An 84-year-old Australian “cult leader” named Ken Dyers is facing trial in a Sydney court on 21 charges of sexually assaulting two 12-year-old girls reports ABC News.

Ken Dyers, declared mentally unstableDyers and his partner Jan Hamilton formed a group called “Kenja Communications” in 1982, claiming they were offering participants “greater spiritual understanding”.

That “understanding” was at times apparently predicated upon private one-on-one sessions, which Dyers labeled “processing” or “energy conversion.”

It seems that during just such a session one of the 12-year-old girls alleges she was told to strip naked and then Dyers inappropriately touched her.

Later the child reportedly told her mother, “I don’t feel that what is happening in the sessions is OK” reported The Daily Telegraph. 

Ken Dyers likes to refer to himself as a “war veteran.” On his Web site he states, “I served my country in World War II.”

And at times the media has reported that he is a “WWII veteran.”

But what the purported “cult leader” doesn’t say is that his military service record was far less than distinguished.

Apparently not tested by combat Dyers highest rank was corporal and he was a transport driver. In 1944 after being found “guilty of AWL” (absent without leave) the future founder of Kenja was busted back to private. 

Here is a 1941 official photo of Dyers during wartime.

Finally, the Australian Military Forces decided to dump Dyers, stating that the cause was “mental instability.” 

Not exactly the type of war record most men would want to brag about or even draw attention to, but maybe Mr. Dyers thought no one would check it out. 

Kenneth Dyers went on to become “a highly respected public speaker…presenting national public lectures on increasing personal effectiveness through positive communication.”

Well, that’s what his official Web site claims.

However, to those not so easily swayed by Mr. Dyer’s rhetoric and his self-proclaimed speaker status, the man now charged with sexually abusing children seems to have continued his youthful “mental instability” well into old age.


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