It seems that less and less attention is being paid to the so-called “Kabbalah Centre” lately as the media spotlight has shifted to focus on Scientology instead.

Madonna and her mystics fading?A couple of years ago reporters were buzzing about the Hollywood’s latest craze and it wasn’t Tom Cruise.

But Speilberg’s star turned the public’s attention from “War of the Worlds” to his war of words, defending Scientology and attacking Brooke Shields, psychiatry and the use of anti-depressants.

Scientology’s “Top Gun” successfully restored his church to its former prominence as the most talked about so-called “cult” in Hollywood.

Instead of the media attempting to decipher Madonna’s latest mystical allusion, reporters breathlessly awaited the birth of baby Cruise as if it were the “Second Coming” of the “Christ child.”

Madonna doesn’t seem to have the same magic.

That may be why the former pop queen has gone from Kabbalah references to using a “disco-fied crucifix” for an entrance at her upcoming concerts.

It is rumored that the 47-year-old 1980s diva will be lowered from the ceiling hanging on what has been reported variously as a “disco ball,” or “cross-like disco ball” or “disco-fied crucifix” to be used for her dramatic entrance on a coming concert tour reports Inside Entertainment.

Will Madonna somehow be symbolically crucified amidst blinding light?

Has the “Material Girl” left “Jewish mysticism” to return to her Catholic roots?

Well, at least to grab some attention for publicity purposes and sell tickets.

The cost of this glitter was estimated at $10 million.

Meanwhile Scientology’s return to its former top “cult” status may actually be good news for Philip and Karen Berg, Madonna’s spiritual mentors.

Before Scientology’s “Top Gun” started blasting his way through interviews the Bergs were wounded repeatedly through in-depth news reports. Radar Magazine ran a critical series about the organization’s finances and the British press was relentless, such as articles run by The Guardian.  

But now with such intense attention being focused on Scientology, its leading man and Katie Holmes, the press seems somewhat indifferent about the Kabbalah Centre, whether Madonna calls herself “Esther,” or clings to a multi-million dollar “cross-like” prop. 


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  1. You might like to know Madonna is not being lowered from the ceiling on a cross covered in crystals.
    The story first appeared in the New York Daily News a couple of days ago, stating that she would decend on a Disco Ball made of crystals!
    The story was misread by the London Sun and has been reprinted as fact by ..well people like you. I know you would not like to be party to disinformation.
    Also I find it interesting that whilst trying to show that Madonna is fading you print a photo of and discuss her while writing about Tom Cruise.
    You do seen a little obsessed with her.
    Have you heard of the Cult Of Celebrity? I fear you may be a member! .
    Maybe you can get help with your problem.

    Best Wishes