No more lesbian kisses for Roseanne?Former sitcom queen Roseanne wants everyone to know that the Kabbalah Centre is just like other religions when it comes to its attitude towards gays reported Contact

“They’re heavy on pushing the reproduction thing, as are all religions,” she said.

Madonna must be relieved to know that she has nothing to worry about regarding offending her large gay following due to the diva’s passion for the Kabbalah Centre.

Boy George walked away from a documentary about the group, which is often called a “cult,  with the impression that they believe “gay people are diseased and can be cured.” 

But don’t worry about that Roseanne observes, “You can find homophobia anywhere you want to look.”

Should Boy George take solace in the consolation that others feel that way too?

Is this an example of Roseanne’s supposed “religious enlightenment”?

All this from the same star that once shocked America with her controversial lesbian kiss?

Maybe that’s the difference a “cult” makes?


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