Is Air America radio host Janeane Garofalo and her “Majority Report” show in meltdown mode? An on-air spat last week between Garofalo and her co-host Sam Seder ended in a walkout when Seder and the show’s producer stormed off the set reports Jeanette Walls for MSNBC.

Garofalo Scientology stooge?The source of this friction is a Scientology-linked program called “Downtown Medical.”

That program, which is supported by Scientology celebs like Tom Cruise and Leah Remini, is supposedly a cure for whatever is toxic within your body. And it is offered free to New York firemen and rescue workers, but otherwise costs anyone else $5,000.00.

For five thousand bucks customers get to sweat it out in saunas and ingest cooking oil with doses of niacin. Doctors have dismissed all this as essentially unproven nonsense, but Garofalo has apparently swallowed it whole.

This cure, which seems more like “faith healing” than medicine, was concocted by Sci-fi writer and Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, author of the tale behind John Travolta’s film flop “Battlefield Earth.” 

CultNews reported a month ago about how Garofalo seemed to be repeatedly using her show to shill for Scientology in long rambling infomercial like segments without any critical balance to question the efficacy of Hubbard’s alleged cure.

Seder was not present for those segments, which first included Scientologist and TV sitcom star Leah Remini. It appears that Remini and Garofalo may have become pals since the radio show host/actress did a guest spot on Remini’s series “King of Queens.”

Enter Sam Seder, who last week returned rather angry and made it clear publicly that he didn’t want any more infomercials for the Scientology-linked program.

When Garofalo’s co-host found out that Janeane has another pitch planned with her “Downtown Medical” cronies for yet another “Majority Report” Seder objected openly and on-air and said that if the Hubbardites returned he was going to grill them with some tough questions.

Can Seder stop the Scientology infomercials?Seder cited CultNews as one of his sources for critical information about the Scientology-linked program.

Garofalo’s pals at “Downtown Medical” eventually decided to drop out rather than face Seder. 

Everything came to a boil last week on Friday night week reports Daily Kos.

The spam hit the fan when Garofalo said that her co-host Seder wouldn’t have a problem if the program were linked to some Jews instead of Scientologists.

That was the last slam for Sam. 

Seder then walked off the set with the show’s producer in tow.

So where does this leave Air America and “Majority Report”?

Perhaps Janeane Garofalo doesn’t care?

The actress has been busy with other projects and is often absent from the show. Sam Seder sits in, but would Air America be willing to ditch its celebrity star for a relative unknown?


CultNews has witnessed first-hand in the studio how the Garofalo/Seder team works.

Sam sits with his laptop researching and scraping facts from the Internet, while Garofalo talks off the top of her head.

This may have served her well in stand-up gigs. However, it seems to fall short when dealing with something as serious as dispensing medical advice.

Increasingly, Ms. Garofalo seems to have become something of a Scientology stooge, letting Hubbardites use her show to pitch their programs without paying Air America for commercial time.

Is it possible that Air America would be better off with Sam Seder getting the facts straight, rather than by Janeane Garofalo making a joke out of “Majority Report”?


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  1. Garafalo’s full of shit and likely sees networking in the horison at the celeb centre. No kidding this snake oil is unproven; it’s BS.
    Is she even funny anymore or just all pride now?

    Oh as for this gem, speaking of scientology, Katie Holmes gets “$3 million a year up to $33 million for each year that she is married to Cruise” ( ), I have heard of high priced whore before bug geeze, did the last one get this? Is this why she says she loves him after things go bad? Damn, if your paid for it you aren’t married, it’s one thing to pay for a family to be fed, etc…. but to pay the woman for it; will she have lip service to pay afterwards as well? Hush hush stuff?
    For that money she….I mean he (Cruise) needs a better articifer of confidence girl to pretend she likes being kissed and to lean closer and not distant. If this is Scientology, I think it needs investigation.
    “Scientology, finding gay ment wives since 1978,” — Betty Bowers & Landover Baptist Church.

    Hush little money don’t you say a %^&* word or else,

    Gölök Zoltán Leenderdt Franco Buday
    “If You Have A Lawsuit, Your Goods, Your Honor, Your Very
    Life Depends On The Very Interpretation Of A Book You Never
    Read.” — Francois “Voltaire” Marie Arouet; Phil. Dictionary.

  2. Personally, I think there’s more to this. Janeane was gone for a very long time doing The West Wing, and Sam really came into his own as a radio host. Janeane seems to have some professional jealousy issues with Mr. Seder, and methinks bringing back the Scientology people was a way of pissing him off. Janeane’s a cynic and has proclaimed to be an atheist, so I don’t believe she really believes in the Scientology crap.
    There’s much more under the surface here.