The Gentle Wind Project (GWP) founded by John and Mary “Moe” Miller sued its critics Judy Garvey and her husband James Bergin apparently hoping to silence the couple, but instead called attention to its practices, finances and leadership. After two years of litigation it looks like GWP is experiencing something of a meltdown. The Millers […]

In the world of celebrity endorsements companies try to find a good fit for their products with a likely face and/or popular personality to use as a spokesperson. No doubt Neutrogena skin care products thought Kelly Preston was a good match for their new line called “Visibly Firm.” The 43-year-old actress is the wife of […]

John Travolta has been cast to play Edna Turnblad for the new film version of Hairspray, which is based upon the hit Broadway musical. This latest incarnation of the John Waters creation is scheduled for release in Britain during 2007 reports the London Evening Standard. Hairspray has an interesting history. Following in the footsteps of […]

Yesterday the national television program Inside Edition ran a report about John Gray and his educational credentials. During that interview Gray admitted that he has no accredited degree from any institution of higher learning. The Ross Institute/CultNews was cited as a source and I commented within the broadcast. Gray told Inside Edition, “I don’t need […]

John Gray’s bizarre claims about his education make him look more like a Martian than a reputable “doctor.” The New York Post picked up the story first reported at CultNews about the relationship guru who faked an accredited college education. Gray calls himself a “doctor,” but has no accredited college degree, even though he belongs […]

Yesterday MSNBC picked up the story about “Dr.” John Gray and his “worthless” degrees. Jeanette Walls wrote that the author of the book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus “has credentials from the twilight zone.” Gray’s assistant Rosalinda Lynch attempted to defend the “doctor” by claiming that the recent reports about Gray […]

Relationship guru John Gray, author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, is established seemingly as a permanent fixture in popular culture and has something of a cult following. Mars/Venus has reportedly sold more than 15 million copies since its publication in 1992. And Gray has sold millions of additional books through various […]

By Rick Alan Ross Cult expert turned political pundit Steven Hassan has a penchant for conflating his CV and at times just plain lying about his past status. And he seems to have an obsession about Harvard. Again, and again Hassan claims to have taught at “Harvard Medical School.” Steven Hassan[/caption]This misleading claim was repeated […]

By Brian Birmingham The Moorish Science Temple of America is this country’s first and oldest so-called “Black nationalist” organization, as well as this country’s first and oldest “Black Muslim” organization. It was founded in Newark, New Jersey in 1913, by a man named Noble Drew Ali. Noble Drew Ali called himself God’s prophet, and he […]

By Brian Birmingham Hey David, I know that you are online a lot and always interested in whatever attention that you receive. And there have been a couple of articles that have recently appeared about you and your followers here at CultNews. You probably saw a recent report about how you borrowed or copied many […]