proud to be a loser ( it’s his prorogative!).
    Her way or not way …is taking her to depression, and misery.
    Once a grate diva, that should live now in joy and harmony, is instead running from facing reality ! running from demons they say…sombody do something or she’ll die and it sounds like she wouldn’t even mind, but I could be wrong!
    the energy is way too negative at this point, sombody do something or she will die!

  6. Watching Whitney Houston self destruct over the last few years is not only sad, it should be a lesson to all who use Crack for “Recreational Purposes”. If you look at the history of anyone on Crack you will see striking similarities between the dirty crackheads on the street and our beloved Whitney. Sadly Whitney still has enough money left to continue to feed her raging habit. It is wrong to suggest that Whitney did drugs before she met Bobby Brown, this is not the case, Whitney was one of the purest souls on this earth. Mr Bobby Brown saw two things in Whitney. A Meal Ticket for life and a large Bank Account to buy drugs. Bobby Brown has always been into drugs be it smoking Dope or smoking Crack, he has always been on something. Take a look at his past songs and video’s, his criminal record and the witness statements in all of his criminal proceedings. He is a bad man and is the reason Whitney is so messed up. I read that people want Whitney to pray, be prayed over and taken to churches by pastors and other things. Religion will not help her. The sad fact is that once you are an addict on Crack you will die that way. I know that no one wants to believe that it is too late but in reality, there is nothing anyone can do to help Whitney, she has destroyed her voice, her looks and her brain. She will go insane like every other Crack Addict out there, she will become more and more unpredictable and violent. She has no chance of getting off the Crack. There is no treatment for this kind of addiction and nothing can repair the damadge it does to the brain of EVERY user. Ever seen a piece of Swiss Cheese?? look at a piece and then think of Whitney’s brain. They are much the same. Yes i realise that most will be upset with this post, but until people start to be honest about what Crack will do to a person the problem will get worse and worse. Let Whitney be a warning to us all. As she famously said ” Crack is Whack” remember there is no treatment and there is no cure for a Crackhead. Sorry Whitney, Game Over.

  7. pd@humbled @ 2006-04-10 10:48

    Whitney Houston obviously has a problem, thats clear. However, I disagree completely about her not being able to get delivered. Whitney is not of her own whether you believe in prayer or not. There are thousands of ex extreme drug addicts that are now helping others get out of that situation. To the person that made the last comment the bible says that Jesus did not come for the healthy and wealthy but for the sick and the poor; including Whitney. If prayer has a limit and God limited then there is no point of praying but becasue God created Whitney He also has the power to heal her. God is the only answer for Whitney and if that is not so tell it to the thousands of ex drug addicts that are now preaching the word of God to millions and helping millions of lives recover from addictions such as crack cocaine. You probably have no faith but if you know the word of God it clearly states that we can stand in the gap and pray her out of that addiction. I agree about one thing which is that there is no use of pointing fingers. God can also heal her husband. The game is not over as long as she is still breathing and their are people praying or willing to stear her in the right direction Whitney can get back on her feet and regain her strengh much more then yours. Please do not unestimate the healing power of Jesus Christ. One day you will need that same healing touch. Never speak negative about someones down fall because it can happen to you, all it takes is one try. Furthermore, no cult or one man can change this situation but only Jesus Christ. To revise ickis9’s comment, Let this be an example for those who think they can make it alone without Christ. Jesus himself says” apart from me you can do nothing”. God bless you and please make sure you find Him before its too late. It would be a shame to live not believing that there is a God and to die and find out that there is. Be blessed. Jesus is coming soon.

  8. pd@humbled @ 2006-04-10 10:53

    The cheese comment was actually helpful. Yes lets take a piece of swiss cheese and compare it to Whitneys brain. However thats exactly what the brain of a person who says there is no God or use for prayer looks like. Only God can make you whole. There is absolutly no difference. I mean no offense to anyone but truly without God, it doesn’t matter how high of a level of education, degree or money you have, plain and simple you dont have Jesus you are and have nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. trustduran @ 2006-04-11 09:03

    The difference between those “deliverances” and Whitney Houston is all that money. Those people didn’t have that much money to begin with… Whitney smoked millions of dollars of crack people. She is done. She will just spiral down to death now. To stop seeing the demons she needs an exorcism in some fashion I agree. But she is fried…the star is definitely gone. there is just a black hole.
    We are losing all of our stars, someone should go and get Michael and throw him into a rehab as well. Bobbi didn’t do this to her she was street from the start. she was coked out in the beginning, when she wanted to dance with somebody, and feel the heat with somebody. girl was high then. the persona we saw was carefully put together so that you didn’t see this crazy street girl underneath.
    Hell to the no! Crack is whack!
    she didn’t even get a classy hollywood drug addiction like pills or smack. just good ol’ round the way crack.
    which brings up a point…
    when diane sawyer asked her if she smoked crack she said no…she was telling the truth in her mind.
    she does have to much money to be smoking crack because crack is what you call it when it has already been cooked.
    Whiney likes to cook it her self. which is called free base, base, crack essentially it is all the same thing but in her cracked brain she only admits to certain things.
    whiney was a song bird now she is a probably a schizephrenic shell for all kind of guest spirits. something fills in those holes. and it aint god.

  10. In response to pd@humbled there is oh so much that could be said. First i noticed you had to make two posts, maybe your first rant wasn’t enough to try and get my “God” Juices flowing. You can pray all you like for Whitney, I hope it actually does some good. I however do not believe that sitting in a circle holding hands praying, chanting or lighting candles is going to work. Can your God remove the toxic levels of Crack in Her System?? Have you ever seen ANYONE with a raging habit ever get over it?? I ask you to provide me with ONE example of a person in Whitneys position who has cleaned up and stayed drug free. The experts will all tell you that Crack does so much to destroy a persons brains and other organs that after short to medium term use the damadge is irreversible. Whitney could give up tomorrow ( While restrained by a Straight Jacket), but her body and brain will not recover. I love Whitney and I love her talent. I do not however love what she has done to herself. Yes Bobby did introduce her to the current scene she is in, he is partly responsible for destroying her. Whitney however is also responsible for the destruction that is all around her. The remark about non God faring folk having holes in there brains like swiss cheese is just scientifically wrong. I have had a Brain Scan after an injury in a car accident, I do not believe in god or have any religious beliefs at all, yet low and behold, my brain is intact, no holes and is functioning normally. However do an image search on google for Crack Brains and you will see the shrinkage and holes created by the drug. Also look into the severity of the Crack problem you will see that someone with Whitneys level of addiction has almost zero chance of recovery. She has no will so there is no way.
    I feel extremely sorry for Whitney but i feel even worse for those who are going to spend time and effort worrying about her and trying to prop her up with religion and other occult modalities. Whitney would have to be placed in a Lockdown Unit for an extremely long period just to control the sheer violence that will come out when you take away her supply of Whacko Cracko.
    I understand that people want her to get back to her old perfect self, however, That Whitney is gone now, we should all grieve a little bit and kep on walking. The last comment from pd@humbled was particularly interesting. I Quote…
    “The cheese comment was actually helpful. Yes lets take a piece of swiss cheese and compare it to Whitneys brain. However thats exactly what the brain of a person who says there is no God or use for prayer looks like. Only God can make you whole. There is absolutly no difference. I mean no offense to anyone but truly without God, it doesn’t matter how high of a level of education, degree or money you have, plain and simple you dont have Jesus you are and have nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ”
    My Response, I don’t believe in your God or your Jesus, I have a lot of friends, I have a very nice home and I have quite enough money to see me through without much work on my part. All done with hard work and NO RELIGION. I have plenty of cash and plenty of friends. That i think explodes your myth that us Godless people have nothing and are nothing. Tis people like you that have only an image of a mythical being like a God to cling to to sustain your life. How about you go and meet some people ypou can see and touch. They are called Friends and you don’t need a direct connection to some dude in the sky to acess them. When was the last time you asked your God a question and actually got a clear precise answer, not just a passage to read in a book that has had so many translations it no longer has any real meaning

  11. People!!! let’s not blame who really introduces Whitney to drugs instead let’s help her. I really believe that prayers will help. I really demand that she should be taken to the rehabilitation center. Here in my country Philippines i have seen and witnessed fallen stars but they’re able to recover. If only i’m there I’ll be the one to bring her and take care of her. I really like Whitney and i love her so much. I’m just sad that she inspires a lot of people but she’s down right now. God will always give chances especially to the one who’ll repent herself. I know that Whitney can’t repent all by herself because she’s not in her right mind but the people around her can do that. Where are her relatives? Where is Dionne Warwick? Please help her. If only i’m rich I’ll be the one to send her to the right person who knows more about her situation right now. Just hold on Whitney. God has always a plan for you for everyone of us.