Li Hongzhi,” the founder and leader of Falun Gong also known as Falun Dafa, has been repeatedly described as “homophobic” and as a “racist.”

Li HongzhiCultNews previously reported about the media meltdown Falun Gong experienced in San Francisco concerning its leaders nasty pronouncements.

During the Bay area controversy a member of the San Francisco gay community said, “I challenge any gay person in this city to get any Falun Gong practitioner to state they do not agree with their master’s belief. I have never heard them refute what he has said. There is deception here.”

What is it that the man called “Master Li” says that causes concern, which his followers never refute?

Interracial marriage is one thing that seems to rile the religious leader, but he saves some of his most harsh words for homosexuals.

Here are some quotes from Hongzhi as provided by the blog “…smell the Kool-Aid…fun with cults”.

Li Hongzhi: “Is homosexuality human behavior? Heaven created man and woman. What was the purpose? To procreate future generations. A man being with a man, or a woman with a woman”it doesn’t take much thought to know whether that’s right or wrong. When minor things are done incorrectly, a person is said to be wrong. When major things are done incorrectly, it’s a case of people no longer having the moral code of human beings, and then they are unworthy of being human…When gods created man they prescribed standards for human behavior and living. When human beings overstep those boundaries, they are no longer called human beings, though they still assume the outer appearance of a human. So gods can’t tolerate their existence and will destroy them.”Leading lights of the “Religious Right” like Jerry Falwell might agree that homosexuality is a sin, but they would say “love the sinner and hate the sin,” allowing that gays are still “human beings.” Hongzhi however seems to question that status and he apparently just hates instead.Li then goes on to tell why his work is so worthy.Li Hongzhi: “Let me tell you why today’s society has become how it is. It results from there not being an upright Fa to keep human beings in check. This Dafa is taught right in the most chaotic environment, at a time when no religion can save people, and where the circumstance is that no god takes interest in people anymore. The Fa is almighty. The best time periods wouldn’t require such a great Fa to be taught. Only in the worst time periods can the power of the Fa manifest. There are other reasons, too.”

“No religion can save people”?

“The Fa is almighty”?

Sounds like an “evil cult” leader making exclusive claims about himself now doesn’t it?

Hongzhi then says that he is actually something like a savior for gays.

Li Hongzhi: “Let me tell you, if I weren’t teaching this Fa today, gods’ first target of annihilation would be homosexuals. It’s not me who would destroy them, but gods.” And here is Hongzhi’s piercing and some might observe “homophobic” historical analysis.Li Hongzhi: “You know that homosexuals have found legitimacy in that homosexuality was around back in the culture of ancient Greece. Yes, there was a similar phenomenon in ancient Greek culture. And do you know why ancient Greek culture is no more? Why are the ancient Greeks gone? Because they had degenerated to that extent, and so they were destroyed.”Huh? 

History doesn’t quite reflect the downfall of Greece that way. It seems it had something more to do with internal conflicts, the Macedonian and then the Roman conquest.

Since the Macedonian ruler Alexander the Great was gay, does that mean a gay caused the ultimate downfall of Greek gays?

And didn’t someone once partly attribute the “Fall of the Roman Empire” to sexual promiscuity and homosexuality too?

So does that mean that the gays got the great gay’s empire for getting the gays? 

This is all getting too confusing, but perhaps Hongzhi enlightened by the “Almighty Fa” can figure it out.

Did you ever wonder why there is so much suffering in the world?

Well, Master Li has all the answers. 

Li Hongzhi: “Do you know why wars, epidemics, and natural and man-made disasters happen in this world? They’re precisely because human beings have karma, and those events exist to remove it. No matter how wonderful a time period may be in the future, there will still be wars, epidemics, and natural and man-made disasters on earth. They are a way of eliminating karma for people. Some people who have sinned can have their karma eliminated through the death of the flesh body and suffering, and then they’ll be free of that karma when they reincarnate. Their lives don’t really die and they reincarnate again. But the karma that some people have accrued is too much, in which case the fundamental elements of their existence will be implicated and destroyed.”

It seems that Hongzhi’s preaching includes a little bit of Buddhism with an ample dose of Armageddon-like “doom and gloom.”

Maybe that’s good for the guru business?

That is, it keeps people worried and looking for a little “karma relief.” Then they are more willing to be taken in by the man who supposedly speaks for the “Almighty Fa” to save them since “no religion can save people” and “no god takes interest.”

Now back to some more of Hongzhi’s homophobic rant.

Li Hongzhi: “Homosexuals not only violate the standards that gods set for mankind, but also damage human society’s moral code. In particular, the impression it gives children will turn future societies into something demonic. That’s the issue. That kind of destruction, however, isn’t just about disappearing after they’re annihilated. That person is annihilated layer after layer at a rate that seems pretty rapid to us, but in fact it’s extremely slow in that time field. Over and over again, one is annihilated in an
extremely painful way. It’s terribly frightening. A person should live in an upright manner, living honorably like a human being. He shouldn’t indulge his demon-nature and do whatever he

Don’t expect any of Falun Dafa’s gays to “come out of the closet” or even repent. It’s better to hide out than be “annihilated…over and over again.”

Isn’t it odd how the same man that claims he and his followers have experienced “persecution” in China and who protests human rights violations speaks with such hatred and intolerance about the human rights of others?

Maybe some of “Master Li’s” followers can clear this up?

This blog has a provision for comments and in the past Hongzhi’s devotees have posted here to protest any criticism of their master and his movement.

Will they post again to refute his hateful words?




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  1. Amazing. I knew little about this eastern cult. Now I think it fair to call this a dangerous eastern cult. No wonder Chinese authorities are working so hard to keep this “faith” in check. A true cult of hate-filled insane intolerant idiots.

  2. FalunGongIsGood @ 2006-07-15 18:38

    No. These are not right. Falun Gong has no comments on homosexuals in terms of human view. Falun Gong does not have hate. We respect every person. I personally have a friend who is a gay. Falun Gong does teach Falun Gong practitioners that homosexual behavior is not good in Falun Gong’s standard. However, homosexuals can still practice Falun Gong if they give up such behaviours.

    Homosexuality is not considered a bad behaviour first by Falun Gong. They were discouraged behaviours by other orthodox religions long time ago.

    Falun Gong is not a cult. It is very good. Please be open minded. I hope my words would help to clear up your confusion.

  3. Interesting flavor of Kool-Aid you are drinking…

  4. I think this guy is confused. I dont know if hes buddhist, christian or hindu…Why did they let this guy through customs??

  5. D-Wall,

    Here is a little bit about this lunatic from the Falun Gone(sic) Link above courtesy of Rick Ross:

    “There is no doubt that some of Li’s claims are, to Western eyes, pretty wacky. He says he can levitate and become invisible simply by thinking the phrase “nobody can see me”. He can control people’s movements by just thinking, he says, and can move himself anywhere by thought alone. He claims to have averted a global comet catastrophe and the Third World War and says that the Nostradamus’s prophecies are coming true today in China. In the real world his impact is mixed. Falun Gong inculcates an “us and them” feeling among its followers, and has unattractive beliefs about homosexuals and children of inter-racial marriages. But it has health benefits for millions, with studies showing that its exercises reduce stress and may boost the immune system.”

    So there you have it. Exercise is good so therefore so is Falun Gone (sic)…pay no attention to the man behind the curtain….

  6. dennisdpt @ 2006-07-26 10:55

    Falun Dafa is a cult. No doubt about it. If the followers of Falun Dafa cannot even voice out their opinions against their so-called leader…they are in a cult – brainwashed and all. As a person of Chinese descent, I am ashamed that there is such a thing as Falun Dafa. I may not agree with the Chinese government but I believe in this case, they are correct in eradicating this dangerous cult.

    Falungong as an exercise…hey I can still go to the gym and get a good work out just the same…minus the brainwashing and all that supposed spiritual mumbo jumbo. As a doctor, I can honestly say that your bones and muscles cannot distinguish between whether you’re doing a Richard Simmons workout or a Falungong workout. If the followers of falungong would like to repute this statement, I’d like to see a randomized controlled trial published in a peer reviewed journal. Exercise is exercise…and believe me, it’s a lot better without the brainwashing.

    Also, cult members who say that well…since exercise is good, falungong must also be good. Having taken college philosophy classes, this is a non sequitur fallacy. It’s almost similar to those hippies saying that we have to eat everything organic and natural because everything that comes from nature is good and healthy. Hmmm…cyanide comes from nature… So, just because exercise is good doesn’t mean that falungong is.

    It’s really sad that even at this day and age, there are still people who think of themselves as the only ones who have the right to exist in this world. You have fundamentalist Christians, fundamentalist Moslems, and now you have the crazy Falungong cult members. Don’t they realize that since we are all manifestations of God (whatever you call Him or Her), projecting any kind of hatred or negative thoughts against others is the same as projecting these to God. Therefore, it then follows that these people, ironically, are the present day anti-God or anti-Christ.

  7. Hello! I agree with all of you that each of us have the human right to said our opinions freely. So I wanted to give a little opinion about this topic.
    For me, if you said about homophobic and racist about the founder of Falun Dafa… I don’t agree with you. Why? Because I saw it from another perspective. Maybe can help you to get a new view. Well I think what he said is the similar with a doctor who said to the patients to stop smoking. The doctor said that smoking can cause cancer and many sick (We all know that this truth even the smoker). But the smoker concept said that it’s okay to smoke, furthermore it makes him/her feel energized and have courage (example). He don’t agree with doctor because the concept he believe. So he continous to smoke. Well can you said the doctor is smokephobic or someone who attack smoker ? (well you can depend on your concept of view). But for me, that’s the doctor view that tell another person about the danger of smoking, if the smoker don’t believe it, so it’s already the responsible of the smoker itself.If the smoker get sick in the future, can he/she blame the doctor? Off course not. This is the illustration. So don’t comment to much, it’s depend on each person, want to know/believe it or not. Nothing more than this.
    If Falun Gong follower agree with their teacher words, nothing wrong with it. To oppose someone oppinion is take as a free of thinking? As long they good why not?
    If any of you want to be gay, that is your own business. Not every one said that Britney Spears is their favourite singer. So for her fans, she is number one. But can you blame another who doesn’t become her fans because not take Britney as their favourite singer? The same with Falun Gong. You like it, enjoy it. You don’t like it, do your own business. I ever read the books too, the teachings is good. If you feel not good, well that’s your own opinion.
    I don’t talk about the gay here. That’s your own personal business. But we must can tolerate another person point of view. Many people can tolerate gay. So why you can’t tolerate another person that have different point of view with you? If you can not be tolerate then it’s useless to speak more about this topic with you, because you don’t want to receive a different opinion, in another words, you don’t appreciate the meaning of human rights itself
    Best regards all,

    Take care.

  8. Your moniker is “Empty”? That about sums it up, I guess.