Known for their persistent door-to-door missionary work and handout magazine called “The Watchtower,” “Jehovah’s Witnesses” have repeatedly predicted the “end of the world” with a sense of urgency to anyone willing to listen.

The Watchtower in BrooklynHowever, the sect seems to repeatedly fail regarding its dates, including a purported final judgment set for 1925 and another that never came some fifty years later.

According to the “Religious Tolerance” Web site, which is known for its frequent apologies rather than admonishments regarding groups called “cults,” the Witnesses have actually made many more failed predictions. The theologically tolerant site without apology lists 1914, 1915, 1918, 1920 and 1994, as examples of additional Witness failures.  

Much more religiously conservative Christian Web sites have longer lists of apparent blunders, such as a “Watchman Expositor,” which examines the organization’s supposedly “biblical” calculations.

Perhaps as a result of all these mistakes the Witnesses appear to have given up on the dating game. The group says now that the “end is fluid,” which sounds more like “hedging a bet” than anything related to the bible.

However, an embarrassing fact still remains despite all the sect’s calculations, recalculations and subsequent spin.

Jehovah’s Witnesses historically bought a great deal of real estate over the years in what seems to be a very shrewd long-term investment effort.

But if they really expected the world to end so soon, why didn’t the Witnesses just lease?

Well, the reasoning for buying up so much property becomes quite clear when looking at the group’s recent penchant for selling off some of its valuable accumulated assets.

As CultNews previously reported the Witnesses religious devotion apparently includes developing real estate in New York.

And the controversial organization that some have called an End Times “cult” has recently made millions selling off and/or developing its holdings in Brooklyn alone.

Where there was once a Watchtower magazine warehouse and distribution center near the East River, “swanky condominiums”  are going up with a view of Manhattan.

And now the Witnesses have put more of their New York property up on the block reports Knowledge Plex.

For sale is a three-story residential building at 409 Central Park West between West 100th and 101st streets.

The Witnesses want $4.5 million for the “air rights” to this property and expect to stay on the first three floors, allowing a developer to build on top or adjacent to the property.

Jehovah’s Witnesses also own a building at 960 E. 174th St. in the Bronx, which is currently used for worship.

However, the faithful will have to meet somewhere else, as this property is currently listed at $1.35 million, for development as affordable housing.

Knowledge Plex points out that many nonprofit organizations and other tax-exempted religious groups in New York are also taking advantage of recent real estate appreciation to sell off their properties for record prices.

But the leaders of Jehovah’s Witnesses have always attempted to separate their organization from such worldly things. 

Witnesses don’t vote, participate in clubs, organized team sports or the military because to do so would somehow represent involvement with an earthly “system,” which is ultimately influenced by Satan.

Witnesses claim that their organization is the only one today that is sanctioned by Jehovah on earth.

However, it seems when it comes to making money, Witness leaders can be very worldly indeed. And they have no problem cooperating with developers and making savvy business deals to work the worldly system for profit.


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  1. Having had fun sparring with Witlesses in the past, it is just so refreshing to see that their leaders are at least planning on making hay while the sun shines…end of the world looming or no. I will say that it is very sad that the Witlesses will never read your blog, Rick. As you know they can never read anything critical of their belief sets. How sad for the poor victims (members) of this horrid little faith. I do know the only effective way to short circuit the “brain” of a Witless, is to use the past Watchtower magazines against them, showing them all the failed predictions of the “End Times”, proving without doubt of the emptiness of their faith.

  2. This summer’s Conventions are a Watchtower money maker cash cow.

    The Watchtower Corporation is a multi media production and printing company,activities like summer conventions are for the purpose of promoting and raising funds for the Watchtower Corporation.

    They produce books, tapes, CD’s, and videos. Their main business is soliciting donations, both door to door from strangers and from their own members at Watchtower Corporation sponsored meetings.

    Their second cash producing business is sponsoring events and conventions and collecting donations at those. The third equity business is the real estate development and speculating business.

    A huge sub business is the soliciting and managing of the proceeds of wills, trusts, and cash assets of loyal members.

    Watchtower cult apologist say,”show me da money there are no fat cats on the their corporate board”,true they deny having personal bank accounts but so does the Catholic Pope.

    The Watchtower fairy follows the money trail and sprinkles the “new light” fairy dust along the path.

    Your’s truly,Danny Haszard Bangor Maine

  3. Danny from Bang-ah! Good point. And a disgusting one as well. These people are truly evil.

  4. scientolgyciatorture @ 2006-07-15 19:37

    Uhm first off if you have to post the same article twice because no one cared THE FIRST TIME UHM THAT IS A CLEAR SIGN OF REACHING. I agree jehovah’s selling a building is a sign of weakening in strength. But not in your way but that they can’t afford it because maybe their losing money. I HAVE ATTENDED A WITNESS RELIGION MEETING BEFORE. I don’t think money was their main interest I mean a bit to FAKE SMILEY JOIN OUR CLUB. But not once did anyone ask me for money. Even when the person annoyingly came to the door pressuring my wife to join they asked her for something for the books. But they never refused to give them to her if she didn’t. SO I DON’T GET WHATS THE BIG DEAL. I MEAN SEVEN DAY ADVENTIST HAVE HOSPITALS AND BUSINESS’S. I EVEN SEE CHURCH’S THAT OFFER PERSONAL AND HOME LOANS TO PEOPLE. WHAT THAT HAS TO DO WITH GOD I DON’T KNOW. I HAVE NEVER BEEN TO A JEHOVAH WITNESS HOSPITAL. With the risng cost of health care that would be lucrative. And isn’t SELLING OFF YOUR PRIZE POSESSIONS historically what people do before the end time comes. THEY SELL ALL THEIR EARTHLY POSESSIONS. I haven’t heard of many of the Millerites giving away their fortune. And I’m sure if you compare Jehovah’s real estate value it wouldn’t equal the price of an Island in Italy. So oh Jehovah get over it. All organizations owned something. Or they wouldn’t be organised. And they’d be an even bigger reason to call them cult. I mean give me something about their message. That I can throw in their face on Saturday that will make them never talk to me again.

  5. Millerites? You impress me Scientologyciatorture. Good religious knowledge. Your moniker is a but unweildly, but whatever. You want something to throw in their faces?

    Try this. The 144,000 who are the “chosen people” are down to only a handful (if that, now…these people are ancient). These “144k” were the “original Witlesses” when this silly little faith started. It is their “church” (read: CULT) doctrine, that when the last of them dies, the second coming/end times/etc./etc occurs. When this doesn’t occur (as it won’t, obviously) what will their “church” tell them? Something like “Oops”? Also get them involved in a discussion on evolution. They are told what to think…but not HOW to think. If you have a bit of advanced layman’s knowledge, you will trounce the be-Jesus out of these fools.

  6. LadyAmbar @ 2006-08-16 19:58

    Oh, man. Love the “fake smiley join our club” comment, is true what you say. I believe in god, jesus’s sacrifice and try not to do harm to my fellow man, but I hate religious organizations. All of ’em are truly controlling.

    BTW, I am married to a JW, and it has not been easy. As of today he’s not been attending the reunions and such (predication door to door, ect…) But the men’s attitude towards women in this religion really get on my nerves. I’m not those of radicals feminist but even me felt somewhat insulted with the protocol on which they function. I lost count on how many reunions, conventions I went with my husband. Because I believe that before I can critize something I have to know all about it.

    And man you can light up a candle in my name, what a patience I have to exercise to do all this. We had to compromise in some things, but mostly I won every argument ( I studied very well my opponent, lol). He has seen the light, that’s why our marriage has survived.

    So, any question about ’em, you can send it my way. I have the “insider’s scoop” on them. I respect too much myself and my brain to be controlled that way, sorry organized religion. ;P

    Sparky I truly loved your comments. Keep ’em coming…

  7. […] The governing body is actually just the twelve men in New York who act as the ultimate earthly (worldly?) authorities for Jehovah’s Witnesses. They run the Watchtower corporations and set all of the policies of Jehovah’s Witnesses. […]