By Brian Birmingham

Where is Benny Hinn and what is he doing now?

A cursory search for his name in the news online reveals that he has not been in the news lately. And a look at Benny Hinn Ministries’ website and Facebook page shows that he’s got no public events coming up in the foreseeable future.

In fact, Benny Hinn’s name has not been in the news much at all since September of 2019. This was about the time when Hinn announced to the world that he was rejecting the so-called “prosperity gospel” and would henceforward preach only historically established Christian doctrine.

Indeed, a reading of Benny Hinn Ministries’ website reflects an absence of any reference to prosperity theology, “seed faith” teaching or anything of the sort. Instead, there are only references to prayer, healing, deliverance, and like topics.

One thing that has not changed about Benny Hinn’s presentation, is his emphasis on miracles, and how they can (and do) happen all the time.

Benny Hinn

But where is the man many regard as the world’s greatest healer, when you really need him, during a pandemic?

While some evangelical churches and other houses of worship around the United States are ignoring Covid restrictions, Benny Hinn seems to be rather timid concerning his approach to serving the quarantined (and otherwise socially restricted) masses.

Where are the “Miracle Services” that he’s so famous for during this season of Coronavirus?

Benny Hinn does not appear at all enthusiastic about healing people from Covid these days.

Is he wary of becoming infected himself?

Maybe he has already been infected?

Hinn did suffer through heart attacks in 2015. And the past year may have been a bit rough regarding financial contributions.

But doesn’t Pastor Benny tell us that all manner of sickness and disease can be healed or cured through his ministry with God’s help?

Perhaps Benny Hinn now thinks that people must not rely upon him in any way, but instead heal themselves with God’s help alone.

If that’s the reason he has been so scarce lately, good on Benny for that!

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  1. FYI Rick A. Ross:
    don’t post: FYI When my pastor had a heart attack he couldn’t get back in the pulpit to preach either., he tried but no go; which was good because he immulated to me no different than “jim jones”., scary guy my former very evil sociopath/psychopath of a pastor, so much control..and for what, end result…is good riddance when they’re gone.

  2. Pamela hirsch @ 2021-03-07 09:37

    Lets hope these con-men tele-evangelist ‘healers’ will all be put out of business and we will hopefully hear no more from any of them.

  3. He’s at Jesus Image in Orlando, FL, his son-in-law’s, Michael Kouliano’s church. He’s planning on moving his ministry to Dallas, TX.

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