“Sparring between Mormons and traditional Christians found a new venue last week – a movie theater in San Diego” reports the Salt Lake City Tribune.

Joseph Smith's claims the basis for MormonismThe newspaper in the heart of Utah asks “Are Mormons Christian”?

According to a Mormon sociologist and the director of a Mormon movie they are.

However, historically Mormons have never been recognized as “Christians” by any denomination of Christianity. And this includes even the most liberal branches of Protestantism.

Nevertheless Mormons often insist they are “Christians,” claiming that because Jesus Christ is included within their belief system, this makes their faith “Christian.”

However, here are three major doctrinal differences that have created a “chasm” between Mormonism and historical Christianity as reported by Christianity Today. 

  • Mormons “accept both the Old Testament and New Testament as Scripture…but also consider the Book of Mormon and founder Joseph Smith’s other works, The Pearl of Great Price and Doctrine and Convenants, to be authoritative.”
  • Mormons “reject the traditional concept of the Trinity [and]…believe God the Father and God the Son have fleshly bodies and that the Holy Ghost is a spirit man.”
  • “Mormons teach that God was once a finite being who achieved his exalted rank by ‘progressing.'”

These beliefs set Mormons apart from Christians and historical Christianity.

Instead, Mormonism is a uniquely American religion based upon the claims of Joseph Smith, beginning in 1827.


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