What does an aging pop star do, when she’s almost 50 and her halcyon days are long gone? Well, first try some retro-disco and then grab some free press through an outrageous act.

Madonna on her crossWell, at least that’s been Madonna’s “tried and true” formula that worked before. And now it’s being stirred and poured out again for her new concert tour “Confessions on a Dance Floor.”

Of course there is the usual S&M styled accessories with a riding crop, but added to the mix this time is a giant cross to hang on. Madonna crucified with a crown of thorns on a glittering disco cross.

This is the diva version of “Shock and Awe.”

And as no doubt carefully calculated “religious groups have reacted furiously” reports London’s Daily Mail.

A Church of England spokesman responded, “Is Madonna prepared to take on everything else that goes with wearing a crown of thorns?”


Madonna isn’t thinking of any religious commitment somehow connected to this symbol of Christianity. After all she rejected Catholicism long ago to eventually become the apparent celebrity high priestess of the “Kabbalah Centre.”

The symbol this “Material Girl” is most concerned with is the dollar sign through ticket sales, CD purchases and whatever paraphernalia is laid out for tour ticket holders to snap up.

The 47-year-old singer’s fans are not so thirsty for the so-called “Kabbalah Water” hawked by her spiritual mentors, nor do they swarming to buy the “red string” amulet the Kabbalah Centre sells. So the diva/businesswoman has decided to cash in on what she sees as a more marketable focus of religious devotion.

CultNews reported last month about how Madonna planned to be crucified, on what variously was rumored to be a “disco ball,” or “cross-like disco ball” or “disco-fied crucifix” used for some sort of dramatic effect.

It seems that the star decided to use both a disco ball for her entrance and disco cross for some added drama.

But no matter how many times Madonna hangs on her cross, there won’t be any resurrection.

Gone are the Eighties icon’s glory days. And as she has moved on through her brand of spirituality and the supposed lifestyle of English gentry, so have many of her fans.

And there just isn’t any miracle that’s going to change that, though promoters still hope to grab $200 million through this Madonna tour, accomplished by charging as much as $380 for a seat including Ticketmaster fees. 


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  1. ryrypartridge @ 2006-05-22 12:03

    She is the bomb. Why do people take all of this so serious? This is Madonna. It has been for 20 years. She is going to do what she wishes. This world would be such a better place if people stood up for what the respect and not worry what others think. Here is how I look at this, I paid $400 4 times to see 4 different nights of this show…those that didn’t and don’t like what she is doing on stage, pat yourself on the back. You have chosen to not see it. If you don’t like what she does on stage and you paid to see the show, then shame on you… you know she is a naughty minx!!!!
    Go on Madonna with your bad self! Don’t change for anyone!!!!!! (as if)

  2. You spent more than most people pay in rent to see Madonna more than once? Maybe this site will help you learn about getting too, uh, involved. It’s not about people who paid for the show being annoyed, it’s about Madonna’s inability to come up with a better gimmick for publicity. As members of the news reading public, we’re all subject to hearing about Madonna’s stupid stunts, and even non-religious people are sick of it – not to mention the “serious” Christians she’s offending. She tries to provoke people because she can’t deal with just putting on a normal show. She’s getting old and she seems terribly desperate.