You would think that Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff has enough on his plate prosecuting polygamists, but apparently the AG wants to involve himself with another group frequently called a “cult.”

Mark ShurtleffShurtleff has seemingly decided to throw in with Scientology, or to be more precise toss his state’s rescue workers into a Scientology-linked program co-founded and promoted by Tom Cruise.

This week Shurtleff invited representatives from the so-called “New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project” to come to Utah and hold forth before a gathering that included police chiefs, narcotics officers and firefighters reported the Desert News.

But neither Tom Cruise nor his controversial church appears willing to cough up the cash to pay for Utah’s rescue workers to receive their “detoxification.”

Instead, it seems the state’s business community is expected to pick up the tab, which reportedly runs about $5,200.00 per person.

Shurtleff says he wants to raise the money through “corporate sponsors” so police and firefighters from Utah can attend Cruise’s beloved program in New York.

“I wouldn’t be involved in any way if I thought it was a Scientology recruitment program,” the AG said.

However, as CultNews has reported before the centerpiece of the controversial program is something called the “purification rundown,” which is a religious ritual amongst Scientologists.

Scientology seems to think its rundown, which includes ingesting cooking oil, taking large does of niacin and going through a regimen of saunas, somehow is a cure for almost anything.

As MSNBC recently reported sitcom star and Scientologist Leah Remini told Jennifer Lopez that this same “cleansing process” would help her to get pregnant. And the same ritual rundown is marketed through various Scientology-linked programs such as Criminon and Narconon, as a means to help stop almost anything from crime to substance abuse.

Tom Cruise takes in Utah?However, the basis for the rundown is the incredible and unproven claim made by Sci-fi writer turned religious revelator L. Ron Hubbard, that toxins remain in the fatty tissue of the body indefinitely unless you sweat them out through the process he concocted.

But what did Hubbard know about science other than science fiction?

Apparently not much.

Doctors and researchers have dismissed his rundown as little more than quackery based upon pseudo-science.

Attorney General Shurtleff seems ready to submit Utah’s firefighters to Hubbard’s specious cure, despite the fact that the same program was officially dumped by FDNY. The New York Fire Department’s chief medical officer Dr. Kerry Kelly told the New York Times that there is no “objective evidence” to support its bizarre claims that subjects somehow sweat out toxins.

And in Ireland Professor Michael Ryan, head of a university pharmacology department, said the purification rundown is “not supported by scientific facts” and “not medically safe” reported the Irish Times.

Never mind.

It appears that Utah’s Attorney General has been sold on Hubbardism and taken in by Scientology.


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  1. This is a terrific posting. Am I to assume that Utah’s Attorney General is of the Moron(sic) faith? What other explaination is there for this? Morons(sic) believe in eventually populating “other planets” with their seed and their multiple “wives” after they die (What a divine orgy!). $cientologists(sic) believe that there is a federation of planets under Galactic Overlord Xenu. Perhaps the two cults are very closely tied together.

    The fact that NYC Fire Department’s chief medical officer has basically called this “detox” program bunk, there is hope.

    I would suggest that since $cientology wouldn’t GIVE their program at a steep discount to Utah, but instead says, “F.U.! Pay us!” makes the case that they are not non-profit and should lose their tax exempt status.

  2. Here is a link to an animated cartoon that explains what $cientology is all about. I got it from ScienTOMogy website. It is very funny, but NSFW. If Utah’s Attorney General had taken the 5 minutes to watch this, Rick Ross would never have needed to post this story since it probably wouldn’t have happened.