It seems that Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca has taken on Scientology and its founder L. Ron Hubbard as a cause to crusade over, using both his title and office to add weight to the claims of both. CultNews has reported before how the Sheriff seems to have become a shill for Scientology promoting […]

Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca’s office was picketed May 6th in response to his ties to Scientology. First stop for the group of weekend protesters was the sheriff’s Monterey Park office. The next stop for the Scientology critics was a protest in front of a Hollywood Boulevard Scientology building that houses the church’s notorious “Office of Special Affairs.” Sheriff […]

Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca says, “When people like what I have, I give it to them.” And what Scientology likes about Baca is his title, which the sheriff seems to lend the controversial church whenever it wants. Baca even videotaped a birthday message for the dead founder of Scientology L. Ron Hubbard and wrote a letter to […]

It seems like Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca is becoming one of Scientology’s special friends. Not long ago Baca appointed Scientology’s apparent President for life Heber Jentzch to a slot on his “Executive Clergy Advisory Council.” Then Baca “spearheaded” the “6th Annual Multi-Faith Prayer Breakfast,” which included Jentzch along with Scientologist and sitcom star […]

Jenna Elfman may have a new television show, but the former sitcom star of Dharma and Greg is still doing her same old routine promoting the Church of Scientology. Elfman put in an appearance at a prayer breakfast in Inglewood Saturday and the invocation was done by her fearless leader, Scientology’s apparent President for life Heber […]