Some say Madonna is a “has been.” And that to anyone other than her diehard fans, the 1980s icon is no longer relevant to current pop culture.

'Timeless' Madonna“It happens to every star,” says In the Zone.

Interestingly, the top two reasons cited for the 47-year-old pop queen’s demise is (1) getting “religious” and (2) choosing the so-called “Kabbalah Centre” to get religious about.

Her diva version of religiosity was recently derided as a “Christmas-cracker philosophy” and written off some time ago as “McWisdom” by its critics. But the star insists its her “secret” in the documentary DVD “I’m Going to Tell You a Secret,” which was panned by British reviewer Mark Beech at Bloomberg News.  

Forbes Magazine has even dropped Madonna from its “Top 100 Stars” list and critics say that the former “Material Girl” is “too old” to be used in marketing to teens.

Advertising guru Della Femina summed it up succinctly, “These kids trade in stars every two or three years and many don’t know Madonna” reported CCN from Ireland.

'hands of time'Ironically though, as CultNews previously reported, despite her fading star status Madonna sees herself as some sort of career counselor to younger stars. And her latest acolyte is 20-year-old Lindsay Lohan.

Isn’t this something like the “blinded leading the blind”?

After all, it’s been almost half a century since this diva was born and despite her apparent desperation to slow the aging process, nothing is working.

Madonna has a grueling exercise regimen, an extreme diet and gulps down an endless supply of supposedly special energized “Kabbalah Water.”

However, all this, along with rumored Botox injections to paralyze her face, have not stopped the singer from arguably looking older than her years, as recent candid photos demonstrate.

London’s Daily Mail pointed out that Madonna “can’t beat the hands of time.” A shot of her hand clutching what looks like a bottle of “Kabbalah Water” was revealing and displayed “a virtual roadmap of veins.”

It’s been 15 years since the star’s popular documentary “Truth or Dare.” 

But will Madonna dare to face the truth about growing old?

Every indication is that the former queen of pop has no intention of aging gracefully like Tina Turner, nor does she offer self-deprecating humor about getting older, like Cher did on her “farewell tour.”

Instead, this aging diva seems to fighting the inevitable.

No resurrectonHer publicist has told the press “I defy any 18-year-old to do a quarter of what Madonna does on stage…”

But can anyone defy time?

Why can’t Madonna accept that the spotlight moves on, and that every star eventually arrives at a day of reckoning and maturity?

Madonna can’t hang on to her glittering disco ball forever, nor expect to resurrect the past through one of her staged concert crucifixions.

Will the former pop queen’s career end pathetically as a parody of her former self, lip syncing oldies in various costumes and preaching “McWisdom” to those diehard fans left willing to pay for pricey seats and sit through another sermon?


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  1. jrandall72 @ 2006-07-05 13:51

    I don’t really see the relevance of this article to “cult news”. Besides the fact that this woman still has number one videos and sells out concerts all over the world, her last album went #1 in 40 countries! Here videos on TRL still go to the top and that is voted on by the younger audience. She would not still be selling if no one was buying and they are! I think her fans will decide when she is a “has been” and they are not going to do that for quite a while. Yes, other celebrities put theirself out to pasture and decide to leave the business or do a farewell tour, mostly because they have to, not because they think it is the graceful thing to do. And yes Madonnas hands may be wrinkled but you know she is almost 50.

  2. Madonna is the “Queen Mother” of KAbbalah. Everything she says or does is relevent. Wake up. This is not an attack on her fine music, but on her mental softness.

  3. Yeah, i don’t really see what Madonna aging has to do with her being in a cult. Do you have a thing against older women continuing to pursue the careers they had as younger women?

  4. Madonna had said that if it wasnt for kabbalah then she’d be in depression….that’s not healthy. You shouldnt have to be part of any organization(or cult) to be happy. I think its time for her to get out of the spotlight.

  5. Aging is all in the mind..Madonna is a true warrior!

  6. Madonna is living proof that what Kabbalah teaches does actually make you a better and more mature person. Just think back 15 years ago when she was so egositic and couldn’t get her mind past her status as a sex symbol and you’ll get the point.

    And who says that the spotlight is moving on? The woman has spawned two UK number 1s off her latest number 1 album and her documentary has gone to number one in several countries too. The woman is more successful than she’s ever been!

  7. tx_thang @ 2006-07-26 10:20

    What Madonna has to do with the Kabbalah is her own business,
    but to have the Rav as her spiritual advisor, when he does not seem to “be all there”, causes me to question her judgment!

    I use to think she was all that stuff, until she showed her disgust at having to WAIT for the Rav.

    She has very little patience, or manners in real life.

    He’s old, had some kind of a stroke, give the guy a break!
    He’s probably trying to remember who she is!

  8. dennisdpt @ 2006-07-26 11:35

    I used to like Madonna…in fact, I have all her albums…and I do mean every single one of them. Yes, I used to be a die hard Madonna fan. I grew up liking her music and the best thing I liked about her is that she’s not afraid to push the envelope. I recently watched her old concerts and compared them to her more recent ones including this confessions tour. I miss the old Madonna. She was fun, spunky, and her concerts were filled with music…just pure spiritual mumbo jumbo. And I do understand, people evolve over time…it’s just that I think Madonna tries so hard to make her religous beliefs known and she tries to incorporate these as much as she can into her music and concerts. That’s a big turn off. Look at Tina Turner…she’s a Buddhist abut you don’t hear her spouting off Buddhist sutras in her music.

  9. interested @ 2006-08-06 18:22

    Madonna is a freak. Obviously, she has lost touch with reality. I’m sure she’s just jeaous that Scientology is winning out over her ‘religion’. Or wait, maybe it’s all a ploy for attention. Of course it is… she is a celebrity afterall. If you can’t sing anymore (she used to be good) at least draw controversy.