Madonna seems to think that her teachers at the “Kabbalah Centre” can somehow save her marriage reports the Daily Mail.
Maybe Madonna should think for herself?But turning to them for advice may be like going “from the frying pan into the fire.” And further proof that once strong star known for her independent thinking has become far too dependent upon her spiritual advisors.

The “rabbis” at the center have supposedly advised Madonna to wait until after Passover to resolve the reported rift between her and film director Guy Ritchie, the father of her second child.

“She has confided in teachers about her fears for the future of her marriage because it is under a huge amount of pressure,” says a source from inside the London center that Madonna’s millions helped to create.

The same anonymous source added, “They have been discussing with her what she should do as being able to hold onto love and making marriage work …Kabbalism is supposed to help.”

However, after about a decade of involvement with the Kabbalah Centre’s and its brand of “Kabbalism” isn’t it time for Madonna to try something else?

The former “Material Girl” must know that the teachings of her mentor Philip Berg have often been derided by Jewish scholars as “McWisdom,” little more than slick marketing and magical thinking.

After all, if it’s broken why not fix it?

And why rely upon the mechanics that haven’t been able to keep her marriage running smoothly in the first place?

Continuing to wear the “red string” bracelet or gulping down “Kabbalah water” like other Berg believers is unlikely to help Madonna much.

The one-time music queen of the 1980s is reportedly “down in the dumps,” so why not dump the Bergs?

Rumor has it that Guy Ritchie has reconsidered his involvement with the Kabbalah Centre, so why not his wife?

“The teachers told her that hopefully she will see things more clearly after Pesach,” says the Kabbalah Centre insider.

But to really see things more clearly perhaps the pop icon needs to think this out alone or at least without her Kabbalistic handlers.

It may be too late to save her marriage, but it’s not too late for Madonna to save herself and once again be her own person, rather than a marketing tool for Berg Inc.


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