Living Epistle Ministries” (LEM) of Port Jefferson Station, New York is run by Sheila Vitale, a self-taught evangelist, whoheadshot2sheila.jpg is not affiliated with any established denomination.

A small group also follows Ms. Vitale (photo left) located in McGregor, Minnesota.

LEM appears to fit well within the criteria established by psychiatrist Robert Jay Lifton in a paper published by Harvard University in 1981 titled “Cult Formation.

Within his paper Lifton lists the following three most salient and defining features of a destructive cult:

1. a charismatic leader who increasingly becomes an object of worship as the general principles that may have originally sustained the group lose their power;
2. a process [he calls] coercive persuasion or thought reform;
3. economic, sexual, and other exploitation of group members by the leader and the ruling coterie.

LEM explains at its Web site within a subsection titled “Who We Are” that, “The Lord Jesus Christ asked Sheila Vitale, the Pastor, Teacher and Founder of Living Epistles Ministries, if she would teach his people.”

The LEM site further identifies Ms. Vitale as a “Prophet and a Teacher of Apostolic Doctrine.”

Ms. Vitale seems to fulfill the role of a “charismatic leader” as described by Lifton. She occupies a singular position of absolute authority over her followers through claims of direct revelation and without any meaningful organizational accountability.

Sheila Vitale’s teachings are not seriously questioned and/or challenged by her followers. Instead, they are referred to simply as “The Doctrine of Christ.”

Questioning Ms. Vitale therefore is essentially equated to questioning and/or opposing “Christ.”picture-of-jesse-aldrich-in-chicago-during-passover-2006.jpg

The LEM McGregor group is led by Jesse Aldrich (photo right).

Sheila Vitalie describes on the LEM Web site what she calls “Unconscious Mind Control.”

This subsection of the LEM Web is titled “A Study In Unconscious Mind Control.” It is here that Ms. Vitale explains her methodology of what can be seen as coercive persuasion in some detail.

Essentially, LEM followers are taught that every thought, perception, emotion or feeling must be categorized and subsequently labeled as either the “Carnal Mind,” which is evil and negative, or the “Mind of Christ” that is good.

Those thoughts and feelings that coincide with and/or confirm Sheila Vitale’s teachings and instructions are apt to be labeled as the “Mind of Christ,” while those that do not are most often categorized as the “Carnal Mind.”

Ms. Vitale instructs her followers to “fight off the thoughts of the Carnal Mind, not only from within ourselves, but from others who are both physically and spiritually near to us.” She then explains that “a perfect man restrains his carnal mind” and also will “police [his]¦thoughts” to “fight off invading thoughts from any source¦”

This “mind control,” as described by Ms. Vitale, provides the framework for her to ultimately manipulate LEM followers. She can then easily designate whatever thoughts and feelings should be policed, fought and subsequently suppressed or purged.

Ms. Vitale also teaches that those outside LEM will attempt to “control” her followers. And she states at her Web site when someone attempts “to take control of a situation” it can be seen as “the sin of witchcraft.”

Another aspect of LEM “mind control” is characterized as “deliverance,” which includes Ms. Vitale’s followers invoking protection from perceived spiritual enemies and/or attacks.

In an email made available to CultNews that Sheila Vitale sent to Jesse Aldrich she specifically instructed him in a prayer, which he was to repeat “at least twice a day,” in order to “aggressively resist” attacks through what was called “spiritual warfare.”

In such exercises of what can be seen as a type of “guided imagery,” Ms. Vitale promotes a “we vs. they” mentality and stimulates unreasonable fears, which further solidifies her “mind control.”

Sheila Vitale also attempts to exploit her members financially through repeated tithing demands.

In an email Ms. Vitale sent to a follower last year shared with CultNews she stated, “I heard from the Lord. He said that the tithe is 10% of the amount that appears on your federal income tax as gross business income.’” She then warned, “not tithing properly could be the source of your business falling off this year.”

Sheila Vitale’s teachings have at times caused emotional damage and led to family estrangement.

Ms. Vitale also often interprets the dreams of her followers.

In one email she warned a follower that his wife was “carrying some kind of a dangerous burden.” Ms. Vitale then speculated that the woman had “picked up something spiritually unclean.”

Sheila Vitale then told the husband that his wife was “afraid of exposure¦because she knows that she has a spiritual problem.”

The solution suggested by Ms. Vitale is that the “demons” should be “cast out” and that the Minnesota man’s wife required “deliverance.”

Such warnings had a devastating effect upon the man’s relationship with his wife. She had questioned the teachings and behavior of the group, and for this apparent transgression she was at times negatively labeled in spiritually terms.

Aldrich also warned the woman’s husband in Minnesota about the “Jezebel spirit that tries to control the moving of Christ in a believer,” and that “the emotions of his carnal mind” were “fueled by Satan” and “witchcraft control.”

Jesse Aldrich also has characterized Christians and others outside the group as “dogmatic¦arrogant, prideful, controlling and domineering.”

But ironically Aldrich’s description actually seems to fit LEM, Sheila Vitale and her followers like a glove.


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  1. concerned111 @ 2008-02-11 05:23

    What I want to know is how is it that this imformation came about being discovered? Not that I dont agree with the judgement of this so called religion as I have been to a meetings of Shelia’s and was very much aware that it wasn’t anything that should be followed. And I also agree that It is a cult and I do feel sorry for anyone who follows her teachings and will pray that these people wake up before it’s to late!

  2. We have large amounts of documentation (that we share with Rick Ross) such as emails, recorded Jesse Aldrich & Sheila Vitale cult meetings (based on Sheila Vitale’s Messages on her websites), court documents, many personal witness testimonies, and Sheila’s own bizarre websites and

    The personal witness testimonies include friends, family, co-workers, ex-cult members, mental heath professionals and church leaders from many different denominations.

  3. EverlastingLife @ 2008-05-04 01:11


    You claim, as “WE”, that you have “large amounts of documentation, such as emails, recorded cult meetings, court documents, and many personal witnesses testimonies”.

    Who is the “we” you are speaking of?

    And who are “The personal witness’ testimonies that include friends, family, co-workers, ex-cult members”? Speak up! Show us all these testimonies.

    Esoluoy, Back up your words with access to this information so that we may all read and and judge your documation for ourselves!

    Access to the websites of this ministry that you provide does not include your above statements and explainations of PROOF of the documentuation you claim you have! I followed you links to this ministry and there is NOTHING WHAT SO EVER mentioned about you or your so called proof!

    So these links do not count as proof of what you claim you have. It also PROVES TO ME that the Pastor’s comments were TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT when reading some of the messages. How is that proof or honesty in what ever you are trying to do here?

    Neither does the testimonies from “mental heath professionals and church leaders from many different denominations” count, who have not had personal contact or interviews with present ministry members or the Pastor. Your so called professionals can only speak in general terms and ONLY about what information YOU provide them. Depending on what YOU tell them, is the response you will receive from them! YOU should know better than that! And know better that because of this, people will only take their so called “testimony” with a grain of salt.

    Where are the links to this REAL proof of yours? You claim, that you have “large amounts of documentation, such as emails, court documents, and many personal witnesses testimonies”. Prove it! How else are we supposed to believe you – give us access to your proof!! Let us see it and read it for ourselves! Why are you afraid to let us all have access to this information? What are you hiding? You don’t have what you claim you have then, do you?

    If you don’t supply this detailed information and access to the information that you claim to have, we all know then that you do not have this proof you clam to have!

    And Esoluoy, why don’t you include information about yourself so everyone knows who you are?

    Why are you hiding under a fake name? Is it because you know you are wrong in your statements of proof/claims and that what you are saying about this Ministry is false?

    And why don’t you tell us all what you have done since you hired Rick Ross? And all the effects it has had on you personally?

    Since you are a Christia, is this the Christian thing to do, what you are doing here with all of this and everybody’s lives? Is this what God would want you to do?

    Tell the truth Esoluoy………

    I’m waiting for proof ………….
    I’m waiting for access……………
    I’m waiting for answers…………….

  4. Peter Dennis @ 2008-05-04 04:14

    esoluoy – Where is your proof of what you say about Sheila Vitale and Living Epistles Ministries? You and one other disgruntled person are the only ones who have complained in any way about Pastor Vitale in the 20 years that she has been ministering.

    Why don’t you reveal your name and your real reasons for lying about her?

    The only legitimate complaint that you have is that you don’t agree with Pastor Vitale’s doctrine.Thank God there is still freedom of religion in the USA.

  5. Peter Dennis @ 2008-05-14 05:02


    Jane Iverson of McGregor, MN, your neighbor town that you illegally bombarded with a mass mailing of Rick Ross’ article, has told you off in the Aitkin Independent Age (

    “Religion without harassment

    I am writing in regard to the letter those of us in the McGregor area received in our mailbox concerning an alleged cult in our area.

    First of all contrary to the normal gossip mill I had nothing to do with the letters, nor the contents of those letters. I nor my family has any association with this group of people, nor do I agree with their religious belief system.

    To the person that did take the time to write and send these letters.

    1. If you truly had concerns about this group of individuals there is a proper format to voice those concerns, including but not limited to the authorities in our area.

    2. If this is a personal revenge tactic, we as citizens of McGregor do not appreciate being a part of your drama.

    3. A conviction of an injustice alleged without a name is nothing more then mere words. An allegation stated while hiding behind secrecy of your identity is a mere coward. (Notice my name on this letter)

    Although as stated above I have no belief in the religion of those written about in this letter sent out, I do believe in the rights of the United States to freedom of religion, without written harassment.

    Jane Iverson, McGregor”

    See, Religion Without Harrassment (Letters From Our Readers 5-7-08 (

    In any event, thank you for the free publicity.

    Peter Dennis

  6. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-05-15 19:41

    This ministry is a cult and I have felt it for a long time. I became involved with LEM about 10 years ago. I had asked for some information and got into transcribing. I have seen a woman who I believed taught with the Love of God turn into a woman who is meanspirited, hurtful, legalistic, and blind to the Truth of the Lord. I have been told that my house is possessed as well, and that I need to be TITHING to HER or else the curse would be on my house and my loved ones were most likely sick because of it. I tried not to contact her too often but have a good friend of mine who had been with the ministry for 11 years and transcribed, was a leader and a wonderful person… still is to me… be ousted for reasons not given. She was kicked out of the ministry last May and just recently received a notice from Sheila Vitale that this person will not be allowed back into the ministry for the period of one whole year from now and ONLY IF she repented truly. If not, another year, and so on. Talk about legalism. I think this is awful, there is no mercy, no forgiveness, just everything on HER terms and she answers your mail when she FEELS like it. I know that her family problems were immense and that she has been in a battle many times with one of her close family members due to her teachings. I just say hats off to you, Rick… this is a good catch and I think it’s finally overdue to get the word out. Amen, and God bless you! I’m not afraid to put my name on here… Rose

  7. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-05-15 20:37

    What’s also strange is that none of the links to her website work anymore. Hm, someone feeling guilty? Or just want to change their name to another type of ministry to avoid press? I don’t think one can run or hid. I can attest to being a transcriber, my name is Rose Herczeg and you can google my name to find that I was with LEM for a number of years. I think it’s just a crime that this ‘ministry’ has turned out to be so controlling and vindictive when it didn’t used to be like this when I started 10 yrs ago. I have officially been out of the ministry (albeit it was long distance as I live in Florida) for some time now, but have kept in correspondence with the Team Leader who was very mistreated by someone whom she trusted and cared for. This is not a ministry, in my opinion and many others that I told about Sheila and her teachings, they all warned me that this smacked of a cult. I now feel they were right. One of them was my dad, Lord bless him, who died this past February. He knew there was something wrong about this doctrine from the beginning. She even has her OWN Bible based on her taking the words of the Lord apart and creating new meanings for the Lord’s words. This is blasphemy. No other word for LEM but cult. Sad but true… and I feel cheated and misguided.

  8. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-05-15 20:47

    Lastly, if anyone wants to contact me they may at 🙂

  9. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-05-17 17:52

    Actually, due to the harassing emails I am getting regarding this ministry, I would ask you not to contact me. What I have said above is to my knowledge true and I have emails to back up what I am saying as well as pictures… but I will not give them out to anyone as I am not going to put myself in that position. I stated what I know to be the truth, things that I have observed and gotten emails about over the years, and this is my conclusion. I hold myself harmless from whatever assaults may come against me for exposing what I believe to be the TRUTH and I will not be taking any more emails. Thank you for listening and I pray that nobody else is hurt either emotionally, spiritually, or personally, by this ministry. God bless all of you.

  10. EverlastingLife @ 2008-05-21 15:21

    To Lifeinhim61 –

    You state that you have been in Sheila Vitale’s Living Epistles Ministry for over 10 years. I find this so hard to believe that you could possibly be in ANY Christian Ministry for that long, and not learn a very basic message – and a very basic message of life that parents teach their children as they are growing up – Never respond or speak when you are ANGRY! You may say something you don’t really mean or something you can never apologize for!

    Any person that has ever been to any type of Church Services, knows that you are supposed to tithe – That is why they pass the basket around a few times during the service!! This is what any Ministry/Church survives on – Tithes! Or Gift Offerings! A Ministry has bills to pay too!

    And Tithing in the Bible! According to The Lord, we are required to tithe to any Ministry or Service we belong to!

    Would you expect to go to a Doctor and not pay for his services to treat you?? Or treat you for free every visit to the office? No, you wouldn’t!

    Your false and angry statements came back to haunt you – you state that you are getting harassing emails! Have you thought it through and realized that if you told the truth in your above messages, this wouldn’t have happened?

    The same thing in regards to your friend who you refer to as TEAM LEADER? If you would have written the WHOLE TRUTH as to what happened to her, what sins she committed, all the chances she was given to apologize and didn’t, (almost 6 months to make amends for what she had done), you wouldn’t be harassed? Lying is a BIG sin, no matter what church you belong to or not! And you know very well that the sins she committed were spelled out for her time and time again, and she still refused to admit to what she did and apologize!

    How do I know the reasons behind TEAM LEADER? Because I asked!

    Sheila Vitale, or any Pastor, doesn’t respond to emails when they “feel like it”. Pastors are very busy, and usually have a staff of other people, respond for them. The bigger a Ministry becomes, the less time a Pastor has to respond to all the emails they receive!

    This is something that is also a very basic part of life. When have you ever written to a CEO or President of a company, and received a personal response from them? A response that was not computer generated?

    From reading your “comments” above, I can only conclude that you are a very young person and that you have a lot to learn about the basic principles of life in general. Then maybe you will begin to understand the basic principles of The Lord, and continue on with your growth in The Lord.

    I do pray for you and Team Leader, that the Lord may help you understand all of the basics that you need to learn, and that He guide you through as you try to understand.

    FYI – Pastor Vitale is NOT changing the name of her Ministry. It is still Living Epistles Ministries. The Company that Hosts many Websites, is switching over to a new program and is having some problems in the process. This causes the personal websites to work on and off.

    So this is another lie by you.

    Again I pray that The Lord guide you and TEAM LEADER to learn the very basic principles of life. And if you decide to read the Bible, that The Lord help you to understand the words written, so you both can grow and can become Christians as He would want you to be.

  11. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-05-22 14:34

    Mr. Dennis,

    I don’t know you and have never heard of you, so this is off the cuff.

    First off, you don’t know ME either, except from what you have heard. Angry? I am NOT angry at all. I am defending a friend of mine who was done an injustice. Why do I say this (and I do NOT lie!)? It is because I have seen the emails she has sent and she has apologized many times. Why would a “Pastor” keep someone as a TEAM LEADER if she did not believe she was doing a good job and had the potential to carry on with the message? It doesn’t matter that you say that “I” haven’t learned anything in the 10 years I have been with the ministry. It matters what the TEAM LEADER has learned. She was always dedicated to making sure the transcripts were perfect. She was available for phone calls every Friday from the “Pastor” and she also worked very hard, sometimes into the night, using her own materials and not getting a penny, for these MESSAGES. So to say that she is the CULT LEADER that I am following is FALSE. I am only a friend, she is not my spiritual advisor, I have never gotten a message from her AT ALL. She never has led me to one, nor have I asked, as she knew the PROTOCOL.

    Next, as for tithes… I do believe in tithing and I have for many years to many churches that provided spiritual food. When it got to the point that the messages that were being put out there tells of your demise or fall if you DO NOT tithe, and tithing specifically to SHEILA, then that is a problem. It is witchcraft to twist someone’s arm to tell them that their life will be horrible and they will experience bad things in their life, even death, if they don’t tithe. I will tithe to whomever and wherever I feel I am receiving spiritual food, and many of the “messages” in the last few years that I have glanced at, I did not feel were ‘nourishing’ me, nor able to be understood by ANYONE, let alone the person giving it out. So I did not ever feel I NEEDED to tithe anymore and didn’t appreciate the prophecies for doom on my family if I didn’t TITHE. I was giving my money to other charities and people whom I believed needed help. That was my way of tithing. A tithe doesn’t always have to be in the way of MONEY, it can be 1/10 of your time (which I have given many times to nursing homes, my neighbors, children, etc.), or giving your possessions away to someone in need. I don’t buy this at all, sorry.

    Third, I am NOT the ATTACK DOG for the what you call “EX-TEAM LEADER”. She has never asked me to write any emails in her defense, I did so of my own volition. I DO READ and HAVE READ my BIBLE at least 4 times through, and you know what, the LORD’S words are the only ones I want to hear, the ones I understand are from HIS lips, not some mixed-up twisted pulling apart and making mincemeat of His precious words. I sent letters to the “Pastor” as one “laying down her life for her friend”… as the Lord says “No greater Love has He/She, who would lay down their life for a friend”. This was MY way of showing my support, not being an attack dog. She is not teaching me anything to do with religion, we are friends, period. Do you have friends, Mr. Dennis? Probably not many.

    And I think my chances are pretty good that out of the billions of people and religious institutions on Earth, that a small group of 5 or 6 are not going to be the ‘CHOSEN ONES’. The fact that the “Pastor” did not use mercy, forgiveness, but rather chose condemnation (something the Holy Spirit NEVER uses) and conviction, shame and unbearable emotional pain to a fellow friend and employee of her ministry who has been shown for 11 years to be totally dedicated and actually told she would live to be 100, have a ministry of her own, etc. … now is being called a CULT LEADER. I think there is a problem with that.

    Lastly, the HARASSING emails are all coming from LEM people, not others. Just you and one other person who wanted a picture of Sheila to put on the website which I said I would not give out. I continued to receive emails from this person who would not give me her name, but her email was very similar to someone in the ‘group’. I refused, and had to continue to block her emails, which I am doing to you now, Mr. Dennis. I don’t know you from a hole in the wall and if this MINISTRY is doing so well, why is everyone dropping like flies? Death hangs everywhere… and illnesses prevail. I think maybe the judgment is closer to home than you think.

    I don’t need your prayers. I have the Lord’s Words in my own Bible that I read for what the Words SAY, I do not pick them apart.

    As for reading FREE messages online, I nearly never did that as I hardly had time for the computer and I didn’t want to waste 30 dollars on paper and ink cartridges to print them. Whatever booklets I ordered I paid for, and I worked as a transcriber. I think that speaks for itself. I also paid for tapes, and I have thrown every shred of LEM out of my house and have not been so blessed since I started with her ministry.

    My advice to YOU, as I am not young, inexperience, and ignorant, as you say… is to wake up before it’s too late for YOU and I will pray to the Lord that YOU are saved from this little following that has no bearing on the world at all. Most of the members are near death as it is, and nobody can live forever. I think the average age of someone in her MINISTRY is 75 anyway, so it won’t be long before LEM is put out of business forever.

    I never said I wanted the messages, and if the EX TEAM LEADER does, so be it. I believe in my heart she was very sorry and she chooses to still believe the message. I don’t. I am just sticking up for her as far as her treatment as a human being. I could care less who you are or what happens to the ministry. I don’t care much for your tone or your sizing me up, as you don’t have a clue to who I am and you are way off the mark in everything you have said. I have not met you and whatever you have heard from someone who TOLD you about the EX TEAM LEADER or MYSELF can also be a liar as you have so clearly have pointed me out to be. Jesus is my guide, HE HAS COME IN THE FLESH and HE WALKED THE EARTH 2000 years ago. I doubt Sheila was there.

    I really do not care to hear from you again, regardless of whether I have made this public or not, I do not agree with anything you have said, you are one-sided and defending a CULT LEADER. What more can I say? I am going to ignore your words, they are meaningless to me. May the Lord guide and protect anyone that has ever been hurt by this Cult and may the Lord continue to lead people away from this ministry and even block the page from coming up on their computers as they try to log in. This will ensure that the message stays and festers where it began.

    Please don’t write to me again, I have blocked you from my email and I will block you from anywhere you think you can send one. Bye!

  12. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-05-22 15:29

    One more thing, Peter/Sheila/Rita, whoever you are… I don’t believe there even IS a Peter Dennis, and if there is, you were led here to harass people and defend a cult. So that’s my take on it. The one point I want to make here is that if the MINISTRY you swear ALLEGIANCE to is Living Epistles Ministries, and you sincerely feel that Sheila is JESUS come in the FLESH (sorry, I don’t buy that and need the money for gas at this point)… then you would be comfortable LIKE JESUS WAS with ignoring the fact that someone has ‘attacked’ you. You would go about your business like nothing happened. To fight is not something JESUS would do, remember? He came to bring PEACE, not a SWORD. You feel so bent on to the defense of this ministry instead of just going on with your life and having CONFIDENCE in the LORD. So if this was a REAL ministry, there would be no reason to defend it. I would just be a gnat buzzing around your head. The only ones harassing me are followers of the CULT here.. that’s it, nobody else. This has been documented and kept by me in a saved box in my email program. I can’t tell you how happy this makes me that you continue to bring to light how foolish YOU look and that you feel you NEED to defend someone that APPARENTLY has all the TRUTH. IF that were the case, you wouldn’t even care about this website. How about chewing on that for a while? I will let GOD take care of my NEEDS. I don’t PRAY to Sheila and never have. She is NOT JESUS. If she WAS, why would the world need the BIBLE? Geesh, I think I have hit on a nerve. 🙂

  13. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-05-22 17:26

    Oh, and I know the basic principle of don’t say anything when you are ANGRY as you may regret it and not be able to take it back. I am not ANGRY and don’t regret anything I have said, nor do I wish to take it back. Just making that clear. I’m not a child, but some of the remarks on here you have made sure indicate that YOU may be 🙂

  14. excultmember @ 2008-05-22 19:58

    I also was a reader of transcripts online on the website you have mentioned above. Though I never had any personal experience with the Pastor, I was very much disgusted with the way she tore apart the Bible by adding words and taking away, which the Bible clearly states we are not to do. I had been in a few churches in my past and was starting to feel like I needed a fuller meaning to the lessons I was being taught by my current minister. I started looking online and found the Living Epistles website quite by mistake. After reading through some of the basic messages, and how many of them blasphemed the Lord our God in ways unspeakable, I now am glad that I did not continue to read through any more messages. And now she is into Kabbalah? That is dabbling into areas the Lord would not have us be involved in. Why not pure witchcraft as well, or Wicca? It doesn’t seem like a viable ministry to me and I have pronounced in my mind that all will dissipate soon and just like all the other ‘fly by night’ ministries, will be gone shortly. I am happy to have stumbled onto this website while seeking out another church group that I thought may be cult-like. Beware of this one! I do believe all who will read just one of her ‘transcripts’ will have a big question mark in their minds as to the validity of what she is teaching. Believe in the Lord thy God and his words, for they are truth. Thank you everyone here who has come forth to speak the truth. May you be blessed forevermore! Amen.

  15. Peter Dennis @ 2008-05-23 00:44

    1. Rose
    You should be ashamed of yourself. What TRUTHFULLY has Pastor Vitale ever done to hurt you in any way? What has she done other than to be kind and generous to you? She spoke to you on the telephone at length, at your request, encouraged and helped you in every way that she could. She also Interpreted your dreams, even though you were not supporting the Ministry. You have also read numerous transcripts of Living Epistles messages online, all for free.
    Why would you condemn Pastor Vitale, or any one, for asking the people she ministers to, to tithe? Especially since you believe in tithing, and your family tithes to the church it attends?
    There is a name for people who engage in such contradictory statements, and that name is HYPOCRITE.
    THE TRUTH IS that you have been drawn into the conflict between the person who you call TEAM LEADER and Living Epistles Ministries over an issue that has nothing to do with you whatsoever.
    THE TRUTH IS that your mind has been captured by the person who you call TEAM LEADER, who has made you her attack dog, while she writes sweet e-mails to Pastor Vitale in the hope of being restored as a Living Epistles editor.
    There is nothing new under the sun, Rose. King Jehoshaphat made the same faux pas as you did, long before you did. He trusted King Ahab, who convinced him to go to war dressed in his kingly garments, while King Ahab entered into the battle, incognito.
    Rose, you are a scriptural fool, but the Lord wants to have mercy on you because you are ignorant. Cry out to the Lord like Jehoshaphat did, and He will deliver you.
    2 Chron 18:29-31
    29 And the king of Israel said unto Jehoshaphat, I will disguise myself, and will go to the battle; but put thou on thy robes. So the king of Israel disguised himself; and they went to the battle.
    30 Now the king of Syria had commanded the captains of the chariots that were with him, saying, Fight ye not with small or great, save only with the king of Israel.
    31 And it came to pass, when the captains of the chariots saw Jehoshaphat, that they said, It is the king of Israel. Therefore they compassed about him to fight: but Jehoshaphat cried out, and the Lord helped him; and God moved them to depart from him. KJV
    As for the EX-TEAM LEADER who you serve, even the one who has incited you to go public with this private battle that is not even yours, I heard a bird whisper, saying, “she has gone beyond the point of no return. She has closed every door and nullified every potential opportunity to ever be restored to Living Epistles Ministries in any capacity whatsoever.”
    By the way, if Pastor Vitale is so bad, and Living Epistles is such a cult, why would EX-TEAM LEADER want to return to such a place?
    She wants/needs the message, you say?
    You two foolish ones do surely err, because you do not understand the Scripture:
    Mal 3:1-2
    3 Behold, I will send my messenger, and he shall prepare the way before me: and the Lord, whom ye seek, shall suddenly come to his temple, even the messenger of the covenant, whom ye delight in: behold, he shall come, saith the Lord of hosts.
    2 But who may abide the day of his coming? and who shall stand when he appeareth? for he is like a refiner’s fire, and like fullers’ soap: KJV
    ***THE MESSAGE (which is the seed of your new man) WILL DO YOU NO GOOD IF YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO LET YOUR OLD NATURE (old man) DIE.
    1 Cor 15:36
    36 Thou fool, that which thou sowest is not quickened, except it die:

  16. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-05-23 03:10

    Well, thank you JESSE, for putting up the emails you sent me this morning so that the world could read them, especially some people I know in particular that would get a good laugh out of this, and maybe SAVED from the clutches of SATAN who is in your midst.

    Hm, how do I know it is you, Jesse? Well, in reading over a new message of yours to get info as ammo, I recognized your writing style and as I have been praying about this for a week now, the Lord has finally (PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME!!! Hallelujah!) given me knowledge of the person behind the Peter name… you and EverlastingLife are one in the same, so what are YOU trying to hide? Creating some extra messages from fake “others” that want to ‘defend’ the ministry when it’s just YOU? Very creative, I must admit. 🙂 You are a liar and in the Lord’s time this entire DEMONIC CULT will be stopped DEAD in its tracks. I have heard of you and your wife Sandra through the many emails I had been getting and were still being passed on to me through another source. I’m glad this it out in the open and that others who have been DESTROYED by your words will eventually be set free as your castle crumbles all around you. You don’t know how many lives that Ms. Vitale has destroyed or marred in her time in the ministry and now that many are coming out of the woodwork, maybe you should get down on your knees and ask the Lord for HIS MERCY AND FORGIVENESS as I HAVE when I got out of this Satan loving cult. I am so thankful that Rick Ross did not take down my messages when I asked him last week when I told him I was getting harassed. He told me to ignore your mail, which I am doing. Thanks so much for posting these, and now at least the world has the emails you wrote (with help from your ‘mentor’ I’m sure) to tell us TWO hypocrites how we need to repent. Funny, if you read what you wrote, you’ll see it was meant for you and your group in Minnesota. How could I have been so STUPID to fall when I had a gut feeling this was cultlike from the beginning? I just am so thankful the LORD has PULLED me out and that I never had t sit in on one of those boring, zombie meetings that last into the wee hours of the morning while everyone is still worshipping the ANTICHRIST. You are so brainwashed, this is what David Koresh did to his followers! Do you not SEE you are being brainwashed as well. RUN! RUN FAR AWAY FROM THIS WOMAN or you will see your own family fall apart and crumble to the ground, just like hers did. Do you really believe this is true? This is a SICKNESS, a DISEASE! It’s a cancer that never gets wiped away. If you really loved GOD you would leave LEM now before it’s too late for you. I was one of the lucky ones. You may not be! You were warned. I know a lot more than you think I do. Just wait, the fury is about to be unleashed.

  17. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-05-23 03:15

    And as I told you in the first email, the MESSAGE is the BIBLE in it’s entirety, not altered or twisted in ANY WAY, and the MESSENGER is JESUS. NOT SHEILA! When Jesus walked the Earth 2000 years ago, I doubt Sheila was there. Satan, probably, but not Sheila. 😉 Take that and ruminate on it. I pray for your soul and the souls/spirits of all of the families you are turning against God … you will pay for it dearly as anyone that harms one of God’s children will surely pay. You can keep going if you want. The more messages, the more you are EXPOSED! The LIES sit with you and your little MacGregor group in Minnesota. PRAY Jesse, and pray hard NOW! Your life, your child’s life, the lives of your ‘cult members’ are at stake here. What are YOU going to do about it? You can bet right now that your group will NOT be together within a year. I know that’s a fact and you can take that one to the bank, if there are any left at the end of a year!

  18. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-05-23 03:16

    A message to excultmember, please write to me, this is one email I don’t want to miss!!! If you see this site again, please contact me!

  19. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-05-23 03:48

    If I am wrong that these are two different people, then one is DEFINITELY JESSE and the other would most likely be HIS WIFE or one of the LEM members. Of course, there is power in numbers, so why not have the whole group post?? 😉

  20. Peter Dennis @ 2008-05-23 12:47

    From: Rose Herczeg
    To: Peter Dennis
    Sent: Thursday, May 22, 2008 6:28:34 AM
    Subject: Re:

    I don’t know who you are and I don’t care. The message is from GOD and the messenger is JESUS. You know nothing of me except what you have HEARD and I don’t even know you. How dare you write me? You’re off my list, goodbye!

  21. Peter Dennis @ 2008-05-23 12:50


    Jesus speaks through men of His choice. That’s why Pastor Vitale has the message that EX-TEAM LEADER WANTS/NEEDS and you, two, have to get it from Pastor Vitale.

    1 John 4:3
    3 And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.

    It is a spirit of antichrist in you, two, foolish ones, who deny that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh of Pastor Vitale to bring His Message to the Body of Christ.

    You have rejected the Lord’s messenger in the flesh, and you have, thus, rejected both the Lord and His Message.

    But you don’t believe (or can’t understand) His Message anyway. So why are you in this fight? You are in this fight because you have been captured by the true cult leader, EX-TEAM LEADER, who would have captured every member of Living Epistles Ministries, just like she captured you, if Pastor Vitale did not stop her by putting her out of the Ministry. And, now, the true cult leader that you have sworn allegience to, at your own peril, will continue to lead you down the path to destruction, if you don’t cry out to the Lord for help.

    I dare to write to you because you made your email address and this battle, that is not even yours, public.

    I also dare to write to you because I am a prophet of God who speaks His Word to ignorant people who are destroying themselves because of a lack of knowledge, and because they refuse to be taught.

  22. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-05-23 16:53

    You know what, pal? I don’t want the stupid message. I don’t care about it, and don’t NEED it as well as my FRIEND doesn’t need it or want it anymore either. I am in the battle because I CHOOSE to be, nobody has asked me to do this. I found this website and decided to put my 2 cents which has now inflated to 1000 dollars into this. The battle is to get this CULT off the planet. That’s my goal, that’s my right as a CHRISTIAN and in the ARMY of the LORD to get rid of things in my house, in my life, that affect my friends, family, etc. out in the open, the things that HURT people and expose them for what they are… you are a FALSE PROPHET, Jesse. You have no power, you are just another fly by night ministry that is going to fall FLAT on its face and you just wait because you think I am ignorant, I know nothing, etc. I CHOOSE TO NOT WANT to understand the message and that is WONDERFUL as I know it’s from the LORD that I DO NOT understand it. To understand it would put my life in jeopardy and suck me into a vortex of HORROR and HELL. I don’t want to go down with this abomination of a MINISTRY. I want to LIVE and not DIE. You all are just SICK and you have hurt other people, I have talked with them, I have heard them out, I know what you have done to their families. Any CHRISTIAN who is compassionate and loving HELPS other CHRISTIANS get free from a CULT situation and get back on track with the REAL WORD of the Lord. Unfortunately the grip you have over people’s lives is Satanic, much like Ms. Vitale’s. She uses MIND CONTROL and GUILT to bring about her VICTORY in the SPIRIT. She has dealings with WITCHES and SPIRITUAL entities and she is into Kaballah and other CULT materials which she says only SHE has been given the right to read without getting hurt. I say she may not be hurt by it, but she is hurting EVERYONE she passes this CRAP out to. I feel for those who are still sucked into this HORROR. It WILL STOP, mark those words, you will eat them someday. I will laugh when your house of cards comes crumbling down. Oh, this is going to be good… there is more to this story and YOU HAVE NO IDEA what is coming your way and to Ms. Vitale. It’s closer than you think. You better pray hard. Please don’t address me anymore. I just don’t care about you… and never have, never will. I care about those you have harmed, who Ms. Vitale has harmed, and I will pray for their freedom, that they get loosed from the bands that hold them hostage to this LEM Cult. I hope you’re happy for being so rude, arrogant and prideful in your puffed up way to get your followers to show you allegiance. I am sure your pride is so huge it could top the Empire State Building. Isn’t this what your ministry is all about? Getting on TOP. Well, the Lord tells us to HUMBLE ourselves. Funny, I don’t see any of that, nor mercy, compassion, love, all the things the Lord talks about the Christian lifestyle in your ministry, your meetings, your life. It’s coming to an end, Jesse… you’ll see. 😉

  23. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-05-23 17:25

    Oh, and you make me laugh… what you tell me about the two of ‘us’ horrible people that got kicked out of LEM (and were called EVIL by MS. VITALE!!!)… is exactly what YOU need to hear! You are preaching to the choir, sir. You should look in the mirror. Did you happen to see the name you are writing under and see what it means? Peter, the one who denied Christ three times.. hm… and the last name backwards spells SINNED. Isn’t that interesting? You chose an appropriate name! 🙂 I’m really laughing at all this, there is no anger, just fingers pointed back at you for all you have said that ‘WE’ needed to hear. Funny, it doesn’t seem to pertain to me, or ‘US’. It’s more for YOU and your group than anything. Use some of these in your meetings, it may do your CULT good. 🙂

  24. Peter Dennis @ 2008-05-23 21:55


    This is Sheila. I am Peter Dennis.

    [Editor’s note: At this point Shela Vitale has admitted to using an alias, rather than her own name]

    It appears that you are more susceptible to witchcraft, seduction and manipulation than I had ever imagined.

    Now you have believed the lies of the woman who started this unfounded vendetta against Jesse and I, and have now become Michelle’s attack dog against a man of God who you have never met, and know nothing about.

    Did Michelle tell you that there are two orders of protection against her in Minnesota for harassment?

    [Editor’s note: An “order of protection” does not necessarily denote a criminal action, and may be a civil action]

    Did she tell you that a crime was committed for the illegal use of the United States mail in the State of Minnesota?

    [Editor’s note: Anyone can file a complaint and make this claim]

    Do you have any idea what you have involved yourself in?

    There is freedom of religion and freedom of speech in the United States of America.

    If anyone does not like what I teach, they are free to not listen to me.

    If I tell anyone that, in my opinion, they are being influenced by demonic powers, they are free to not believe me.

    On the other hand, however, the murderous rage that is pouring out of the these days should make one wonder.

    Do you really believe that this rage, and threats, could actually be coming from the Lord Jesus?

    If your husband does not already know what you have involved yourself in, you should tell him. Then, the two of you should make an appointment with your pastor to review everything that has happened. You should show them both all of the posts, from everybody involved in this fiasco, including the post that indicates that you may have given $1000 to Michelle to pursue a frivolous lawsuit that has nothing whatsoever to do with you.

    I know that the Lord wants to help you. God bless you.

    Sincerely in Christ,

    Sheila R. Vitale,
    Pastor, Teacher & Founder
    Living Epistles Ministries
    Christ-Centered Kabbalah

  25. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-05-23 23:39

    Peter, I mean Sheila,

    So you lied and created an alias while others put their real names to their posts and you make accusations about others not coming out from behind the name. That doesn’t seem very Christlike either. I have chosen not to believe your messages and that is all fine and good, but what about the other families you have harmed that believe it and have turned into zombies and have chosen to harm their own family members?

    I don’t know what you are talking about when you mention being an attack dog for a Michelle. I don’t know anyone in your McGregor group and I made a remark about 2 cents going to 1000 because of inflation in everything, including gasoline. Nothing at all to do with lending anyone any money. I hardly have enough to pay my own bills, why would I lend anyone (especially someone I don’t even know) money? That’s ridiculous! Do you see what you are saying here? You are lying and making accusations about ME when I know a whole lot from others that have come forth with their stories, and it was not a Michelle. I will not name names here and whatever has happened to this Michelle, if she has been a victim, that will surface sooner or later. I have other information and that’s good enough for me at this point. I am not a follower of the EX TEAM LEADER either, she has taught me nothing and you know that because any time I had a question she would point me to you. You have cut her off for reasons that are so unfounded, without even giving her a chance or benefit of the doubt that maybe she did not know someone else was given authority over her in the ministry. You kick her out, she tries to apologize, you ignore her, you tell her not to speak to anyone in the ministry for one year. Where is the LOVE in that? Mercy? Forgiveness? Compassion? You call yourself a PASTOR but have none of the qualities of one. You would rather see someone sit and squirm and be miserable for a year, which she has been, only to throw her out again. I don’t blame her for rage after being manipulated like this, the same as you did to Mary. Only her “punishment” was three years. It’s like giving your kid a time out that never ends. How cruel is that?

    My husband knows that I have written these emails and I thank God He showed me this website because without it, I wouldn’t have a place to voice my opinion (also Thank God for freedom of SPEECH). I know nothing of what you speak of and as far as taking anything to my PASTOR to discuss my emails, my PASTOR is the Lord and I’m sure he’ll spank me if He desires. Please, give it a rest and get real. I don’t want your blessings anymore. I just want to forget about you. Ten years for what? All this aggravation, frustration, misery and hurt for NOTHING. NOTHING. I just send you make up tithe money a year or so ago… $250 dollars worth. I have sent you FREE books that cost me money, I paid my tithes regularly for a while until my husband was out of a job. But that wasn’t enough, you had to tell me that my problems were caused by my not tithing to you. I wish I never tithed a PENNY for all this trouble this ministry has caused me. It caused a rift in my family life and I will never get sucked into anything like this again. I prefer NOT to attend a church and will not because I am skeptical about any Christians at this point, thanks to you. You probably have ruined more lives than you know, and it’s time this is over and done with. Why don’t you just give up? It appears that you’ve been caught and now you just want to justify everything by making us all feel guilty. No matter, I don’t feel guilty one bit. I don’t feel rage either. I feel PITY for you. That it has come to this and you are such a broken, loveless person without anyone in your life that cares really, except some cult members. You have probably had a lot of problems in your life. I don’t need anyone to tell me what I am doing. I’m a big girl, Sheila. I can take care of myself. Catchy name you have there though. 😉

  26. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-05-23 23:55

    Oh, and Sheila,

    I do recall a Faith and Warfare document that was just recently added to your website where it says that you draw your military strength from SILENCE. Maybe you should take your own advice. Silence can be golden and it’s about time for some of it. 🙂

  27. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-05-24 00:00

    And I’m done talking to you. Goodbye.

  28. EverlastingLife @ 2008-05-24 19:01

    To lifeinhim61 or Rose,

    In one of your comments above, you state that you tithe to the church you belong to, and then in another comment you state that you don’t tithe or belong to any chruch. You are confused yourself as to what you are doing.

    Don’t you know that when you go to any type of service, the Minister/Pastor/Priest reads from the bible, and then gives his/her own nterpretation of what they think it means?

    This is also the same thing as to when you read the bible yourself – you read the words and put YOUR OWN meaning to the words.

    So how do you see the difference between that and what is done at Living Epistles Ministries?

    If you believe that Sheila Vitale is so wrong in her spiritual beliefs, why did you stay in the Ministry for 10 years?

    Everyone is permitted to follow whatever spiritual beliefs they so choose to in this country. And people don’t make a big deal out of it when and if they decide to follow different spiritual beliefs. Why are you making such a big deal out of your change in spiritual beliefs? Because one person – Esoluoy – decided to call Living Epsitles a cult? And PAID Rick Ross to write the article?

    And if you are not ANGRY, why do you keep going on and on with all your comments?

    Did your parents ever teach you that the person who is wrong, is always the loudest? Or in this case, makes most of the “comments”?

    You and Sheila Vitale are the only ones who have come out and used their REAL NAMES in regards to all these comments. Who then are you speaking of when you say “OTHERS” have used their REAL NAMES?

    I would also like to say that it is NOT EASY to get an Order of Protection. I have one! And IT IS A BIG DEAL – if this person comes near me, or harasses me in any way, they go to jail for 7 years!

    [Editor’s Note: An “order of protection” may be a civil and not a criminal matter]

    If you are no longer interested Pastor Vitales messages, why are you still checking her website for new messages?

    And I would like to say thank you for comparing my comments to words a Pastor would say because I am nowhere near the spiritual level that a Minister or Pastor is at!

    You did not get “kicked out” of this Ministry, YOU RESIGNED! Why are you making another false statement?

    I don’t know how anyone can believe what you are saying. You are constantly contradicting yourself and making false statements!

    Michelle must be constantly hounding you for information and you are all confused at this point.

    And esoluoy – I am still waiting for your proof, access to your information and answers, that I asked you for on May 4th.

    It’s been 3 weeks now and obviously you do not have what you say you do!

  29. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-05-25 00:22

    Jesse, Sheila, or whoever you are (because YOU don’t put your real name on anything either)…

    You have misunderstood so much. Apparently it’s all hearsay what you are hearing from the Pastor and believing it. It’s sad. Charismatically she has claimed you too.

    When I said I tithed to my church, I meant my husband tithes to the church that he and my children belong to, so technically I tithe to the church that our family is learning the Word of God from. Since I am entitled to my husband’s money and am married to him, there is nothing contradictory here at all. Just because I do not attend the church, but my husband does, does not mean that his money is not my money and vice versa, so I consider the tithe to the church my tithe as well.

    Yes, I did resign from the group for being called EVIL for defending another member. I would consider THAT remark as being kicked out of the group. Why would I want to stay in a group where I am considered and marked EVIL by the Pastor? And don’t you think she would have KICKED ME out anyway? Makes sense, no?

    I only checked the LEM website for a specific message that I was led to. Believe me, it was the first time I had gone there in a year. I just happened to see the message on Faith and Warfare from one of the people that belonged to the ministry and they made a good point about the SILENCE, so I thought it was good enough to use a dose of Ms. Vitale’s medicine on her. I do NOT read or CARE ONE BIT about these false messages. I was making a REMARK about her message and how if she is so good at keeping silent to my friend and to my emails, why not now? She has no problem getting online under a false name and being deceptive, lying about my giving a lady named Michelle money (what????)… who is this MICHELLE anyway? What are you talking about and why do you make false accusations about me? There must be something very covert and secretive that one must have to defend themselves so hard against their own ministry… if there was nothing to hide, why spend all your time fighting about it when you could be IN THE WORD OF GOD going about your own business. But no, Sheila takes it upon herself to get all riled about a comment someone made about the group in Minnesota. I happened to stumble on this site BY ACCIDENT. It was kind of strange that here my friend is kicked out of the ministry a year ago and here is this article about another problem with Living Epistles in another part of the country. I have heard of you, Jesse, and your wife Sandra. I have even gotten emails to pray for your child when he/she was crying all night with an ear infection. Please don’t tell me, Sheila, that I don’t even know this “man of God”. I have heard enough of him being in the ministry, the very one I belonged to from the beginning, and receiving emails about interceding for him or messages he had written to the group.

    The only reason I stayed around LEM for 10 years was as support for a friend and member of the group. My only support for LEM was as an intercessor. I had given up transcribing MANY YEARS BEFORE because the messages were long, lengthy, time consuming, not making any sense to me, and basically not able to be understood by any human mind. But prayer is something I can do and I feel my duty to the Lord. Since I do not attend church, it was something that I enjoyed doing. I had not been communicating with LEM for a long time anyway as I had enough on my plate, with my family, my children, my sick parents. I couldn’t be bothered with LEM. I did keep receiving the emails, however, so I wasn’t totally in the dark about what was going on. I never really considered myself much a part of the ministry anyway. I live in Florida and I didn’t do any work but a transcript or two for 10 years. I just kept up with the emails and was there for support. I never attended any meetings and had no idea what was happening in New York. That was about it. So why not stay? It was just like being on someone’s email list, and checking your mail, seeing you need to pray for someone, or receiving some message I couldn’t decode anyway, or something going on in one of the other member’s lives, deaths in the family, etc. and then replying. It wasn’t like BEING IN THE MINISTRY. I was hardly even paying attention. I was there for my friend and support only.

    Thanking me? For comparing your comments to those of Ms. Vitale, the lying, deceptive Pastor by the name Peter Dennis? You think that is an honor? So be it.

    I am still not angry, just supportive. And my parents taught me well, don’t attack them, they are both dead and buried. I think you’re a revengeful, mean spirited person who has nothing better to do than defend some crazy Pastor. Your comments about reading the Bible and interpreting it your own way is not normal when you take something completely out of context (using words like seminal fluid, semen, and other disgusting words to describe how God created the universe, as well as dabbling into the occult and Kabbalah) is NOT just taking the sentence and explaining it in everyday language as anyone would understand. This is crazy stuff and I felt that something was wrong from the very beginning. This has caused a huge rift in my family life as my husband thought I was nuts. When he finally explained the fact that this was obviously not a legitimate ministry and that I was alienating myself from REAL Christians, I tried to explain some of this to my friend after she got KICKED OUT of the ministry and she feels much better. To go on and on with this crazy doctrine, a doctrine SHEILA has made up and called her own and blasphemes to the point of feeling she is the chosen vessel “OR THE MESSENGER WHOM GOD HAS MADE HIS CHOSEN VESSEL, THE ONE WHO HAS COME IN THE FLESH TO PREACH HIS MESSAGE FOR HIM TO THE WORLD”, and then preaches a totally different doctrine other than the GOSPEL, is wrong and should be exposed.

    Oh, and so sorry… my mistake, nobody else gave their names. I apologize profusely. Shall l repent to you or to Sheila?

    And I don’t know who esoluoy is either… I am glad that I found this web page because now I know it’s not just Long Island lives and her following there that she has driven away and caused emotional and physical pain to, it’s also grown into another area in Minnesota. I have come onto this website to defend a friend of mine who has cried out to the Lord many times for forgiveness for sins she did not even know she committed. I felt some of that myself and this is why I make such a loud noise.

    And no, I never heard that the one that speaks the most or the loudest is wrong. Send me a quote on that… is that in the Bible?? Or just something your parents taught you and you think all parents teach their children. I think the one that has the most evidence wins in any case in America (if you go by the legal system) and if it means this ministry goes belly up, then it’s because all the evidence points to it being a false ministry and it’s a good thing it is found out before more people suffer pain and emotional harm, as well as probably spiritual harm, from this woman.

    Sheila has gone on and on and on and on and on in many of her messages, to the point where you could fall asleep listening to a tape because it’s so long and off topic more times than not, so why not try to put you all to sleep too? It’s just my way of making a point when so many of my emails went unanswered to questions and remarks I wanted to make in defense of my friend. I was given the silent treatment, so I am speaking now. Remember freedom of speech? Well, I’m glad I have that.

    I don’t know who Michelle is and I am not concerned as much with the Minnesota group, I just want to warn those that are out there that have been affected by this ministry that what is happening here smacks of the occult and it should be put out of business. Just one more cult down the drain, it won’t matter. I am not confused at all, I’m quite the contrary. This makes so much sense now and I am glad I realized it and understood how wrong I have been in thinking this could possibly be a legitimate ministry when I questioned so much for so long. I now have my answers and may all that read this not be influenced by the junk that is being spewed from the LEM websites listed above. May God bless you all.

    My one and only reason for being here is to defend a friend, to expose the lies of this ministry and to hopefully shut it down, and all its satellite ministries. That is all. Nothing more, no lending anyone money, no lawsuits (where the heck did Sheila come up with that??). If you really have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to defend. To keep on defending means you are hiding something. I am just answering your defense messages. I have nothing to hide. I care about my friends and hate to see them hurting and in emotional pain all the time. If you have any friends maybe you know what I mean.

    Nothing more to say. I think I covered all your defensive remarks.

  30. Jesse Aldrich @ 2008-05-25 01:18


    This is Jesse Aldrich and I was told that you were writing about me. I personally wanted to inform you that I’m not Peter Dennis. I have only been on this website a couple of times and neither I nor my wife has ever posted to it. This will be my only post since I can clearly see the spirit that is on this site has no regards for hearing the full facts from both sides.

    I have never used an alias nor ever intend to unless the Lord Jesus Christ sees otherwise. On the other hand, everyone who has posted on this article has used an alias. Even you started out using an alias “lifeinhim61” and didn’t reveal yourself until 11 days later. Actually, Pastor Vitale is the only one besides you who has revealed herself – and for totally different reasons I might add.

    The identity of everyone else who has posted here, as well as those who sent vicious emails designed to destroy the reputation of innocent people and get family breadwinners fired, such as Lark and Aurora, have not revealed their identities “ and for good reason. This behavior is against the Criminal Code of the State of Minnesota. Even Rick Ross “editors” hide behind their title (is Rick Ross the “editor”?)

    Rose, I want to make this very clear to you. I’m not Peter Dennis nor have I used any other alias on this website.

    This means that you made this blatantly false statement about me:

    “Hm, how do I know it is you, Jesse? Well, in reading over a new message of yours to get info as ammo, I recognized your writing style and as I have been praying about this for a week now, the Lord has finally (PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME!!! Hallelujah!) given me knowledge of the person behind the Peter name¦ you and EverlastingLife are one in the same, so what are YOU trying to hide? Creating some extra messages from fake “others” that want to defend’ the ministry when it’s just YOU? Very creative, I must admit. You are a liar and in the Lord’s time this entire DEMONIC CULT will be stopped DEAD in its tracks.”

    Rose, this means that either God lied to you, which I don’t think is possible, or you received your knowledge from some other source. Personally you can believe and hear from whoever you choose, since this country does have the freedom of religion, but as for me and the Lord – He knows the truth. Praise God that He is a God who knows the true intentions of the heart. We can’t hide from Him.

    I will leave you with this wonderful quote from a mighty man of God whose name is Bill Britton, he also was misunderstood and falsely accused. It truly blessed me the moment I read it, since it is exactly what has happened to me as well as Pastor Vitale along with the members of LEM.

    Jesse Aldrich


    Living Epistles Ministries, MN

    My Beloved Enemy

    ~ A Word To My Enemies ~

    YOU are not really my enemies at all¦ in reality you are some of the best friends I have. You who have lied about me, and about this ministry, who have tried to destroy people’s faith and confidence in me, who have spread false and damaging rumors about my life and teachings¦ through your efforts there has been a work of grace wrought in this heart of mine that could never have happened without you.

    My friends have been many, and loyal, and faithful to stand with me in many hours of trial and need. They have been strength to my weakness, added joy to my heart in time of sorrow, and have girded up my faith amidst raging doubts. They have brought me before the throne of grace innumerable times in their seasons of prayer. I could not have continued long in this spiritual conflict without these wonderful friends.

    But, believe me, I speak in sincerity and truth, there can be no perfection in the lives of God’s elect without the chastising work of a real enemy. For when a bitter vicious person begins to do all they can to destroy me and my work for God, then there is a work done that brings out all the wrong and evil attitudes and spirits that lie hidden and deeply rooted in my heart. When a friend extols all my good virtues and praises me from their heart of true friendship, I feel nothing but love for them. But, when I hear of an enemy who has unjustly brought shame upon me, there rises up a spirit of defending myself, and a spirit of “righteous indignation” to refute the enemy. It is then that the precious Holy Spirit does His office work and reveals to me the wrongness of my own spirit. I see in me then, the things I did not know were there before. With repenting and sorrow of heart I cry to God, and He delivers me from that which I have seen in my life. It was hidden, lying dormant, until you, my beloved enemy brought it to light with your crucifying process. The prophets of old would never have had the glory of being stoned for the Word of God”and no martyr’s crowns could ever have been won by the early Christians without real enemies.

    You see, I cannot crucify myself, and friends will not do it. So it takes you, my enemy, to bring me to the cross. And to the cross I must come, if ever I am to come to the glory of perfection. But I have much progress yet to make before coming to the image of my lovely Jesus. There is so much I must yet learn. And, my enemy, you are teaching me. I have learned that the road to glory is by way of the cross. Without you I would not have found the way. Someone had to crucify my Jesus. Not his friends, not his disciples, and He could not do it Himself. So Satan and the princes of this world stirred up hatred in the hearts of His enemies, and the work was done. Had they known that they were bringing Him into His glory, and bringing about the salvation of lost mankind, they would not have done it. And I’m sure that if you knew the good your efforts are working out in my life, you would not want to help me so much. But the work is being done, and I have learned to love you because of it. “Love thy enemies”, He said, and I wondered how I could do it. But you have taught me. For because of you I have grown in God, increased in His Grace, and partaken of His divine nature.

    Also because of you many have been turned away and refused to hear the truths imparted unto this vessel. Their ears have been filled with lies, and no doubt have thought that “no good thing could possibly come from such a one.” But even here I have seen the hand of God. For those who have had ears to hear the voice of the Spirit have not believed the lies you have told them, and they have opened their hearts to the message for these last days. Thus, God has weeded out the chaff from the wheat, and is in the process of separating His own unto Himself. All things are working together.

    So, my friends, for in reality I have no enemies in flesh and blood, your work has been sharp and cutting, and many times I was hurt and wounded deeply. But out of these trying experiences I have come forth a better Christian, and further on my way to being an overcomer. I doubt that you will receive any rewards for your lies and your efforts to destroy me, for “Woe unto them through whom these offences come.” But I want you to know that though your loss may be great in the day of judgment, I love you and appreciate the ministry you have had in perfecting this life of mine.

  31. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-05-25 01:51

    I apologize publicly to Jesse Aldrich, who has made it clear that he has not posted here. I am sorry for making that statement when I truly thought he may be contributing here. Just want to set that record right.

  32. EverlastingLife @ 2008-05-25 04:35


    YOU STATE ¦¦..”She was available for phone calls every Friday from the “Pastor¦”


    YOU STATE “….to a fellow friend and employee of her ministry¦..and she also worked very hard, sometimes into the night, using her own materials and not getting a penny¦.”



    YOU STATE “¦.due to the harassing emails I am getting regarding this ministry, I would ask you not to contact me. What I have said above is to my knowledge true and I have emails to back up what I am saying as well as pictures¦ ¦but I will not give them out to anyone as I am not going to put myself in that position”.

    YOU STATE “¦The only ones harassing me are followers of the CULT here.. That’s it, nobody else”.


    AND THEN YOU STATE “Lastly, the HARASSING emails are all coming from LEM people, not others. Just you and one other person who wanted a picture of Sheila to put on the website which I said I would not give out. I continued to receive emails from this person who would not give me her name, but her email was very similar to someone in the group’. I refused, and had to continue to block her emails, which I am doing to you now¦¦”



    YOU STATE “The Lord tells us to HUMBLE ourselves. Funny, I don’t see any of that, nor mercy, compassion, love, all the things the Lord talks about the Christian lifestyle in your ministry, your meetings, your life. It’s coming to an end, Jesse¦ you’ll see”.





  33. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-05-25 13:21

    This is ridiculous. I won’t even take much of my time here, I have too many other priority things to do in my life than fight with someone who thinks they know everything.

    Regarding the Friday phone calls, I only tell what I know. That is what I know. If you know different, then you obviously are either making it up or I wasn’t told the story correctly.

    Volunteers DO get paid. I worked as a volunteer and I sometimes got paid, or took part in parties, etc. Please don’t preach at me. I worked for a charity organization and had money given back to me for stamps and for mailings. It’s just ridiculous to fight about this, stupid even. You’re nitpicking about the tiny little stupid things in this situation to distract from the bigger issue, the fact you are a CULT!

    The harassing emails WERE coming from LEM. That is not a lie. Every one of them are from the group. You, Sheila, and another person from what I believed to be the McGregor group, as well as thinking that Jesse and Peter Dennis were one and the same. So I was NOT lying.

    And I supplied the picture! Rick Ross asked me to, and I found on my archived disks pictures of the ATLAH conference in NY with Pastor Manning. I cropped some pics and sent them to Rick. Not a lie at all. I did not supply anyone with pictures but RICK HIMSELF, not the person who was writing under a false name.

    So, is that about it? I am not threatening you, I am giving the facts. Now, go get a life.

  34. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-05-25 14:53

    My reply to Jesse Aldrich’s email he posted above:

    Mr. Aldrich,

    Okay, maybe I was mistaken about who you were on the comments. I apologize to you and only you for getting your name mixed up in this, but you chose to get mixed up in Living Epistles, which I have known for some time to be cult like (ask Sheila if I had written to her LONG before this website came up telling her that she created a cult). Even Aurelia has the email I wrote defending her when she got kicked out. And this was long before this website came to be. When I found out about the website, I came on to defend Aurelia. I feel she has been mistreated, never given a reason for being kicked out of the ministry, and of course Sheila will tell you otherwise, there are 10,000 rules she must follow, 10,000 incantations and repetitions of apologies she must give to Article 19, page 297, number 2A of the contract made by LEM regarding repenting for your sins. This is a CULT for God’s sake! Can you not see the legalism in it all. Do this, don’t do that. Listen to me, be at all my meetings, tithe to me, etc. It’s rulebook much like the Catholics or the Mormons would have. Repenting to Sheila? Isn’t that what the Catholics do? You repent to a PRIEST who is behind the window in the confessional. I think the only one you need to repent to is the LORD and you do it with all your heart. I believe Aurelia has done this as she has told me many times how sorry she was and that she didn’t even know specifically what she had done. She has been ignored so many times she gave up time and again, only to get up again and ask Sheila what she did that was so bad. She made the effort, she was ignored. This is not what a Pastor does, he/she forgives, has mercy, not removes them from the ministry and tells them they cannot talk to another person for a whole year and if they violate even one point of ‘the rules’ that have been laid down, then you go another year. It’s LEGALISM. I got out of the Pentecostal church because of this.

    I just was making a point to you and your group that you are being influenced by a woman that either you or Sandra found on the internet (much like I did, as I remember Sandra’s first emails from way back when)… and she has now infiltrated your town, your life, your child’s life, the group you minister to. I am just trying to tell you what I know to help the people that you are teaching and to allow you to really look deep inside yourself to see what you are doing to your family and the people you minister to. I apologize if you are not one of the posters. And you did make a false remark below. I did mention from post number one that my name was Rose. I said that on the first post I made on May 15th. Just look at the bottom. And I used the same screen name as I use on almost every forum I have ever been on, which is also my email address, so anyone at LEM would know it was me. I wasn’t hiding anything. So I was up front from the beginning.

    I don’t know anyone you mentioned below, I don’t know a Lark or Aurora, or as Sheila says, a Michelle. I know of you and Sandra… and I have heard through some of the emails that were going around from the group, that there were others attending a group meeting in Minnesota. I came upon this website by accident, not by searching for it. I never heard of a Rick Ross ever before. This is a first for me.

    Again, I apologize if I have not heard from the Lord. I must listen more clearly. And I very much enjoy Bill Britton’s message below as I always enjoyed ALL his messages and many other Kingdom preachers. Thanks for sharing that with me. I believe his message way more than I would ever believe Sheila’s. My only reason to be on the Rick Ross site is to just shut down a cult and if you don’t think you are preaching cult material, so be it. I am just telling what I know to prevent others from being harmed spiritually or emotionally from this damaging doctrine. That is my opinion and I am allowed to have that much. As far as claiming you were EverLasting Life or Peter Dennis, I will apologize on the website for saying it was you when it is not.

    Please think about what you are doing. That’s all I ask. This is mostly about what Sheila has done and said to me and to Aurelia.

  35. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-05-25 14:59

    Oh, and EverlastingLife, come clean with your name, or YOU ARE LYING while calling ME a liar. You have something to hide, it is SO OBVIOUS. Why not just tell the TRUTH and confess. Even your own Pastor finally admitted to her false identify. Otherwise, since I do not know you and you obviously are identified with this ministry, I will not respond to your inane lies and finger pointing. Point it back to the topic at hand,… FALSE DOCTRINE, a woman who claims to be the MESSENGER, or GOD COME IN THE FLESH, LIES, SECRETS.. all this equals CULT ACTIVITY. This is enough to make anyone stay away from the group. I will cite some references to her teachings in my next post when I have time but will not address any more comments from EVERLASTING LIFE unless he/she comes clean with a REAL name, and PROOF to who they are. Otherwise, what you comment on is hearsay. I have facts, where are yours? You are quick to ask others for their PROOF, where are EMAILS, WRITTEN PROOF that you have to accuse as you do? You have NOTHING. At least not yet. If you have a conscience, maybe you can provide some of your ‘truth’ here.

  36. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-05-25 15:04

    Jesse, though I enjoyed the writings of Bill Britton, he also had a message that was not well liked and I do not believe his entire doctrine. Most cults feel they are being crucified like he did and this is why he wrote the message above about his enemies. I think this is just another distraction to evoke pity from those reading the comments. STICK TO THE TOPIC!!!! This stone throwing is annoying. Do you feel you are without sin too? Or is that just Sheila?
    May the Lord intervene here and help us SEE THE TRUTH of HIS WORD and set us FREE!!! AMEN!

  37. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-05-25 21:09

    This will explain why LEM is a cult. Ms. Vitale has taken it upon herself to take the Words of the LORD and twist them and make them into her OWN Bible. This Bible (or as she calls the ALTERNATE TRANSLATION) is a picking apart of words in the Hebrew and Greek dictionaries, and choosing the word that fits her doctrine, calling it the “Doctrine of Christ”. Yes, there is a Doctrine of Christ, it is the GOSPEL of the LORD JESUS CHRIST that he spoke when here on Earth 2000 years ago, and written on scrolls by his Disciples… those words were then translated by MEN OF GOD covening TOGETHER, many checking and agreeing that the words were perfect for the first real publication of the KING JAMES VERSION of the Bible. The only words that actually are REAL on Ms. Vitale’s website are the ACTUAL SCRIPTURES THEMSELVES. To read into anything by your own self, without a group of people agreeing with you and disagreeing with you is PRIDEFUL and SATANIC. Had this “ALTERNATE TRANSLATION” of every word of the REAL BIBLE been looked at by another GROUP of people (such as the Amplified Bible, which paraphrased MEANINGS, but did not CHANGE WORDS!!!, that’s why it’s called AMPLIFIED), this may make more sense. But to use the LORD’S WORDS and CHANGE EVERY ONE as YOU SEE FIT for YOUR DOCTRINE (and then call it the DOCTRINE OF CHRIST) is BLASPHEMY!!!! In the book of Revelation we are told in Chapter 22

    18: “For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:
    19 And if any man shall take away from the words of the bok of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and FROM the things which are written in this book.”

    I think this sums up what is going to happen to Ms. Vitale and anyone else that is believing this FALSE DOCTRINE.

    Mark 15:15:
    “And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.”

    THE GOSPEL, THE WORDS OF THE LORD. THE TRUE DOCTRINE of CHRIST IS THE BIBLE. Take heed, false prophets are everywhere in this world. May the Lord bless anyone who is reading this and believes on the Lord Jesus as the Savior of Mankind. Fear God, not Sheila Vitale.

  38. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-05-26 01:09

    Here is a message that I sent to Sheila at the website address on April 6, 2008. As you can see, I thought this ministry was a cult before I even knew of this website.

    This is the message that really inflamed me as she attacked my friend by putting a transcript up for the whole world to see so she would be PUNISHED. This was done almost a YEAR later! This is how she holds grudges with the people she supposedly cares for. Go figure. I call her PASTOR PRIME now (thanks to my husband’s clever thinking).

    Sorry the transcript is SO LONG and SO BORING, but my friend is the one targeted here for the harsh judgment she was doled out as well as unforgiveness, even to the point of being called EVIL. Is this how a Pastor treats a member of his/her congregation? I think NOT!

    Begin forwarded message:
    From: Rose Herczeg
    Date: April 6, 2008 1:11:07 PM EDT
    Subject: Definitely a cult

    Pastor Sheila,

    After that last transcript on Warfare and Forgiveness, I am totally convinced this is not a ministry you are in but a CULT for sure and you should ALL repent. Sick!

    Forgiveness? WHERE? This is totally whacked… you all are brainwashed by Sheila, who is poisoning your mind with a bunch of crapola that isn’t even Biblical, she’s making it up and Satan is telling her what to say. I have had the best life since I left LEM and hope to continue on without any help from the evil cohorts at LEM.

    I will NEVER send another person to LEM again, even though I was doing so regularly in the recent past, and have totally forgiven everyone at LEM over and over again, but when XXXX kept telling me that you ignored her and would not restore her, after everything she had done to repent (whether you want to accept it or not, or whatever the LORD is telling you, if it really IS the Lord!)… she should not have to put up with your lack of mercy. Cult, cult, cult. Call it what you want, but with only 5 or 6 people that really believe what you are spewing, it has to be a cult. There really isn’t anything else to call this but ABNORMAL.

    Just my opinion and XXXX shall LIVE and not DIE… and you know, most of the people in your ministry are nearly 70 or over anyway, so what makes you so sure they won’t die either? Please. Give it a rest and get a real education.

    Oh, and go ahead and pass on my horrible EVIL email to everyone in on the list.. I don’t care, judge me, hate me, whatever.. I will keep on living my life. I don’t need this cult to tell me what I can and can’t do. You are like the PENTECOSTALS who are LEGALISTIC in everything they do. It’s really a sickness and I pray for you that you are delivered from it. All of you.


  39. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-05-26 01:18

    Oh, and here is a copy of a contract sent to my friend on May 13th of this year, DENYING her REINSTATEMENT into the ministry. Remember, this woman was an active EVERY DAY TEAM LEADER in this ministry, transcribing and editing and keeping the files of all the transcripts that are on the website for 11 years! She was ‘kicked out’ of the ministry last May 9th for unfounded reasons that even she is not aware of, and has not been told specifically what they were to this day.

    ALSO: Notice that this letter is written IN CONTRACT FORM. I have never seen such a thing in ANY church I have ever attended. EVER.

    Sheila R. Vitale,
    Pastor, Teacher & Founder
    Christian Spiritual Philosophy
    PO Box 562 Port Jefferson Station, New York 11776-0562

    Telephone: 631-331-1493
    Fax: 631-331-6372

    May 13, 2008


    We are in receipt of your email requesting reinstatement as a member of Living Epistles
    Ministries, in compliance with “2.” of “the LORD’s Decision” section of the Judgment rendered against you, dated April 28, 2007.

    Upon a review of the Judgment, it appears that you have admitted to only “2.n.” of “The
    LORD has further determined that” section of the Judgment:

    2.n. You have consistently disrespected Pastor Sheila in front of the whole Transcribing and Editing Team throughout this whole conflict.

    In addition, you have consistently violated “1.” of “the LORD’s Decision” section of the
    Judgment (reproduced below) by contacting, or attempting to contact, members of the Ministry on multiple occasions, by email, internet greeting card or telephone.


    Accordingly, in compliance with “3.” of “the LORD’s Decision” section of the Judgment
    (reproduced below), your request for reinstatement as of the first anniversary date since the Judgment was rendered, is denied.

    3. If, after one (1) year, the LORD determines that you have NOT found true repentance, you will not be permitted to return to the Ministry, and your request to return to Living Epistles Ministries and Christ-Centered Kabbalah will be reviewed after one more year, and
    yearly thereafter, until such time as the LORD determines that you have found true repentance.

    Sheila R. Vitale,
    Pastor, Teacher & Founder
    Living Epistles Ministries

  40. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-05-26 02:42

    I’m finished here. I pray more come forward. God bless and keep those from harm who would be tempted to get involved with this ministry. Amen.

  41. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-05-26 13:27

    One more thing, EverlastingLife, in your first post on May 4 you point a finger at esoluoy and tell him/her to come out from hiding because they are hiding under a fake name. SO ARE YOU!!! Have you come out from hiding? I asked YOU to reveal your name and you haven’t either. What makes you so different from HIDING? What is YOUR secret? Hm… makes one wonder. If your so called pastor can do it, so can you. Come clean, EverlastingLife, what have you got to lose, most likely a lot, like your pride, which is a sin. Still waiting… what proof do you have that any of the things said above are true? Or not true? Where are YOUR links? You are just like one of those clanging cymbals that make noise. So maybe YOU are the ATTACK DOG for Sheila? Sure fits the bill. Have a nice day!

  42. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-05-26 19:00

    I still am not convinced, Jesse, that you are not EverlastingLife. In a post above, Sheila says that there are two orders of protection that this “Michelle” has on her, and if Michelle is from Minnesota, then she must be one of your group, or related. I still think it’s you and when the time comes that it is revealed that it IS you, you will have lied blatantly and look like a fool for sure. At least GOD knows the TRUTH. I am siding with HIM. 🙂

  43. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-05-27 18:10

    Here is what is on Ms. Vitale’s Donate page… a list of organizations that she elected to donate to charity. So now you know where your tithe money is going. I spotted four right off the bat that are on the cult list… [sic] Christian Broadcasting Network, Kenneth Copeland, Joyce Meyer Ministries (she has had numerous run ins with the auditing team) and Watchtower International (Isn’t that the Jehovah Witnesses??)… would you want your tithe money to be turned around and given to another cult? Is this what a ministry does? Chooses to give to more cults around the nation? This is why the church is so poor…. ministries like this (allegedly) give 20% or more to these kind of filthy institutions that will put your soul in hell. Is this what you want? I would think twice about giving a DIME to this woman (heck not even a penny), and where your hard earned money is going (all you LEM donaters!)… think hard!!! Blessings or curses. You choose.. who will YOU serve today? As for me and my family, we will follow HIM! (JESUS)

    You can find this info at and click on DONATE at the top. 🙂

    Living Epistles Ministries
    A Tax-Exempt Organization,
    Provides Free Christian Literature
    To The International Community

    More than 20% of Living Epistles Ministries 2007 income was allocated to charity.

    The following ministries (which provide food, clothing and medical treatment to the poor and needy), and organizations (which support Judeo-Christian principles, and defend the Constitution of the United States), and local community services, received tithes and free-will offerings from Living Epistles Ministries in 2007.

    Agape Bible Fellowship, American Center For Law & Justice, Ascent-Of-Safed, Ask Moses, Christian Broadcasting Network, Creflo Dollar Ministries, Ever Increasing Faith Ministries, Family Radio Station, Feed The Children, Full Gospel Interdenominational Church, HGM – Mission Of Hope – Haiti, Joyce Meyer Ministries, Judicial Watch, Kenneth Copeland Ministries, Leroy Jenkins Evangelistic, Lighthouse Mission, National Committee For Faith And Family, Salvation Army, Terryville Fire Department, The Heritage Foundation, United Intercessors, Watchman International, WLIX Radio/Pastor Richard Anderson, World-Wide Lighthouse Missions.

  44. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-05-27 21:59

    ****My Mistake****

    Watchman International is not WATCHTOWER. I read it wrong. I apologize. The rest are correct. And even Creflo Dollar Ministries is questionable… as well as Leroy Jenkins… just look them up on Yahoo or Google with their names and false prophet in the search and you will see they are all Kingdom Preachers who have been caught in some kind of scandal, tax fraud, etc. These are not people you want your hard earned money going to! Just making a point. I apologize for reading WATCHTOWER instead of WATCHMAN INTERNATIONAL. That organization actually seems like it is legitimate. There is, however, a radio station she is on, WLIX where a Pastor is letting her preach this doctrine to many others on Long Island. She is also contributing to him. It seems to me that this woman would like to be friends with all the BIG TELEVANGELISTS out there so that maybe SHE can get her OWN TV Show? It seems to fit. Many of these organizations are regulars on TBN, which also has been known to be the biggest farce network on tv today. Minus the Terryville Fire Department, and Salvation Army, I question the motive behind the giving, and this is MY OPINION only, which I am entitled to. You can pray and ask God for His discernment (and you should) without believing what I have to say. Thank you.

    In Christ…

  45. EverlastingLife @ 2008-05-29 13:41

    I must make a correction to one of the comments above, for anyone who is reading these comments –

    There are absolutely NO Orders of Protection AGAINST Pastor Vitale!

    The Orders of Protection are against Michelle, from members of Living Epistles Ministries!

    [Editor’s note: An “Order of Protection” may be initiated by individuals and not necessarily a criminal matter.]

  46. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-05-29 15:31

    A note to EverlastingLife,

    If you are referring to my comment above I said that Ms. Vitale said that a Michelle had two orders of protection on HER, meaning MICHELLE. If you would read that again, you would see I was NOT saying the Orders were on Ms. Vitale. Afraid someone will take it the wrong way and you don’t want to look bad? Well, unfortunately you can’t run or hide from the Lord. The Lord is all seeing, all knowing. I pray you can get loosed from this manipulation and mind control. The Lord will help you.

  47. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-05-29 15:50

    And once again, what I am presenting here are mostly FACTS that can be backed up by paperwork. Aside from my OPINION, and last I checked there is FREEDOM OF SPEECH, just like your FREEDOM OF RELIGION. My opinion is not FACT, and you should always question another’s opinion before you make judgment. The FACTS, however, SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES. I am speaking the TRUTH as I KNOW IT, and the opinions are just that, opinions. You don’t HAVE to believe everything you read, except for the FACTS. This is why we have an open forum… for discussion and debate. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. This thread seems to be dedicated only to shutting down a ministry which has done emotional harm to families in the past and present and can be backed up with FACTS. I have completed what I know to be TRUE. I have made apologies to people when I have been wrong. I have gone over all my comments again and they are the truth. As God as my witness, this is the story and I’m sticking to it. I haven’t seen any proof otherwise to ‘debunk’ my statements. Some of the ministries I have noted that Ms. Vitale has donated to this past year (which is on her website) are easily checked out on Yahoo as to their legitimacy. No, I have not spoken to ANY of these ministries, I know only what I have found to be true with FACTUAL documentation.
    I am finished. How can you debate with a person who will not give out his/her name? It’s ridiculous! I am praying for all that are STUCK in this MINISTRY. May the Lord reveal the Truth to you, open your eyes, and pour out blessings on your life. I pray you get free soon. Amen.

  48. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-05-29 17:53

    Peter Dennis (who is really Sheila Vitale) wrote in her message on May 23rd this remark to me, Lifeinhim61:

    “I dare to write to you because you made your email address and this battle, that is not even yours, public.”

    As a final note, and I mean FINAL note, you said this battle is not even mine…

    In closing, I would defend this remark and say that this battle IS mine, I am just as much affected by this ministry and what it has done to me, my friendships, and my family life. There have been things said that never should have been voice in the messages that Sheila is teaching (such as giving up ALL sexual urges and tendencies if you want to ascend in Christ and that sex is for the ANIMAL nature in us, not for those that are going on in God. The very act is CARNAL and not SPIRITUAL. This has caused a lot of problems for me and also for others that I know that have been in this ministry). I won’t go further, but if you read the Bible, it does not say that at all. By making comments similar to the one I just mentioned, is at the very least using mind control to believe a TEACHER OF THE WORD OF GOD and BELIEVING that what she is teaching is TRUTH. Just because SHE is not married nor has any partners of her own does not mean that she can make this call for anyone else, nor to preach it to the masses. That’s just ONE of the things that I have felt were in error. Interpretation of dreams that I had and others had (which can easily be seen on the Interpretation of Dreams page on the main website) have shown to be almost always be an interpretation leading to a message for Sheila herself. I think there is danger (I said I THINK) in interpreting someone’s dreams and having that person believe what you say is true. Just because you say “THUS SAYETH THE LORD” to preface your statements, Sheila, does not mean it is the LORD speaking. That is my final comment, and I am very happy to be finished with this ministry. My life has changed for the BETTER and I have fellow ex members who will testify of this as well as family and friends. Thank you for your time.

  49. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-05-29 18:16

    I wanted to touch on one more thing I forgot to add to the last post but meant to… Peter Dennis (Sheila Vitale) also wrote these comments in her post on May 23, 9:55 pm:

    “If anyone does not like what I teach, they are free to not listen to me.

    If I tell anyone that, in my opinion, they are being influenced by demonic powers, they are free to not believe me.”

    The only problem with your statement above is that once you are sucked into your ‘mind control ministry’ Sheila, how do you release yourself from the demonic influence? I DO BELIEVE THIS HAPPENED TO ME and THAT I WAS TOTALLY CONTROLLED AND MANIPULATED by the words and messages of this teacher, but I AM FREE! This is part of the mind control game… it is witchcraft and seduction that she has played on me and many others, and in that very same message, near the top she states,

    “It appears that you are more susceptible to witchcraft, seduction and manipulation than I had ever imagined.”

    Funny you mentioned this. You are right, under your ministry and messages, this is what I was susceptible to and you took advantage of your ministry and used this. I feel badly for you and I will be praying for you to also get free from this hold that satan has over you and your ministry.

    Amen and Amen! So be it.

  50. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-06-02 17:02

    Here are some facts regarding who the translators were when the first published 1611 King James Version of the Bible was presented to the King of England. These were the translators, a group of 54 people. Sheila is ONE PERSON who does NOT consult with anyone regarding her ‘revelation’ from God about changing the words that were so sacredly poured over by these men who had many degrees in theology and doctorates from prestigious schools. She also does not ask you to question how she got the interpretation, she expects you to learn and understand it as it has come from GOD.

    Question: Whom did Ms. Vitale discuss her studies and findings with? What credentials does Ms. Vitale have? Ask her. None. She just studied in the Hebrew and Greek lexicons going back and forth to her King James Bible and changed words. I can do that too and offer up my ‘alernate translation’ too. The King James 1611 Version and even the Amplified Bible has a one to two page preface explaining who the people were that worked on the paraphrasing and also giving praises and glory to God for their ability to work on such a HOLY and HALLOWED manuscript, even mentioning their infallibility and their diligence to do justice to such a sacred book. This is not evident in the work of ONE person who thinks she is called of God to get a message out that NOBODY has ever heard of. The Bible we all can count on as it has been around a lot longer than Ms. Vitale. The accounts given by the HOLY GHOST were spoken through and written down the disciples and prophets of God who inscribed what they were given onto scrolls that are in existence today. I say when Ms. Vitale is gone, that her “alternate translation” will not carry on to the masses, but one thing is for certain,… the one and only bestseller of all time, the HOLY BIBLE, will continue on forevermore! Praise HIS Name!!!! Amen.

    PS. I got this from the internet by doing a Yahoo search on the translators of the King James Version of the Bible 1611. 🙂

    Question: Who were the translators of the King James Bible?

    Answer: God brought together over 54 of the finest Bible translators English has ever known, to translate the King James Bible.

    Researching the Translators
    For twenty years (the late 1830s to the late 1850s) researcher Alexander McClure pored over records to learn all he could about who translated the King James Bible. His resulting book, Translators Revived: Biographical Notes on the King James Version Translators, stands as a monument to these dedicated Christian men. It may be read online at I highly recommend it.

    A Few Short Examples
    Here are some of the qualified translators of the King James Bible.

    John Harman, M.A., New College, Oxford.
    In 1585 he had been appointed King’s Professor of Greek. He had published Latin translations of Calvin’s and Beza’s sermons, and was also adept in Greek. He was a member of the New Testament group that met at Oxford.

    John Spencer
    At 19 years of age he had been elected Greek lecturer for Corpus Christi College in Oxford University. It was written of him, “Of his eminent scholarship there can be no question.” He was a member of the New Testament group (Romans through Jude) that met at Westminster.

    Thomas Bilson
    McClure wrote that he was “so complete in divinity, so well skilled in languages, so read in the Fathers and Schoolmen, so judicious in making use of his readings, that at length he was found to be no longer a soldier, but commander in chief in the spiritual warfare” (Translators Revived, pp. 214-416).

    Dr. George Abbot, B.D., D.D.
    Dr. Abbot started at Oxford in 1578, getting his B.D. in 1593 and at 35 years of age both received his doctorate and became first Master of University College, and later Vice Chancellor. He became Bishop of Lichfield in 1609 and Archbishop of Canterbury in 1611. He was regarded as “the head of the Puritans within the Church of England.” He was in the Oxford New Testament group.

    Sir Henry Saville
    In 1565 Sir Saville was Fellow of Merton College and Warden in 1585. By 1596 he was Provost of Eton College and tutor to Queen Elizabeth I. He founded the Savillian professorships of Mathematics and Astronomy at Oxford. His many works include an 8-volume set of the writings of Chrysostom.(1) He also worked in the New Testament group at Oxford.

    Lancelot Andrewes
    From Terence H. Brown, (Secretary of the Trinitarian Bible Society, London, England) comes this description of Westminster committee member Lancelot Andrewes:

    He “… had his early education at Coopers Free School and Merchant Taylors School, where his rapid progress in the study of the ancient languages was brought to the notice of Dr. Watts, the founder of some scholarships at Pembroke Hall, Cambridge. Andrewes was sent to that College, where he took his B.A. degree and soon afterward was elected Fellow. He then took his Master’s degree and began to study divinity and achieved great distinction as a lecturer. He was raised to several positions of influence in the Church of England and distinguished himself as a diligent and excellent preacher, and became Chaplain to Queen Elizabeth I. King James I promoted him to be Bishop of Chester in 1605 and also gave him the influential position of Lord Almoner. He later became Bishop of Ely and Privy Counsellor. Toward the end of his life he was made Bishop of Winchester.

    “It is recorded that Andrewes was a man of deep piety and that King James had such great respect for him that in his presence he refrained from the levity in which he indulged at other times. A sermon preached at Andrewes’ funeral in 1626 paid tribute to his great scholarship:

    ‘His knowledge in Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Chaldee, Syriac and Arabic, besides fifteen modern languages was so advanced that he may be ranked as one of the rarest linguists in Christendom. A great part of five hours every day he spent in prayer, and in his last illness he spent all his time in prayer — and when both voice and eyes and hands failed in their office, his countenance showed that he still prayed and praised God in his heart, until it pleased God to receive his blessed soul to Himself.'”

    Transcending Their Human Limits
    Gustavus S. Paine, author of The Men Behind the King James Version, made this assessment about the work of the combined translators:

    “Though we may challenge the idea of word-by-word inspiration, we surely must conclude that these were men able, in their profound moods, to transcend their human limits. In their own words, they spake as no other men spake because they were filled with the Holy Ghost. Or, in the clumsier language of our time, they so adjusted themselves to each other and to the work as to achieve a unique coordination and balance, functioning thereafter as an organic entity–no mere mechanism equal to the sum of its parts, but a whole greater than all of them.” (2)

    While these scholars were perfectly suited for the task of translation individually, they still had to agree on every single word of the Bible. That meant man’s mere opinion could not be allowed to stand in the text.

    The One Who Started It All
    But these translators were standing on the shoulders of great men and Christians who went before them. And one man did more for the English Bible than any single person before or since: William Tyndale. He was ordained a priest around his late teens, in 1502. By 1515 he had earned his M.A. at Oxford and later transferred to Cambridge. It was there that he came upon the preserved Greek New Testament of Erasmus, and at the same time as Martin Luther, he came to understand the truth of the gospel. Tyndale began preaching and teaching the gospel message, which made the Roman Catholics angry with him, branding him a heretic. One day, while proving a “learned” Roman Catholic scholar wrong, the papist cried out, “It were better for us to be without God’s laws, than without the Pope’s!” To which Tyndale prophetically replied,

    “I defy the Pope, and all his laws; and if God spare my life, ere many years, I will cause a boy that driveth the plough to know more of the Scripture than you do!”
    This changed Tyndale forever. He wrote about this incident,
    “Which thing only moved me to translate the New Testament. Because I had perceived by experience, how that it was impossible to establish the lay people in any truth, except the Scriptures were plainly laid before their eyes in the mother tongue” (Translators Revived, p. 23).
    Tyndale was well suited to his task. Spalatin, a friend of Martin Luther, wrote this in his diary of what professor Herman Buschius told him about Tyndale and his New Testament:
    “The work was translated by an Englishman staying there with two others,–a man so skilled in the seven languages, Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Italian, Spanish, English, and French, that which-ever he spake, you would suppose it his native tongue” (Translators Revived, pp. 27-28)
    By the time Tyndale was betrayed by his friend, imprisoned and nearly frozen during a cold winter in his cell, he had translated the New Testament into English, along with some Old Testament books, and had trained at least two others to carry on his work. But he wasn’t finished, even when burnt at the stake on October 6, 1536, he cried out prophetically:
    “Lord! Open the King of England’s eyes” (Dr. William Grady, Final Authority, p. 137)
    That very day a copy of Tyndale’s New Testament was being printed by the King’s own printer!

    Tyndale’s work of translation was so excellent, that easily 70% of the words of the Bible are Tyndale’s. God had set the standard. Over the next century, God’s preserved words were translated and revised by many scholars, a great many “good translations.” These, along with God’s preserved words in Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch and other languages were all “good translations.” But the goal of the king’s translators of 1604-1611 was not to write a new Bible from scratch, nor was it to make a translation from the Roman Catholic perversions:

    “Truly, good Christian Reader, we never thought from the beginning that we should need to make a new translation, nor yet to make of a bad one a good one; ¦ but to make a good one better, or out of many good ones one principal good one, not justly to be excepted against; that hath been our endeavor, that our mark” (The Translators to the Reader, 1611 KJV, ninth page).
    And that is exactly what God did. Throughout history God preserved His words. And, culminating with over 54 dedicated, learned Christian men, God put His words in English in its perfection in one final translation: The King James Bible.

    May God bless you as you read His preserved words in English, the King James Bible.

  51. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-06-02 17:33

    When Sheila says she uses a “translator’s license” to go over the Greek and Hebrew words and choose the right one, just like the panel of translators for the 1611 KJV Bible did (only they had 54 scholars who were filled with the Holy Spirit, checking, rechecking, revising, praying, rechecking again)… which is not something Sheila has or does. The dangers of choosing words that you feel is RIGHT and FITS with the doctrine you are trying to teach, is explained below… I think this says it all. One person does not have the answers to everything and to even call her Alternate Translation a BIBLE is blasphemy. Who would buy it?? It is not even in the same category as Christian Literature. It should be in the witchcraft shops (my OPINION).
    Written by David W. Daniels, copyright 2001
    The Danger

    The problem is that many people think that a year or two of Greek or Hebrew qualifies them to translate their own Bibles. But they forget that in numerous languages, there are many words that can have one or more meanings, depending on the context. What they really do, though is take a dictionary or lexicon and pick whatever meaning they feel is right. But those who translated the King James Bible knew the Greek and Hebrew, like you or I might know the English language.

    The following actually happened:

    Shortly after the King James was translated, one of the translators, Dr. Kilbye, an expert in Hebrew and Greek, visited a church with his friend, Bishop Sanderson. In that church a young preacher spent a great deal of time criticizing words in the KJV and telling what he thought the Bible should say. He used up most of his time on one particular word.

    That evening the young preacher was invited to dinner, along with Dr. Kilbye. Dr. Kilbye then told how they had looked at the three reasons given by the preacher, but then found thirteen better reasons to translate the word as it is.

    This preacher (with more humility than most modern critics) admitted his error to the learned doctor and stopped preaching at that church.

    The King James Bible was translated by people who were experts in the Hebrew and Greek. They reviewed every verse of the Bible fourteen times, and had to come to agreement on every word they used. This guaranteed that the Bible didn’t just have some person’s opinion in the text, like many modern perversions.

    The King James Bible is God’s expression in the English language, of His preserved words. He preserved them from the creation of the world to the present day. All of my Greek and Hebrew studies to this day have shown me that I can trust what God preserved in the King James Bible.


    AND THIS IS WHY Ms. Vitale is not a TRUE PREACHER OF THE WORD OF GOD. She picks and chooses Greek and Hebrew words to fit HER Doctrine and then expects everyone to believe it. Once you are in her group, it is VERY HARD to get out of it. She will make you feel guilty and of course the more you tithe to her, the more you feel compelled to stay as that is where your money is going. Also, the more you feel she is doing for you, the more you give your money and your time, your allegiance. You are then under the manipulation and mind control, not to mention the everyday feeling that she is going to send “curses” your way if you do not fulfill the wishes of the ministry (I have proof to back that up). Thank you again for your time. I feel these are items of great importance and history on how the Bible came into existence, as well as WHY the Ministry of Sheila Vitale should not be in existence!!! This is obviously so clear to me that it is cult-like and any ministry that puts fear into their followers, as well as mind control, should be done away with. Amen.

  52. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-06-03 01:21

    From Message #574 on the main webpage under Reading Room, called Warfare and Forgiveness (paraphrased as the transcript is close to 30 something pages long)

    Talking about my friend who was kicked out of the ministry, she is XXXX and Ms. Vitale talking about a dream she had (see the webpage message for the dream):

    “The second guard is Christ within XXXX. I think He finally got through to her last night and whatever He said to her scared her silly. I think He told her that if she did not repent, He, Christ within her will DIE AND THEN HER PHYSICAL DEATH WILL FOLLOW (my emphasis), because we all die. She is in her seventies already, we all die. ****My comment**** Is this not like putting a curse on someone and telling them that if they do not continue to repent of their sins that there will be a judgment (more like a curse) on them and they shall die????


    “It is the most awesome thing to me to not only experience the reality of Jehovah’s Justice, but to be a part of it. This knowledge produces a true “fear of the Lord,” which “saves” us from destruction in this World, but the Church World lacks this knowledge today, and would probably call me a CULT LEADER (my emphasis) if they read this email.

    But Jehovah’s Court is a reality for the spiritual Christian who seeks the Lord with all his heart and desires righteousness more than anything else.

    It is not only sad, but frightening to me, that at least two and possibly four Christians who attend a Ministry like LEM are so lacking in knowledge, fear of the Lord and an understanding of the Office that I hold. To not forgive them would be unforgivable, if for no other reason, because of their complete and pitiful ignorance.

    I think we have to consider that all three or four of them will be subjected to the Sowing & Reaping Judgment.

    It is my hope and prayer that they all experience Job’s victory in Christ Jesus.

    Remember, however, that Job was delivered when he FINALLY received the Truth. This means that after a season of suffering, if the correction produces fruit, they will be taught again and given another chance to receive and believe the Truth of the Lord.”

    Three people and myself that were all in Living Epistles Ministries when this ‘situation’ occurred last April/May are black-listed here (read between the lines and the XXXX, XXX, and XX) that this is really a CURSE on us if we do not believe that there is the TRUTH in HER TEACHINGS and that we will be subject now to the SOWING AND REAPING JUDGMENT instead of the WHITE THRONE JUDGMENT. Isn’t it GOD’S RESPONSIBILITY to MINISTER THIS AND NOT A “so-called” Pastor?? This is what I mean about hard to get out of the ministry because if you even say one word without repenting, you will be subject to this kind of treatment, so it IS mind control and manipulation that keeps you there as the TEACHER has built herself up to be THE RELIGIOUS AUTHORITY in the ministry and EXPECTS EVERYONE TO BOW DOWN TO HER no matter what. If you don’t, you are THROWN OUT OF THE CAMP like a LEPER!! This is not Christianity, this is complete TORTURE.

    I ask you all to THINK FOR YOURSELVES and don’t believe EVERYTHING that this woman says or you will NEVER get free from this witchcraft and emotional bondage. RUN, RUN, RUN as fast as you can. This is bad news. I feel sorry for all that are believing this. I was skeptical but I used to think it COULD be true. This is where I could have been seriously harmed. I chose not to understand or believe it. Some are not that lucky. Be blessed.

  53. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-06-03 01:44

    And another snippet from the transcript Warfare and Forgiveness, in the Lord’s Judgment section at the bottom where a ‘contract’ is written up:

    “14 And the LORD said unto Pastor Vitale (MOSES), Since (if) XXXX has spit in her Father [God]’s face, don’t [you think it is right that] she should be ashamed an indefinite number (seven) of days [however long it takes her to truly repent]? [Therefore], let XXXX (her) be shut out from the camp for an indefinite number (seven) of days [until she repents], and after that, [if she repents] let her be received in again.”

    Notice how Sheila is on the same level as MOSES (my emphasis). She is calling HERSELF MOSES here…. can you not see the deception? The craziness to this doctrine? If Sheila is Moses, than what is the limit one can go as a ‘pastor’ and even go as far as calling themselves GOD!!! It’s WRONG and it’s BLASPHEMY as well as a LIE! Just think about it, please!

  54. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-06-06 23:09

    ****News Update****

    It appears there is a NEW teacher at LEM and that would be Rita. She apparently has been appointed to become one to be able to teach others, and I have talked with her in the past, as well as corresponded with her, and edited her transcripts and let me tell you, if you are contacted in any way by this Rita, who has been appointed by the TEACHER above all teachers, SHEILA VITALE, then beware. Rita can’t spell to save her life (I edited some of her transcripts, they were horrible) as well as being very immature as well, and having family problems of her own, which does not make her an expert on teaching a doctrine she apparently she and the “TEACHER” thinks she has the ability to teach on a very highly spiritual level. I would not answer any emails that this woman sends to you and if she is requesting to speak with you, don’t give out your number. I know for a fact that this is a ploy of LEM to get more members in the ministry to tithe more so there is a financial gain. Again, I can back this with FACT, but will not do it here. 🙂

  55. savedbygrace60 @ 2008-06-07 18:32

    I have read over some on this site, and it looks quite involved. One thing I noticed was the bold letters some comments about orders of protections. I don’t think you can get an order of protection just like that, there has to be some form of threat or harassment to the person that they have to get an order of protection, I don’t think orders of protection are thrown around lightly.

  56. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-06-07 19:33


    As I understand it, orders of protection are mostly against spouses or family members that harm you and a restraining order is against someone who may be stalking or harasssing you. Either way, it’s easy to get the order on someone, but to prove they are a criminal is harder to do. You can fight against the order that may be against you if you can prove the other person is lying or just wants to give you grief. So the bold letters were proving that it really doesn’t take much to get a restraining order on a person, but you can also get it reversed if you can prove it was not a big deal and the person taking it out on you may be making more of it than it really is. There are legitimate orders of protection/restraining orders for those that actually engage in criminal activity against others, but many times the law lacks the enforcement of them, hence you see a lot of crimes happening even though the orders are in place. They are a means of keeping people away from you or harassing you, but it doesn’t stop them unless there is someone there to call the police on them. Just having someone serve you with one doesn’t mean you are a criminal, that’s what point the editor was making. It depends on what the order was given for and it does NOT SAY. 🙂

  57. truthproject @ 2008-06-08 15:02

    Deuteronomy 13:1-3 If a prophet or one who foretells by dreams appears among you and announces to you a miraculous sign or wonder, and if the sign or wonder of which he has spoken takes place, and he says, “Let us follow other gods and let us worship them”, you must not listen to the words of that prophet or dreamer. The Lord your God is testing you to find out whether you love him with all your heart and with all your soul.

    Mark 3:29 But whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven; he is guilty of an eternal sin.

    1 John 5:16 If anyone sees his brother commit a sin that does not lead to death, he should pray and God will give him life. I refer to those whose sin does not lead to death. There is a sin that leads to death. I am not saying that he should pray about that. (this verse refers to Gnostic teaching, this unrepentant sin leads to spiritual death.)

    Romans 16:17-18 I urge you, brothers, to watch out for those who cause divisions and put obstacles in your way that are contrary to the teaching you have learned. Keep away from them. For such people are not serving our Lord Christ, but their own appetites. By smooth talk and flattery they deceive the minds of naïve people.

    1 John 4:1-3 Dear Friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. This is how you can recognize the Spirit of God: Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, but every spirit that does not acknowledge Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you have heard is coming and even now is already in the world.

    1 Timothy 4:1-3 The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons. Such teachings come through hypocritical liars, whose consciences have been seared as with a hot iron. They forbid people to marry and order them to abstain from certain foods which God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and who know the truth.

    1 John 4:19 We love because he first loved us. If anyone says, I love God, yet hates his brother, he is a liar. For anyone who does not love his brother, whom he has seen cannot love God, whom he has not seen.
    Revelations 22:18-19 I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: If anyone adds anything to them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book. And if anyone takes words away from this book of prophecy, God will take away from him his share in the tree of life and in the holy city which are described in this book.

    How can you say you truly love the true God our Father of Heaven and Earth and yet you do not listen to the words and laws that have been written for you to follow. Do not tread lightly upon his words.

  58. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-06-09 01:07


    Thank you for your post… I love Scripture. I just have a question, are you for or against this ministry? I really can’t tell as you speak much like the person who claimed she was God’s messenger, claiming the same verse, that we were not believing that she was Jesus come in the Flesh with His message. Are you willing to give your name? Be blessed, Rose

  59. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-06-09 01:12

    This is how Ms. Vitale interprets the scripture you mention above from Revelation 22:18-19, and you can see there is nothing about adding or taking away the WORDS: I got this directly from her translations page on her main website, Does this sound like God’s Word to you?

    CHAPTER 22
    22.18 For I testify to everyone
    [who] understands the words of the prophecy of this book, if [the Carnal Mind of] any [mortal man judges, condemns, and illegally] imposes [the plagues of this book on other men], God shall impose
    the plagues that are described in this book on [the man who judges out of his own Carnal Mind].

  60. This is the exact email that I sent to Sheila because I was concerned about family members that were in her cult and she was demanding 10% of their GROSS construction income. She inadvertently sent a response back to me, thinking she was emailing Jesse.

    Exact copy of my email and Sheila’s response below.

    Do you think this might be a cult? !!! Nancy Nielsen
    From: Nancy Nielsen []
    Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2007 6:25 PM
    To: Sheila Vitale; Jesse & Sandra Aldrich
    Subject: IRS# and financial information

    I have heard I can find you IRS# and financial information on the internet but I am an idiot and can not find anything. I have been searching but cannot find it. Could you please give me specifics on where I can find this information.

    From: “PastorSheila Vitale@LEM”
    To: Nancy Nielsen
    Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2007 10:32:53 PM
    Subject: RE: IRS# and financial information


    Who did you tell this was possible? Most likely Brett and I guess he told Michelle.

    Nancy is right, she is too stupid to find it. Please either destroy or guard the info I gave you.

    Love, Sheila

  61. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-06-10 02:44

    This came from the “Why Another Translation?” section on the first page to the right of regarding Ms. Vitale’s translation procedures and allowing her the right to use her ‘translator’s license”: Note: My comments are in caps.

    “Multiple English translations of the same Hebrew or Greek word in the King James text are a perfectly legitimate example of Translator’s License, and simply prove our point: That the King James Translators, themselves, used multiple definitions of the same Hebrew and Greek Word. “(MY EMPHASIS… BUT THE KING JAMES TRANSLATORS WERE MANY AND YOU ARE ONE. THEY HAD A COMMITTTEE TO VOTE ON THE TRANSLATIONS OF EVERY SENTENCE, YOU DO NOT. YOU EXPECT THOSE WHO LISTEN TO YOUR TAPES AND READ THESE TRANSLATIONS TO ACCEPT THEM AS TRUE REVELATION BUT YOU NEVER CONSULTED ANOTHER SPIRITUAL PERSON AS TO THE POSSIBILITY YOU COULD BE VERY WRONG!!!)

    “The Alternate Translation Bible is a Spiritual Translation of the Scripture which is as legitimate to the Spiritual Mind as the King James translation is to the Carnal Mind.” (MY EMPHASIS.. THIS JUST BLOWS MY MIND… THE KING JAMES TRANSLATION IS A CARNAL BOOK?? IT IS GOD’S WORD TO HUMANITY… and to call it CARNAL IS BLASPHEMY!!!)



  62. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-06-10 18:18

    And if you’re still not concerned about the total mess made out of our precious Bible, the Word of God, read this transcript below explaining how creation took place (and of course, Sheila was there). Would you want YOUR children to be exposed to THIS? I think anyone that takes their children to a meeting where this type of message is being read needs a psychological evaluation. What child needs to hear about some of the things mentioned in this document (read for yourself, it makes me ill to think about it)!

    And, what child needs to hear that young people most times don’t last long in Sheila’s ministry (and this is what I was told) because younger, married couples are not willing to give up their sexual urges, and that sex is a carnal, animalistic ritual, we are all animals down here in ‘hell’. I was told without giving up sex that I would not be able to ‘ascend into immortality’ like the others who have given up all sexual urges and thoughts. I guess I was still CARNAL, so I’ll never ascend… what a let down!

    But, to be a child and hear this would make them never want to have a loving sexual relationship with their husband after marriage, and it even says in the Bible that a man shall cleave to his wife and they shall become ONE FLESH. What is wrong with that? Sheila has come up with a warped translation that may be okay for psychotic adults to read, but don’t expose your children to this. This is only ONE of the things that makes me cringe when I think about how children can be harmed by this doctrine. It’s perverted and strange (my opinion). If there is an ounce of truth in any of this, take the King James Scriptures that she quotes in her transcripts and think on THOSE things. There is way too much emphasis on witchcraft, demons, talk of astral projection, tithing (I won’t even get into this, it’s all on the website). Why the preoccupation with the ‘evil’ part of life? I happen to know that Sheila WAS married once and why did she not give up sex? She had a daughter from this marriage, and got divorced. What does that say about her walking the same walk she teaches??? Anyway, you can decide for yourself. There is much more than meets the eye to this ministry. There are hardly any members and though the counts look good on her website, I can’t tell you how many times I had people log onto my website for one second and jump off, nobody contacted me. This is probably happening all the time in Sheila’s website. She doesn’t have nearly 100,000 ‘followers’ in her ministry. I can tell you at most, there is the office in NY and some members in McGregor, some people ordering tapes as she visits other countries. There are no more than 2 satellite groups that I have heard of and she has been teaching for over 25 years. Where’s the church?? Congregation? It’s just not happening.

  63. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-06-11 00:13

    And here’s another one, how would you like your children subject to learning THIS???

    A small snippet of a lot more that is in this transcript:

    “The Holy Spirit that has mixed with the human spirit of a human being has, spiritually speaking, an embryo with an XY chromosome. They become fertile semen, and this produces, what produces? The impartation of the Holy Spirit into the human spirit produces imputed males which means they are spiritual females. They don’t have a penis. Spiritual females that have a carnal mind. Who is our penis? If you are a spiritual male who is your penis? Christ Jesus is the mature penis. The resurrected Abel or Christ is our immature penis. Spiritually speaking, the mind is the sex organ, and when we are all grown up we will stop masturbating and start having sex of the mind because physical sex is spiritual masturbation. I’m sorry, but it is true.”

    ******Unfortunately there are children exposed to this Doctrine (I know this to be a FACT) and this is indecent material to allow children to be subject to. I would not let my children listen in on any of these meetings, they are just not able to comprehend (nor can most normal people) this strange doctrine!!!!******

  64. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-06-11 12:27

    Note to Nancy:

    Wow, that is unbelievable that a PASTOR would call you stupid??? And what is she hiding that has to be destroyed or guarded. I smell the IRS intervention here. Hm…

    Though I don’t know you personally, I like you! 🙂

  65. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-06-11 15:10

    And this is another yet disturbing comment/interpretation made within the same transcript that was listed above

    “Spiritually speaking, the mind is the sex organ, and when we are all grown up we will stop masturbating and start having sex of the mind because physical sex is spiritual masturbation. I’m sorry, but it is true. So, we become a spiritual female, that means we have a carnal mind which is under the influence of the Holy Spirit. That means we could be spiritual females, we do not have a sex organ, but the Holy Spirit can enable if it is the will of the Lord Jesus above to engage in male activities to receive spiritual power to do certain deeds that are granted to the human race as a gift by the Lord Jesus above.”

    ****This is just another example of how FIXATED this woman is on the ‘sexual’ aspect of her doctrine, almost like she never was satisfied, so it must be coming out in her messages (my opinion again)… my question is why the fixation and why would you allow someone’s child to be subject to this or anyone on the internet? Keep it to yourself! This is not a religious message, it’s a private interpretation for something that obviously came out of a perverse mind and wants to prove that GOD is in it. I think it’s awful and no child should have to see it, it’s SICK! And I say that a lot, but think about it, do a search on some of these words on her search engine on the main website and you will see how many times it comes up!!! Perversion of a doctrine that the Lord gave us that is kind, gentle, lovely, and is easily understood. The Bible is the most published book ever on the face of the Earth in every language possible, and it is that way because it is SIMPLE and EASY to understand. Can you understand THIS??? That’s it for me, I’m just glad that children will soon not be allowed to be exposed to this and her website should have some kind of disclaimer on it saying that you have to be over 18 to be able to read any of the transcripts, it’s bordering on PORN and she is blaspheming our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. (again, my opinion and emphasis). Just think about it, do your research, this website and her other occult website for the Kabbalah should be SHUT DOWN or at least limited to adults only, just like a porn website. This disgusts me, and I’m sure many others. And I don’t want MY kids reading ANY of it. Would you??

  66. truthproject @ 2008-06-18 04:41

    A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is evil: for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh. Luke 6:45

    This verse may help to explain why Living Epistles Ministries is fixated with sex, semen, seminal fluid, spiritual rape, demons, satan, fornication, and witchcraft.

  67. Hi, I found this website quite by mistake as I was looking for information regarding Ms. Vitale’s ministry. I had some questions for her today as I was reading through some of her transcripts but have not received an answer. This was my email that I sent early this afternoon (June 19)


    I have recently started reading some of your transcripts and I read in this particular one that you said that J. Preston Eby was dead. As far as I know he is still alive, I am on his newsletter list and I still receive newsletters. Ray Prinzing is spelled wrong and I know that he died in May of 05. But as far as I know, I have not heard a thing about J. Preston Eby being dead. I know and have corresponded with he and his wife Lorain in Texas.

    Anyway, I just didn’t want erroneous information to get out there. Also, I don’t agree with a lot of your doctrine. I think that you have a lot to say and pick on about other people’s point of view regarding the Kabbalistic ways but you choose to think that since the LORD gave you dispensation to be able to read it and not be harmed, that others that have taught about it are labeled Anti-Christ. Why is this? I sense a very strong Spirit on this website and your messages that are very prideful and make you think that you are better than everyone else that teaches. I have read your letters to many other pastors and for some reason you seem to pick them apart word by word. It’s like nobody is allowed to have a point of view except you. I feel badly that you have to do this to prove a point. I agree on some of the things you say, but I have to tell you, the majority of information that you are getting here is NOT from God. It must be from somewhere else, where, I don’t know. But it is scary and out there. You really need to examine what you are writing and realize you are responsible for others who want to make this their creed. I believe in freedom to say what you want and believe what you want, but some of these transcripts (especially the Kabbalah ones, as I grew up with a Jewish father) are so crazy that even he wouldn’t take a look. It’s really quite frightening when we have enough crazy pastors out there on the pulpit and here you are doing it from your own computer. If you put this on the air, nobody would listen and would probably even throw things at you. I am not trying to be mean, but really look at what you are writing. Have other people checked it with you and agreed? It doesn’t make any sense that one person is doing this all by themselves and has been for 20 some odd years, without having some kind of a church or congregation. I don’t see any mention of it on your website.

    I don’t mean to be disrespectful, just making an observation and some of the people I sent to this website think I am nuts. And that you are too. I am just being honest.

    I think I will study elsewhere, if you can’t at least refute this.

    Thank you for your time,



    I contacted a friend of mine, Gary Sigler, and asked him if he knew if J. Preston Eby had passed away recently because I get newsletters from him still. Gary sent me an email back that said that J. Preston Eby was very much alive. I think, Ms. Vitale, that you owe Mr. Eby an apology as he doesn’t even know he is dead and you grouped him with a Ray Prinzing (you spelled Princing) and a John Horton. I think there is a lot of pride in you and you seem to think you have a handle on all of the Kabbalah doctrine, and seem to take a great pleasure in cutting down other great men of God that have wonderful messages that have gone out for years, and many more years, I may add, than your ministry has been around. Do you have a church? How many people actually attend your services, if that’s what they are called? I just feel like you can sit behind your books and pick apart other people and their ministries but you don’t like to answer anyone that picks on you. I have read all the comments here and I agree that there is something very wrong in Houston. I think that you need to explain how you come up with your messages and also owe that apology to the very much alive J. Preston Eby. I will not study with you and now that I have found this cult site I will make sure nobody else I know does either. You, to me, are not a real pastor. You seem very critical of everyone but yourself. I hope this site stays up for a long while. I feel sorry for you.

  68. excultmember @ 2008-06-19 22:02

    I have been watching this website for the last few weeks and am just amazed at the information coming forth. I can just say that whomever has been involved in putting all this together, bravo! I am just thrilled that there is some form of truth coming to light here and that anyone harmed by this cultish ministry should be running to get out as soon as they can. Stick to the good Book of the Lord… the Bible. It contains all you need to be freed from the bondage that these cults put you under. My blessings to all those who are finally feeling the freedom. God bless you all!

  69. Just for proof’s sake:

    From the transcript I mentioned above, #569, Jeremiah 12, Judgment and Magic:

    Sheila quotes: (and I apologize to the person above as I am going to use your emphasis notes to make a point!)

    “Three names were mentioned to me in the spirit, and then when some of the brethren came in, they were asking about Preston Eby, who else were you asking about? Ray Princing, and what came to me through an email from another party, was also John Horton, if I am not mistaken, John, I think it is. All three of them are dead (MY EMPHASIS.. NO HE IS NOT!!!), all three of them taught what they called sonship teaching, but they also taught ultimate, well I do not know if John Horton taught ultimate reconciliation or not, I know he taught sonship, and I had all of his books. I received a copy of an email from somebody today exalting these men because they gave away free materials, and judging the righteousness of the man and their message on the fact that they gave away free materials.

    It is nice to give away free materials, we give away free materials, we gave away hard copies of free materials for years, and today, we have material worth lots of money if I wanted to sell it up on the Internet for whoever wants to look at it, we give away free materials, but that is not a judgment of righteousness, that is not how you judge whether or not somebody is ministering the message of God and who is to say, that if the Lord were to say to me tomorrow, that I should take all of those transcripts off of the website, and make people pay for them, does that mean that my message is not of God, whoever heard of such a silly thing, judging whether or not a person is of God or not by that?

    Studying in the Interlinear Text and the result of that was the emergence of what the Lord calls the doctrine of Christ, which is what I teach here, it is the spiritual understanding of the word. After that He started leading me (EMPHASIS “ME”) or during that time period He started leading me (EMPHASIS “ME”) towards some occult teachings, which is very, frightens a lot of Christians, but what He explained to me (EMPHASIS “ME”) was that He was bringing forth spiritual teaching into the church and there are no spiritual teachings in the Christian church. At that time I thought Kabbalah was as unclean as theosophy, and Hinduism.

    The Lord told me (EMPHASIS “ME”) I am going to let you, because, I had His permission (EMPHASIS “I HAD HIS PERMISSION”) and because I could hear from Him that clearly (EMPHASIS “AND BECAUSE I COULD HEAR FROM HIM CLEARLY”, He led me (EMPHASIS “ME”) into books in these philosophies which are spiritually anti-Christ doctrines, or philosophies, and I would read the books and He would show me (EMPHASIS “ME”) the truth of it in Him. That is how this ministry has arrived at where it is today. I (EMPHASIS “I”) can recognize Kabbalistic principles, and at one point I thought that I had seen His name on a theosophical listings of books, but of course it could have been somebody else. In any event, I believe, based on my knowledge of Kabbalah, and what I have read in Preston’s Eby’s works, that he as many others have sought, let me say this another way, a lot of Christians when they get to a certain point, especially someone like Preston Eby (EMPHASIS: AND HERE WE ARE PICKING APART THE MESSAGES OF AN ASSUMED DEAD PERSON, HOW SICK IS THAT? HE’S STILL ALIVE!!!) who was in to bringing forth advanced doctrine, he was already in to sonship and ultimate reconciliation, you want more and more, you want more and more, it becomes your spiritual food, you want more and more of this revelation, and I think, I am realizing now that a lot of teachers, a lot more than I ever realized, sought advanced doctrine from places that they would never have recommended to the average person in the church, and they just did not tell anybody where they got their revelation from.

    Based on what I read of Preston’s Eby’s works, it occurred to me that he had been investigating some Kabbalistic writings, but instead of seeing the Christ in the writings, he acquired or received the anti-Christ (EMPHASIS “ANTI-CHRIST DOCTRINE”) aspect of the doctrine, he took the philosophical Kabbalah, and in the condition that it is in which is anti-Christ, even though Christ is in it, the seed of the Christ, but when you, you have to be able to dig it out and explain it, otherwise it is an anti-Christ doctrine, am I making any sense at all? Yes.

    He, looking for additional revelation, investigated Kabbalah but could not distinguish, instead of distinguishing the Christ in it, and developing the Christ in it which is what we do here, the way the Jews received it, the way the Jews teach it, which is an anti-Christ message, (EMPHASIS “ANTI-CHRIST MESSAGE”) is that making any sense to you at all? Does anybody need me to say that again?”

    My point here is that this pastor (if this is what she really is) is making a mockery out of men, one who she calls DEAD who is not, and saying ME ME ME, I, I, I, …saying the LORD has given HER the right to study Kabbalah but nobody else. That Kabbalah in the hands of others becomes an ANTI-CHRIST message. As the ‘pastor’ has said at the end of the message above, IS THAT MAKING ANY SENSE AT ALL? How do you like a dose of your own medicine? This comes right from your OWN mouth. ME ME ME… that’s what your in it for.

  70. excultmember @ 2008-06-20 15:02


    Wow, that is an interesting post. Is there an email I can contact you at? I really would like to ask you some questions. If you could, would you feel comfortable posting here? Thank you.

    Excultmember (I don’t want to give out my information due to the fact that I was threatened once already.) God bless you.

  71. Excultmember,

    Of course you can write to me, I have nothing to hide. My email address is […]

    Editor’s note: Sorry but posting contact information is not allowed.

  72. LEMnotnice @ 2008-06-20 15:59


    I feel I should get involved with this as so many people are getting ticked off with this ‘cult’. I have written to the pastor as I thought some of her teachings were right, some were not, and then I found this cult site and inquired as to why she was labeled as a cult. She answered me saying that the person who owns this website was paid a lot of money and he is a liar. I have a portion of an email I am posting here:

    This was sent on June 18, to which answer I received below this email.


    I understand you are busy, but I really would like a
    reply. I believe you have very sound doctrine and what
    I read is helping me, but why all the scandal on the
    other website, is it just made up by someone? I don’t
    know why you won’t address my questions. I am being
    honest and just would like the truth. The Lord
    teaches us to seek out the truth, that’s all I’m
    doing. I’m not trying to be judgmental or anything.
    It’s just so much that is out there on the internet is
    hard to sift through, but I believe you have something
    real. I just need more answers.

    My reply, and instead of refuting the questions, this is the answer I got.

    Mail from Sheila Vitale:

    “You have to decide whether or not you will believe Rick Ross’ lies. but most of all you have to ask the Lord if He wants you to study with LEM.

    At this time, since you seem to have so many doubts, I think that it is best if you look elsewhere for a church.”

    There was no explanation, nothing, just a bunch of stuff she said about this site that I don’t believe is true and if anyone wants to write to me they can as i have the emails saved. I just believe this person is trying to hide something and I am just tired of trying to find a decent group to study with that doesn’t have a bunch of skeletons in the closet.

    My email is […]

    Thank you and have a nice day. You can judge from the above whether you would want a response like that. There was no specifics, just don’t study with me, find your own church. I think that is not the way a pastor should act when someone is making an honest inquiry into things that are posted on the internet.

    Editor’s note: Sorry but no contact information should be posted. Use the board to communicate.

  73. LEMnotnice @ 2008-06-20 17:52

    I’m sorry, I did not know I could not leave my contact info. I saw above that someone else did and it is on some other information so I thought it was okay. My mistake, I will keep all communication to the board.

  74. truthproject @ 2008-06-23 11:58

    This is without a doubt New Age with a few Bible verses mixed in with it to make it seem Biblical. The satanic bible has Bible verses included in it also to capture unsuspecting soles. New Age is simply SATANISM, but the new agers are clueless as to what they are in (a satanic rebellion).

    I am interested to know if your followers realize what they are new agers? I would also like to speak to excult member via email or telephone.

    Could you email or call Rick Ross, excult member? He knows how to contact me.

    And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising, then, if his servants masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve.” (2 Corinthians 11:13-15)

    Evil men and impostors will go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived.” (2 Timothy 3:13)

  75. excultmember @ 2008-06-23 16:48


    Will do that.. I am eager to speak with you. I am tired of this whole thing.

  76. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-06-23 16:54

    Boy, do I feel better now, I just checked into this site and am amazed that there are a lot more comments. I guess I’m not the only one that feels the way I do. That’s a comfort! Hurray to all that weren’t too scared to come out and say what they felt! It’s time for justice. AMEN!

  77. lifeinhim61 @ 2008-06-24 15:04

    Another Transcript to be CENSORED:
    “Dealing With Nighttime Sexual Harassment”


    Here are a few excerpts (very long transcript which talks about bodies astral projecting into your bed and having sex with you)

    This first excerpt is SHEILA talking:

    “For the last 2-3 years I’ve been awaked at 2 a.m., 3 a.m., 4 a.m., I didn’t even know what it was. Not necessarily hassled sexually, just woken up all night long. Now I’m sleeping right through. I’m waking up in the morning feeling rested, and I’m certainly not being hassled by these visitations which were absolutely horrendous. Waking up, not even waking up, but having your consciousness awakened and finding some soul in bed with you and you have nothing to say about it, and then this was the worst, this was the absolute worst when there was nobody even there, and these things were happening to your body that you didn’t even know how it was happening to you. Well, let me give you the whole story. When I had these experiences with this witchcraft I believed that I actually saw the person. In the astral projection the soul came into my bed and was actually trying to engage in the sexual act with me. Over here, with the witchcraft it was not that, but I actually saw the witch casting the spell on two different occasions, and both times they were talking to somebody. I couldn’t see the other person. Two times I had that experience, but I saw them both times. Now whether or not it was a real person, I think it was, they appeared to me as if you would see somebody under water. They looked a little surrealistic as if you were peering through water and the person was under water, but I think I saw them. One of them was a Japanese, one of them looked like one of these Japanese wrestlers, these big strong husky guys that do Karate, and he was at some kind of an altar, and there were candles burning every where, and that was the first time when I got this revelation, before I went to sleep at night I had cursed this activity in my cerebral cortex, and I heard him saying to somebody, this is really funny because I had forgotten I had cursed this activity, and I had this experience and I heard him saying “I can’t do it because of the curse,” and I didn’t know what it meant until I mentioned it to Rita. He must be talking about the curse you put on that activity in your cerebral cortex, and I said, hey, wow, I forgot all about that. The second time it happened to me it was a women, it was a lesbian spirit, I know what she looked like, I could tell you what she was wearing, and I heard her saying to somebody else, “Well try this.” In other words they had tried two or three things and they couldn’t pull it off, and she said “Try this one.”

    And a GREATER EXPLANATION of THIS by Sheila:

    “This is what may be happening to you, and of course your response to restrain this in each of these three situations is different. If it is your own soul rising up to bring you down you have to ask yourself, well let me put it to you this way, if it is your own soul rising up to bring you down there may be a demon present. Your soul may have produced a demon. If you have in the past been engaged in illegal sexual activity your soul may have produced a demon so you need to pray along these lines, and the names of the demons that hassle you at night, the names of the demons that you are looking for primarily? Anybody know? Incubus and Succubus. Incubus comes in the form of male to a woman, and in the form of a female to a man and is capable of completing the sexual act with a human being. The whole nine. Someone said to me once, what’s the whole nine? The whole nine. It’s a spirit. His name is Incubus. The other one that comes to you is Succubus, sometimes comes to as a woman as a lesbian spirit, and sometimes to a man or it could be a man to a woman, and Succubus performs oral sex. Now you may think you are having a dream, and it may even sound like every man’s dream for a while until you find out that you can’t control this thing, that this thing is controlling you. It is a big joke to people that never heard this before. Had a man come in off the street once. He had one of these Incubus spirits keeping him up all night. First reaction from some of the men was, oh boy. He couldn’t sleep. He was suffering from exhaustion. It is no joke. You are coming into bondage to this thing. You are not supposed to be in bondage. If it is somebody else’s soul coming to you we are talking about astral-projection. It is possible for somebody to be born with a strong mind, inherited psychic ability, many people have it, which has the power to astral-project into your bed at night. Now you may know it, you may not know it, you may be doing it and not know it, you may be doing it and know it. The witches do that also. How does it happen? You desire somebody to such a degree that your soul leaves your body or a portion of your soul leaves your body and can astral-project right into their bed at night. You may think you are having a dream. You may be dreaming, but you may be astral-projecting right into someone’s bed. You may think you are dreaming, someone may be astral projecting right into your bed, and if it is somebody astral projecting right into your bed it is a whole personality. We are talking about demons here, Incubus and Succubus. In astral projection we are talking about a whole personality visiting you. I have spoken to some people who have actually seen impressions on the bed, that this invisible being has had enough substance to depress the bed. In Africa there is a situation that is common for a woman to have a spiritual husband. It is common for a woman to have a spiritual husband in Africa. Woman who are captured by this have a tendency to reject their natural husband for the spiritual husband. Why? Spirit is a higher form of existence than soul. Brethren, there’s power in spirit, and when some spirit has got ahold of your body you are going to reject the natural man. That’s just the way it is. Now I never heard of any specific instance, but there is no doubt in my mind as God has been talking to me about this over the last several weeks or couple of months, that it can happen to a man too. I do know a couple of men that have had visitations. This sexual relationship between a man or a woman and a spirit is far superior, if you looking for pleasure, than a relationship with another human being. They have the power to give you more pleasure. They have the power to bind you to them.”


    Sheila talking (and this is ALL taken FROM THE TRANSCRIPT on the Webpage)”

    “SPIRITUAL SEX WITH CHRIST (CAPS EMPHASIS MINE) is far superior to anything that you could experience in the flesh, and I know that’s hard to believe for people who have never experienced spiritual sex and are very engaged in human sexuality. I confess to you that you must think I am crazy, but I’m telling you that it’s the truth. Why is it the truth? You never ever have enough of human sexuality. There are problems surrounding it. You have to get a partner. Your partner has to be in agreement if you are going to do it in a Godly way. That’s why so many people today are promiscuous today because it is easy to get sex with different partners, once here, twice there, no problems. If you have to get sex with your wife, well, you have to keep her happy. You have to be engaged in an on-going relationship. That’s hard, that’s really hard, living in an on-going relationship with somebody where you are compromising and where you have to love them and where there are all kinds of emotional and mental factors involved in your sex life. That’s hard. It is much easier to just go out and get a prostitute, get a one-night stand. God says you are not supposed to be doing that other stuff. So, if you want to be sexually gratified in a legal way you have to have a relationship with that woman that’s going to make her want you, and that’s not an easy thing, and, even if she wants you, maybe she is sick, maybe she doesn’t feel well, maybe a member of her family died and she’s away for a few months. Human sexuality is anything but perfect. It is most imperfect.”


    “So all of these years I’ve thought I was a eunuch. We are not eunuchs the Lord said, we are fasting. Listen Brethren, as long as you have the slightest desire at all for a human sexual life you are not a eunuch. You are fasting. Sometimes fasting produces distress. So, there aren’t many eunuchs around. Jesus was a eunuch. He did not suffer for his celibacy. He was completely satisfied in every area of his life. Paul was a eunuch. So the problem that we have are the people who are in between. They are not married, neither are they spiritual eunuchs. Spiritual eunuchs, one more time, are so satisfied with their spiritual life that they have in union with Christ that they don’t want anything else. The desire is not there. That’s a eunuch. I don’t know anybody today….people are fasting, they’ve given it up for the Kingdom of God because the Lord said, it is not right to fornicate, and neither has the Lord given you a wife or a husband. So we have a whole category of people that are really suffering. They are not only suffering physically, but they are suffering emotionally, and the Lord wants me to give you some pointers today as to how to deal with this and some information about what’s producing your discomfort.”

  78. As I was searching for a reason why this ministry is on this page, it occurred to me to look up certain things on the Living Epistles website, and this is what I found within a transcript called, The Mystery of Judgment:

    “Those of us that can sit in a ministry like this are mature. We are the fore or the front runners. We are members of the body of Christ that are going forward first. That makes us the priests. The priests went over Jordan first, they carried the Ark over Jordan, and the rest of the people followed later on.

    We are the priests, we are the priest company. We are going forward first, and now the Lord wants to join others to our company, who are, from what I can see, very prepared to start at the beginning here. There are still so few of us that we have to be led to them by the Lord. There was a tremendous move by Satan to stop this connection from being formed, and I still do not know what the end of it will be.

    I am going out to Minnesota next week, and we will see who I meet, or what God does, or what kind of connection will be made. I know when He sent me to Africa the first time, I made a connection and we now have the Lagos fellowship that has existed for twelve years or more.

    I do not know what is going to happen when I go out to Minnesota. At the very least, there will be some nurturing for the people that I already know, who are inviting me, but I have no way of knowing what the end of this new connection is going to be. These are people that are actually mature enough to receive this message, the beginnings of the message.

    How do I know it was not the unconscious part of somebody’s mind of this ministry that was causing all of this trouble? I do not know. It could have been me, maybe it was me. I do not know, but I do not think it was me, because I generally examine the unconscious part of my mind regularly.

    The veil is dissolved in my mind, I see my thoughts, and I know when something wrong comes up in my mind. I know when I have a thought that is wrong. Everybody does not have that, and some people are able to see wrong thoughts in some areas, but not in other areas.”

    The transcript can be found here:

    Now I understand where Lifeinhim61 was coming from when she said that everything in the transcripts sounded like Sheila was saying she was the one, me, I, all of that. This sounds very much like an elite ‘group’ of people and that there are names listed multiple times to make everyone think it’s such a large ministry, but it really is not, there seems to be the same names coming up over and over, and there is no mention of a church or anything. This really is more and more obvious to me that this is a cult. I wonder why none of the Minnesota meetings tapes have been transcribed yet. Could something still be hiding in the wings? I think this entire article above was about someone who was done wrong in Minnesota and there is no way that anything is going to get published that even has a Minnesota flavor to it. I could be wrong, but though I detest going to the main website for Living Epistles, I keep looking for answers. Since this pastor seems to have all the answers, and I am one that looks for truth, I know there is something there that has to be missing.
    Good day everyone.

  79. truthproject @ 2008-07-12 03:12

    S. Vitale speaks of spiritual rape and I have been told that her cult followers speak of being spiritually raped so then think of this, Ms. Vitale also teaches in her messages that whatever is going in the natural is going on in the spiritual. Mmmmmm¦¦..

    I would say if you are being visited by demons and being spiritually raped you are not covered by the Hands of GOD

    Elliott if you are searching for the truth open your Bible because that is the truth yesterday, today, and forever that is what is so great about it. God never deceives or lies to us. Don’t look to one person for answers that is a absolute indicationwhat cults do. It is really dangerous, and if you think someone is a prophet find out what the bible says about prophets. Ms Vitale says several times in her teachings “I might be wrong, I might be wrong, I just go by my feelings”. She tells you exactly what you need to know. This statement might be the only thing that she is truthful about.

    In JESUS NAME THIS CULT WILL BE STOPPED and revealed for its true self, but unfortunately there are many more out there waiting to prey upon those who are dying from the lack of knowledge.

    We as humans are so lazy because we would rather go to someone else to tell us what the truth is rather than to read the BIBLE and listen to GOD’s voice.

    This group is really sad and really scary to those that may be susceptible to their deception. I pray that eyes will be opened before anymore families are destroyed from its evil.

  80. Hello truthproject,

    Sorry for taking so long to get to the site, it seemed to be down for a time.

    Yes, thank you for the insight about not looking to someONE for answers, but to God, the Bible, HIS Word. Amen to that!

    And as I looked through some of the transcripts on the Living Epistles website (oh how I really dislike going there!!! I get the creeps)… I noticed that there were many transcripts that had not been transcribed yet, ones from a year or more ago… especially left off were the ones from MN. That seems relevant to this dialogue here… why leave off the transcripts from those meetings? Let’s hear what you have to say, Ms. Vitale, if you have nothing to hide… or IS there something to hide? Only the Lord knows and in HIS time He will find you out.

    I leave now with the comment of AMEN to the immediate dissolution of this C-U-L-T!


  81. Well, it’s almost July 24 and there has been no answers coming forth from Ms. Vitale though she has been asked many times to explain herself as to what kind of church she has, how many members, and she hasn’t even defended herself as to being a REAL Pastor. So the conclusion I can come up with is that she has something to hide and is not talking. That makes this a cult in more ways than one. Mainly that nobody in her “church group” is defending her nor ALLOWED to probably, which is mind control at best, another cult indication… and they probably can’t talk to each other either because if word got out, God forbid, something bad might happen. Would you put a spell on your group, Ms. Vitale? I’m sure they are all afraid of you as they have lifted you high on a pedestal and feel like you are GOD come in the Flesh, as you have mentioned above. It’s sad that even though you have been asked time and again to explain your situation, you still don’t. It’s beyond belief that a Pastor can’t even answer simple questions about their OWN ministry, if one can even call it that at this point. Very sad indeed. This is obviously near the end.

  82. excultmember @ 2008-09-27 00:47

    I wrote away for some materials from this ‘cult’ so I could see and hear for myself what this ministry was putting out, and I will just tell you that it is blasphemy and lies. I feel that there is so much mind control in this ‘cult’ that even listening to some of the sermons, if that is what you call them, can put you into a trance or a sleep where you are just ‘owned’ by this person. It is sick and it is a form of making people do what you want them to do. It appears the teacher has more respect for herself and is puffed up with her own knowledge than those of her group or followers. On the few materials I received, they were the same people over and over. If this is a ministry, it most certainly is lacking in people or spirituality. I am very suspicious about this entire cult. What a way to twist Scripture to get it to say exactly what you want it to say to meet your guidelines and beliefs! Granted, the KJV is full of errors, but the way this lady takes them apart, you’d think she was making up her own Bible and was given the gift from God to do it. I think the translators did a great job, and here she goes botching the whole thing with words unspeakable. May the real truth be found out. Amen.

  83. excultmember @ 2008-12-02 19:07

    Again, I am brought here as I have been monitoring the Living Epistles webiste and see that there has been a lot removed (guilt??)… there are no more transcripts up about the MacGregor group, and no Askov meetings to be transcribed. I wonder why? Again, I have to ask, is there guilt associated with the knowledge of this group? And why does this person have many people listed twice on their ‘staff members’ when they really aren’t doing anything anyway? They are there just for show, for nothing more. I have been told there are less than 12 people that actually contribute ANYTHING to this cult, and there is one person that can’t even see but she is transcribing? And there are two people from MacGregor added to the transcript list but they NEVER TRANSCRIBE!!! How can that be? I have found a lot out about this group over the last year, and now I see Ms. Vitale has elaborated on her sob story about how she almost died, etc. It’s all a ploy to make people see her in a different light and not bring any focus to the fact that if they look her up they will find her on the top of the list under CULTS. This is just wrong and I think that there should be some explanation as to why this person is allowed to still do business when she has harmed so many with her so called ‘DOCTRINE’. There is only one Bible as I know it and it has the words of CHRIST, not words twisted to fit some screwy doctrine someone wants to pretend they know. The Lord is the only teacher, not this person, Ms. Vitale. Think real hard before getting sucked in by someone that wants your MONEY only and to beat you with a stick if you do something wrong. This woman knows nothing of forgiveness or compassion… the two things Jesus believed in. What is wrong with this picture? Stick to the Bible, that’s all you need, and cling to JESUS! Merry Christmas everyone. Steer clear of cults like this, it will give you LIFE.

  84. faithful @ 2009-03-10 01:03

    From Sheila to all cult members in McGregor, MN (emailed to cult members and disbursed among the cult) (summer of 2007)

    Keep in mind at all times that it is just an attack.

    Also, remember the message about nighttime sexual harassment, that it is possible to be sexually stimulated by someone’s mind, or by someone’s astral projection.

    It is also possible for the sex act to be consummated on the astral plane with or without the consent of the passive party (see, “Third-Level Marriage”), which would be spiritual rape.

    Crying out to the Lord may or may not help. You have to aggressively resist the source with spiritual warfare.

    Continuously place yourself in a protective castle. You can use your imagination. This is the prayer that I pray when I am in serious danger: In the Name of Jesus, I pray the following prayer for myself and my whole natural and spiritual family, and my land and property:
    I cover every square inch of our physical being and possessions, and the equivalent measure of our spiritual beings (don’t know how to relate “square inch” to an astral body) with the Blood of Jesus..
    I cover, etc, with the Terrible Ice of Binah;
    I put each area named inside a tower (that is, each square inch of my physical and astral body into its own tower);
    I put each tower inside its own castle
    I surround each castle with a moat filled with alligators and crocodiles (I know they do not inhabit the same geographical areas “ but who cares? This is the spirit world J)
    I surround each moat with warrior angels armed to the teeth, shooting proactively into the darkness;
    I break the curses causing this attack and send them back to the head of the sender.
    I cancel all of Satan’s plans that this attack is sent to accomplish
    I break the teeth, cheeks and bones of the enemy.
    I break their curses and the power of their sexual perversion
    I break their weapons “ their bows, arrows, spears, hatchets
    I command their guns to backfire and their grenades to explode in their hands, and their tanks to blow up from the inside
    I set all entities involved in this attack against one another.
    I cause them to fall into a pit and perish therein
    I loose rebellion, anarchy, confusion, in-fighting, into the enemy camp;
    I loose fear on the enemy soldiers and command them to scatter in all directions;
    I bring down the ungodly structure that this attack is coming from;
    I break its altar and psycho-sexual power, and place it in Astral Jail;
    I rebuke anything and everything within the victim that is responding to this Astral Seduction and Astral Rape, and command this attack to STOP, NOW!!!

    Jesse “ I would pray this prayer at least twice a day, more if necessary, until you press through this attack. The only answer that I know of is to attack the enemy without mercy in the manner demonstrated above, until you defeat them.

    Also, keep in mind that spiritual sexual seduction is directed towards the fiery serpent (kundalini) within you. The fiery serpent is the spiritual offspring of the woman and the Snake, and resides at the base of the human spine. She is the mortal foundation of all human beings. The fiery serpent is the source of both human sexuality and spirituality. Her ascension (which sometimes results in sexual stimulation) is directly related to replacing the ascendant Christ. This is what happened to the Hebrew children in the wilderness. They did not physically die. They died to the Christ who had been raised within them through their relationship with Moses:

    Num 21:5-7

    5 And the people spake against God, and against Moses, Wherefore have ye brought us up out of Egypt to die in the wilderness? for there is no bread, neither is there any water; and our soul loatheth this light bread.

    6 And the LORD sent fiery serpents among the people, and they bit the people; and much people of Israel died.

    7 Therefore the people came to Moses, and said, We have sinned, for we have spoken against the LORD, and against thee; pray unto the LORD, that he take away the serpents from us. And Moses prayed for the people. KJV

    Accordingly, you can specifically speak to the fiery serpent within you and tell her TO GO DOWN. You can punish her in any way that your mind can think of.

    You must also know that you have the victory if you are willing to fight in this manner “ no matter how long it takes.


  85. faithful @ 2009-03-22 04:32

    May 17, 2007 9 am


    I am sending this email to restate what I told you during our telephone conversation last week concerning tithing.

    I do not think that you should tithe on monies laid out to purchase building material for clients that you are being reimbursed for, if that is truly how your business works. I have not heard anything from the Lord yet.

    The Scriptural tithe is to be paid on the gross of all monies that we receive, before operating expenses or taxes are taken out.

    LEM tithes 10% on each dollar that comes into the Ministry. It makes no difference what we spend that dollar on “ salaries, taxes, operating expenses, professional fees, printing and recording supplies, etc. In addition, I tithe, personally, on every dollar that I receive from every source.

    Brett, tithing is a very important Scriptural issue, especially for believers who are studying the Doctrine of Christ. If we do not tithe properly, it can affect our whole walk with the Lord, and our whole life and the lives of our loved ones.

    You told me that your business has been very slow. Perhaps that is because you have not been tithing properly. Also, with all of the family problems you have been having, it is important that your financial affairs are in right order with the Lord, so that He can move on your behalf to deliver you.

    Tithing and free will offerings are two very different things. The tithe is an obligation and free-will offerings are not. Jesus clearly told the Pharisees that if they think they have a choice whether or not they support their parents, the Lord will not consider their debt paid, even after they supply the necessary funds. This is because tithing is an attitude of the heart. It is an act of submission to the priest who is spiritually feeding you and watching for your soul and the souls of your family. Tithes are no more a gift than taxes. Paying taxes does not make one “feel good.” In the same manner tithing is not designed “to make one feel good” like giving a free-will offering does.

    There are several articles on tithing on the LEM website explaining the difference between tithing and free-will offerings. I suggest that you read them, and I hope they help you to make the Godly decision as to how you will proceed so that your business can prosper and your family problems healed quickly.

    I look forward to seeing you again.

    Sincerely in Christ,


    May 17, 2007 9pm

    I heard from the Lord. He said that the tithe is 10% of the amount that appears on your federal income tax as “gross business income”

    I hope that I have explained to you how important it is that you tithe, and that not tithing properly could be the source of your business falling off this year.

    God bless you.


  86. faithful @ 2009-04-03 14:52

    The McGregor Prophet Aldrich states has raised someone from the dead. Can anyone verify this information?

  87. faithful @ 2009-04-12 23:33

    Can any one comment on the incident in which the McGregor Prophet Aldrich gave birth to the “man child”? (spiritual birth)

  88. faithful @ 2009-05-01 15:39

    Could someone tell me what could possibly of been the basis for the decision of a custody evaluator stating that one of the cult member parents could not involve their children in any way with Living Epistles Ministries, especially the cult leaders in McGregor and New York? I am curious as to the conclusions/evidence found.

    I was told a newspaper or tv crew was going to do a story on the cult? Any truth to that? When will that be written?

  89. lifeinhim61 @ 2009-08-09 21:26

    This is the first time I’ve been on here since my last post over a year ago.

    What I had not written that should have been is that when Sheila Vitale finally admits that she is using an alias “Peter Dennis”.. if you read Dennis backwards you get SINNED. I wonder if this was done subconsciously? She obviously has sinned in more ways that one and really needs to get on her knees and pray.

    Also, the fact that another person was put out of the ministry is telling. This person should not have been let go, she was apparently second in command to helping out in the office, and hopefully she will have something to say in the near future as to what ‘secrets’ LEM is hiding. I pray this person does. 😉

    Happy Day, Sheila! – Rose

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