Does Scientology have a “cure” for homosexuality, or does the controversial church just beard (disguise) its gay celebrities through arranged marriages?

Scientologist John Travolta married fellow Scientologist Kelly Preston in what seemed like convenient timing, just after the National Enquirer ran a story about an alleged two-year homosexual affair between the actor and a male porn star.

The subsequent Travolta/Preston union produced two offspring and paved the way for the actor to continue a lucrative career as a leading man.

The National Inquirer later ran a retraction and Travolta’s alleged lover recanted, after the star’s lawyer reportedly applied some pressure.

Another Scientologist Lisa Marie Presley was quickly wed to Michael Jackson after allegations surfaced that he was a pedophile that preyed upon little boys. A source told CultNews that a Scientology minister participated and/or officiated when the couple was married at a secluded spot (other sources say it was a local judge).

But this marriage didn’t last and now the former “King of Pop” is living in self-imposed exile as a single in the Arab emirate of Bahrain.

Was it some Scientology agenda or really romance that led to the Presley/Jackson nuptials?

Could it be that Elvis’s daughter was wowed by Jackson’s dance moves or overwhelmed by his sexual charisma?

Now it looks like the National Enquirer might have the last word and/or the latest evidence regarding the sexual preference of John Travolta reports

Travolta in drag as TurnbladWhile doing his first film turn in drag as mama Edna Turnblad for the movie “Hairspray” in Canada, Travolta was caught on camera kissing a man, but not in costume.

Instead, it appears this smooch was spontaneous and not per any contract agreement.

In photographs published by the National Enquirer, Travolta is seen planting a wet one on an unidentified young man while balancing tiptoe on the stair of his private jet.

Is this only a lighthearted gesture bestowed by the 52-year-old star upon his special friends or further grist for the rumor mill about his sexuality?

One source told CultNews that Mrs. Travolta was seated aboard the aircraft when this happened, which if true might raise some interesting questions about the nature of the couple’s marital arrangement.

The official word from the Travolta camp is that he is not gay. 

A friend of the star said, “John is furious about these new gay claims. It’s ridiculous ” he’s answered this over and over and he denies being gay” reports The Bosh.

But should Mr. Travolta be quite so “furious” given his latest career move to embrace a comedic character popular amongst the gay community?

CultNews previously questioned if a man rumored to be a closeted homosexual was right for a role made popular by openly gay actors.

Maybe the diehard 30-year Scientologist is more concerned about how his idol, the late L. Ron Hubbard founder of Scientology, might have perceived his penchant for kissing men? 

Hubbard once stated that gays “should be taken from¦society as rapidly as possible” because “no social order will survive which does not remove these people from its midst” reported Rolling Stone.

Travolta/Preston a special arrangement?One former gay Scientologist even claimed that John Travolta was the proof that he was offered that “Scientology processing and courses would ‘handle’ [his] own homosexuality.” He paid the church a bundle for the process, but later sued when it didn’t work. 

Maybe it’s not about a “cure,” but rather a cover, which the church provides for its generous and/or important gay members?

Mrs. Travolta must know for sure, but it seems unlikely that she would spill, even if the rumors were true.

Meanwhile neither John Travolta’s fading star status or his marriage is likely to suffer because of the generous affection he doles out to his chosen male companions.

Postscript: Travolta’s lawyer Martin Singer subsequently made the following statement: “As a manner of customary greeting and saying farewell, Mr Travolta kisses both women and men whom he considers to be extremely close friends. People who are close to Mr Travolta are aware of his customary, non-romantic gesture.”

Is Scientology responsible for making Tom Cruise into “someone who effectuates creative suicide” as Viacom President Sumner Redstone told the Wall Street Journal?

Tom Cruise 'suicide'?The billionaire media mogul explained “His recent conduct has not been acceptable to Paramount.”

And then Redstone did the unthinkable, he effectively dumped the “world’s greatest movie star.”

Now the former “Top Gun” is hoping some “hedge fund” will back his production company and Hollywood is buzzing with questions.

How could a star so high fall so far and this quickly?

Wasn’t it just a couple years ago that Tom Cruise could do no wrong?

Could the often-secretive Church of Scientology be part of the answer?

A writer for the Huffington Post claims that “anti-Scientology religious bigotry” was somehow responsible for the star’s demise.

But was it “bigotry” over Scientology or a reaction to Cruise’s increasingly bizarre behavior linked to the church that led to his downfall?

It’s been a heady ride for Tom Cruise from “Risky Business” to “Mission Impossible.” But has the star risen to such a height that his demands and hubris overreached the limit. And was his judgement somehow impaired?

Cruise arguably became both vindictive and punitive.

His often quoted rant about Brooke Shields taking anti-depression medication and an apparent absence of humor regarding a hilarious South Park send-up paved the way for the public to perceive the once popular star quite differently.

Instead of the carefully crafted image his former publicist Pat Kingsley helped to construct and burnish over the years when she represented the actor, cracks began to show in his famous facade.

Here's Tommy!The smile that once made Cruise a romantic leading man, appeared more like the demented grin of Jack Nicholson playing a madman.

What happened?

As CultNews reported previously strange behavior could be a byproduct of Scientology. 

Sitcom star Jeanna Elfman also appeared to be getting stranger as she moved up the ladder of Scientology’s spiritual training levels. Both Elfman and Cruise had been working on “Operating Thetan Level 7” (OT-7). Scientology has eight OT levels to ascend.

Rich stars like John Travolta (an OT-7), Cruise and Elfman have no problem paying for the expensive courses and “auditing” that enables them to reach this higher plateau within the organization that Time Magazine once called a “The Cult of Greed.”

But does continued Scientology training cause mental and/or emotional disturbances?

One example might be the case of Lisa McPherson, a dedicated long-term Scientologist that experienced a mental meltdown before dying under the care of Scientology.

Shortly before her untimely death at 36 the Scientologist who began taking courses at 23 told her spiritual caregivers in Clearwater, Florida “I am L. Ron Hubbard…I created time 3 billion years ago.”

A wrongful death suit filed by the young woman’s family ended after seven years of litigation when Scientology paid them off rather than go to trial.

Another claimed casualty of the controversial church was Lawrence Wollersheim, who said that Scientology’s influence drove him into a mental disorder and to the brink of suicide. 

Scientology eventually paid Wollersheim an $8.6 million dollar settlement.

Lisa McPherson 1959-1995What could this organization some have labeled a “Sci-fi cult” do to send its adherents into orbit?

According to the testimony of one former long-term member in a personal injury court case there are church drills and courses that “brainwash them.”

Tom Cruise “brainwashed”?

Perhaps “brainwashing” explains how a super star at the top of his game plunged into “creative suicide” through a series of personal and public meltdowns. 

Pat Kingsley must be shaking her head pondering how her once cooperative client went through such a series of hapless blunders, which ultimately led to an end result that Viacom chief Redstone said “costs the company revenue.” 

According to Joe Keldani, a Scientologist trained by that organization’s elite “Guardians Office,” something strange happened at the highest levels of Scientology during his watch.

Keldani claimed that “the first few hundred OT 8 got ill and had to be recalled for repair.”

Does Tom Cruise need to be recalled?

Sumner Redstone seems to think so, but he is not willing to pay the “repair” bill.

Now seems like a good time to sum up the net results of the “war of words” between television cartoon show South Park, Scientology and Tom Cruise.

Cruise the loserWho won and who lost?

South Park recently picked up a Peabody Award and received an Emmy nomination specifically for the controversial episode that mocked the “world’s biggest movie star” and Scientology, which is probably the most litigious organization called a “cult” on the planet.

Not only did South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone ridicule Cruise and get away with it, they also accurately exposed Scientology’s bizarre doctrines. This included a discourse about a belief in space aliens, something that the general public otherwise wouldn’t know, considering the way that Scientology zealously guards its secrets.

'Trapped in the Closet'The cartoon episode “Trapped in the Closet” was carefully crafted to be legally “bullet proof” as a parody, so from the start Cruise and his church didn’t have the basis for any serious claim of slander.

That’s why the actor allegedly relied instead upon his star power to cancel a repeat of the controversial episode, which was set to launch South Park’s current season.

Apparently, Scientology’s “Top Gun” took his best shot through Viacom, the parent company of both Paramount, which produced Mission Impossible and Comedy Central that airs South Park.

However, this strategy backfired, only garnering more attention and publicity for the show while Cruise came across as a bully. South Park’s ratings soared and arguably this confrontation paved the way for both the Peabody Award and Emmy nomination that followed.

“Trapped in the Closet” remains the biggest hit as measured by the viewing audience that South Park has ever recorded for a singe show.

Good-bye ChefScientologist Isaac Hayes, who quit South Park over the Scientology episode hasn’t fared very well either. Like Cruise he didn’t gain public sympathy through his protest and also lost his job.

Subsequently Parker and Stone got the last word regarding Hayes departure through a good-bye “Return of Chef” episode that portrayed the former 1970s star as little more than a “brainwashed” puppet.

Tom Cruise also appears to have lost ground.

The actor who hasn’t had a genuine unqualified hit since Jerry McGuire and is now perceived by much of the public as a “weirdo.” His Mission Impossible series is all but dead, with the latest installment doing less than expected at the box office.

Don’t look for a “Mission Impossible Four.”

In fact, some Hollywood pundits say it may be difficult for the middle-aged actor to star in a major film project budgeted at the same size as MP-3 in the future.

The public seems tired of Tom Cruise, other than as a focus of gossip about his relationship with Katie Holmes and their unseen baby girl Suri.

And Scientology seems to have become something of a running joke, seen more like a wacky “Hollywood cult,” rather than a serious religion.

Whatever Tom Cruise and his church hoped to accomplish through the star’s media blitz promoting Scientology solutions to life’s problems, both he and his faith failed to convey any meaningful positive message that the public responded to, but don’t expect them to admit that.

Trey Parker warned about getting “that Tom Cruise stink on you” in a recent interview, but there is nothing like the sweet smell of success.

'Cult heroes' Parker and StoneAnd South Park has never been more popular, while its creators have burnished their “cult hero” status through the face-off with the star, along with some official mainstream recognition that perhaps was long overdue.

The moral to this story is never take on a weekly comedy show like South Park in a “war of words,” because the show will get the last word and also last laugh.

Demonstrating this pointedly will be the long awaited repeat tonight of “Trapped in the Closet.”

Scientology stars like Tom Cruise and Jenna Elfman don’t seem to be doing that well lately. Is it possible that Scientology, rather than being a bridge to success, ultimately is a path to some sort of personal meltdown?

Cruise 'No. 1'?Yesterday Forbes Magazine proclaimed Tom Cruise “No. 1” on its list of “the world’s 100 most powerful stars” reported Reuters.

However, Roger Freidman of Fox News sees Cruise’s status far differently. He says that the star has “fallen and his career has taken a beating.” Friedman further reported that George Clooney got the role in an upcoming action/thriller, which Cruise sought desperately.

Interestingly, age certainly wasn’t a factor, since Cruise is younger than Clooney.

Instead Fox News cited Scientology as perhaps a deciding “factor.”

A source told Friedman “There isn’t a major studio that will offer Tom Cruise a $200 million movie now.”

How can this be though, when the actor has attained such a lofty level within the church that claims it can resolve virtually any personal problem or impediment?

Cruise is reportedly an “Operating Thetan 7” (OT-7) and has only one level left to reach Scientology’s version of “total enlightenment.”

So how is it that Scientology’s “Top Gun” is in a career slump after reaching the heights of awareness and supposed human development?

As CultNews previously reported Jenna Elfman also has reached OT-7.

The former “Dharma” of Dharma and Greg who briefly becameAlex” for the short-lived sitcom Courting Alex seems to be getting stranger as she cruises through Scientology’s higher levels.

Elfman too far out?Last year Elfman began ranting about “suppressive people” (SP).

“The more successful I became, the more suppression I bumped into¦especially in the entertainment industry, which really is home to rabid suppression”¦know you are going to be under attack¦you have to be able and willing to confront evil if you want to survive,” the sitcom star said.

However, despite this threat Elfman nevertheless claimed that she could handle it.

“An SP? Why would that be scary? They’re the biggest cowards that exist,” Scientology’s Celebrity magazine quoted her saying in an interview. “Bring it on. Please. Please just try and attack me. I welcome it. Now that I’m willing to confront them, they scurry away¦They scurry, because I’m willing to confront them,” she taunted.

But when Elfaman and her husband bumped into someone that would arguably be perceived by Scientologists as a “SP” attacking them it was another story.

The Elfmans spotted a guy wearing a T-shirt with pictures of Scientologists Tom Cruise and John Travolta along with the slogan “Scientology is gay.”

But this “SP” apparently didn’t “scurry” and instead stood his ground, while the Elfmans seemingly lost control and went ballistic reports Your

'SP' T-shirtJenna Elfman repeatedly asked the man “What crimes have you committed?” and “have you raped a baby?”

This was Scientology-speak, as taught by the church’s founder L. Ron Hubbard, Scientologists are taught to personally attack those critical of the church.

CBS still has a development deal with Elfman for another show despite the failure of Courting Alex.

Should the network consider the “Scientology factor”?

CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler says that Elfman “has made a huge commitment.”

But what about her “huge commitment” to Scientology?

“I intend to make Scientology as accessible to as many people as I can. And that is my goal…absolutely relentless and unreasonable,” Elfman told Celebrity. “That way, I can have complete KSW (Keeping Scientology Working)¦[and] forge ahead with a very high speed of particle flow.”

Maybe CBS should see if there is a “reality clause” included in Elfman’s development deal in case she gets too far out.

This all begs the question that if Scientology is the panacea its proselytizing celebrities say it is why doesn’t it keep working for them consistently?

Shouldn’t their careers and personal behavior be consistently and continually improving as they ascend Scientology’s spiritual levels?

Why have stars like Tom Cruise and Jenna Elfman repeatedly been behaving so strangely?

It appears that perhaps the higher up Scientologists go, the more likely they are to have some sort of personal meltdown.

Could it be that strange behavior, such as couch jumping and/or becoming ballistic, is somehow a byproduct of studying Scientology?

In a recent interview with DVD Man’s Room Elfman again defended Scientology.

“Anything good that helps people has been attacked. Scientology is going nowhere. I will tell you that right now, because it works and so many people are helped by it,” she said.

“People who have been helped aren’t going anywhere because they know it’s true for them,” said the former sitcom star turned Scientology sage

Maybe there is some truth in Elfman’s words.

Scientology does seem to lead “nowhere” and diehard devotees like Cruise and Elfman apparently haven’t gotten “anywhere” through its teachings.

Scientology’s “Top Gun” continues to zealously proselytize for his church and the latest Hollywood star he seemingly targeted was Angelina Jolie reports National Ledger.

'Missionary man' CruiseCruise phoned up Brad Pitt and Jolie while the couple was in Africa to congratulate them both on the birth of their baby, but it wasn’t long before Cruise the persistent missionary man began using his long distance minutes for Scientology.

The man once touted as the “world’s greatest movie star,” but now not selling so good, reportedly urged Jolie to stop by Scientology HQ to pick up an award for her charity work.

But the former Tomb Raider made it clear that wasn’t an artifact she was interested in.

“There’s always a method to Tom’s madness,” said one source. And that “method” always seems to lead back to Scientology.

Apparently Cruise didn’t bother to consider Brad Pitt’s past personal history regarding the controversial church many consider a “cult.”

Hollywood buzz has it that the star of Troy dumped an old girlfriend Juliette Lewis over her involvement with Scientology, so Pitt probably isn’t interested in towing that “Trojan Horse” back into his life again.

Tom Cruise has reportedly agreed to pay Katie Holmes three or four million dollars annually to be his wife. Not a bad gig, if Holmes and her family can put up with the star’s antics and continuing religious crusade. 

Cruise can't convert Pitt and JolieMeanwhile the last Mrs. Cruise, Nicole Kidman, is going through her own religious epiphany. But it’s not about Scientology and its belief in spaceships that brought aliens from outer space to ultimately haunt the earth. Instead, the Oscar-winning actress has returned to her spiritual roots within the Roman Catholic Church reported Catholic Online.

This is the second time it seems that an ex-wife of Cruise’s has dropped out of Scientology. Wife number one, Mimi Rogers, has apparently lost interest in Scientology too.

Not only have Cruise’s “days of thunder” at the box office perhaps passed, he isn’t really that good in his role of missionary man either.

Scinetology is sponsoring its own NASCAR team through the book “Dianetics,” a tome written by its religious prophet L. Ron Hubbard. Scientology’s team will have its first race Saturday at a NASCAR Weekly Series at California’s Irwindale Speedway reports the New York Post. 

'Thunder' for Scientology?Could this be the build up for a remake of “Days of Thunder,” the not so successful movie starring Scientology’s “Top Gun” Tom Cruise in the role of a fictional NASCAR stud?

It was through Thunder that the actor now known more for strange behavior than his movies met his future bride Nicole Kidman.

But that was more than a decade ago and since then both Cruise’s marriage to Kidman and his public image have fizzled.

“Couch potatoes meet couch jumper as Scientology goes NASCAR,” quips one fan on Inside Line.

And what will Scientology use to speed to the finish line?

A Ford Taurus that says “Dianetics” on it and “has a volcano on the front of it like the book” says a spokesperson.

The Volcano is an allusion to L. Ron Hubbard’s religious doctrine about space aliens that were destroyed in volcanoes 75 million years ago and somehow are still haunting us and causing problems. 

The driver of this Taurus is apparently a Scientologist. He told the press that Hubbard’s teachings have “improved [his] focus and…consistency.”

Sportswriter Matt Crossman says “that nobody has ever heard of the driver.”

Scientology's NASCARCrossman also opines at Sporting that he is “confident” that Dianetics will “fail miserably as a sponsor because it has no audience to speak to. Bud is in the sport because race fans drink beer.”

Basically what Crossman is saying is that Scientology would be better off offering coupons for free beer than its “free personality test” to NASCAR fans.

The sprotswriter also observes that NASCAR “fans are overwhelmingly Christian” and unlikely targets for any Scientology recruitment effort. And he thinks that only “The North Korean Army” could top Scientology as the “worst possible sponsor.”

So where does that leave “Dianetics” and this seemingly ill conceived public relations effort?

Probably somewhere behind the PR disaster spun by Tom Cruise to use Steven Spielberg’s film “War of World’s” to launch his own war of words promoting the controversial church and its ideas.

Is Air America radio host Janeane Garofalo and her “Majority Report” show in meltdown mode? An on-air spat last week between Garofalo and her co-host Sam Seder ended in a walkout when Seder and the show’s producer stormed off the set reports Jeanette Walls for MSNBC.

Garofalo Scientology stooge?The source of this friction is a Scientology-linked program called “Downtown Medical.”

That program, which is supported by Scientology celebs like Tom Cruise and Leah Remini, is supposedly a cure for whatever is toxic within your body. And it is offered free to New York firemen and rescue workers, but otherwise costs anyone else $5,000.00.

For five thousand bucks customers get to sweat it out in saunas and ingest cooking oil with doses of niacin. Doctors have dismissed all this as essentially unproven nonsense, but Garofalo has apparently swallowed it whole.

This cure, which seems more like “faith healing” than medicine, was concocted by Sci-fi writer and Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, author of the tale behind John Travolta’s film flop “Battlefield Earth.” 

CultNews reported a month ago about how Garofalo seemed to be repeatedly using her show to shill for Scientology in long rambling infomercial like segments without any critical balance to question the efficacy of Hubbard’s alleged cure.

Seder was not present for those segments, which first included Scientologist and TV sitcom star Leah Remini. It appears that Remini and Garofalo may have become pals since the radio show host/actress did a guest spot on Remini’s series “King of Queens.”

Enter Sam Seder, who last week returned rather angry and made it clear publicly that he didn’t want any more infomercials for the Scientology-linked program.

When Garofalo’s co-host found out that Janeane has another pitch planned with her “Downtown Medical” cronies for yet another “Majority Report” Seder objected openly and on-air and said that if the Hubbardites returned he was going to grill them with some tough questions.

Can Seder stop the Scientology infomercials?Seder cited CultNews as one of his sources for critical information about the Scientology-linked program.

Garofalo’s pals at “Downtown Medical” eventually decided to drop out rather than face Seder. 

Everything came to a boil last week on Friday night week reports Daily Kos.

The spam hit the fan when Garofalo said that her co-host Seder wouldn’t have a problem if the program were linked to some Jews instead of Scientologists.

That was the last slam for Sam. 

Seder then walked off the set with the show’s producer in tow.

So where does this leave Air America and “Majority Report”?

Perhaps Janeane Garofalo doesn’t care?

The actress has been busy with other projects and is often absent from the show. Sam Seder sits in, but would Air America be willing to ditch its celebrity star for a relative unknown?


CultNews has witnessed first-hand in the studio how the Garofalo/Seder team works.

Sam sits with his laptop researching and scraping facts from the Internet, while Garofalo talks off the top of her head.

This may have served her well in stand-up gigs. However, it seems to fall short when dealing with something as serious as dispensing medical advice.

Increasingly, Ms. Garofalo seems to have become something of a Scientology stooge, letting Hubbardites use her show to pitch their programs without paying Air America for commercial time.

Is it possible that Air America would be better off with Sam Seder getting the facts straight, rather than by Janeane Garofalo making a joke out of “Majority Report”?

In the world of celebrity endorsements companies try to find a good fit for their products with a likely face and/or popular personality to use as a spokesperson. No doubt Neutrogena skin care products thought Kelly Preston was a good match for their new line called “Visibly Firm.”

Kelly Preston Neutrogena adThe 43-year-old actress is the wife of John Travolta, she is attractive and perhaps most importantly fits the demographic of a middle aged woman interested in “firmer, smoother, younger-looking skin,” as advertised by the company.

However, one aspect of Ms. Preston’s personal and public persona makes her involvement with Neutrogena seem strange.

Preston, like her husband Travolta, is a Scientologist and Neutrogena is an operating company controlled by the corporate conglomerate Johnson & Johnson.

Here is the rub.

Johnson & Johnson also owns Ortho-McNeil Neurologics, which produces the psychotropic drug Haldol and likewise owns Janssen, which produces Risperdal and Concerta (methylphenidate) for attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. 

These are the very types of drugs so frequently and fervently denounced by Scientologists like Tom Cruise and also Kelly Preston.

Janssen says it “is focused solely on mental health and helps patients achieve healthy minds and mental wellness.”

But according to Scientology its teachings and programs are the way to “achieve healthy minds” and Kelly Preston not only believes that, she is an outspoken activist and critic of “psychotropic drugs.”

Just last year the actress and her Scientologist crony sitcom star Kirstie Alley pleaded with Florida lawmakers to prohibit schools from denying services to students who won’t take prescribed medicines to treat mental disorders.

They both supported what was reported as a “Scientology bill,” which would have effectively made their beliefs law.

Preston told legislators  that “psychiatric labelings are not actually medical disorders…[and] parents are intimidated by schools into getting psychotropic drugs for their children” She said, “Parents need to be aware of the potential dangers of these drugs.”

Preston with husband TravoltaMrs. Travolta doesn’t exactly sound like a booster for Janssen’s product line now does she?

How is it possible that this celebrity could be paid by a company to sell one product, after she bashed another for free?

The Scientology-linked legislation died after Governor Jeb Bush vetoed it.

“Ultimately, this bill could lead to a chilling effect on the evaluation and treatment of children with legitimate mental health needs, resulting in serious long-term consequences such as suicide or Baker Act intervention,” Bush wrote.

“The governor and lieutenant governor side with science,” Bush’s spokesman told the press.

Tom Cruise’s rants about psychiatry and Preston’s lobbying are consistent with the teachings of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

Hubbard once called psychiatrists “terrorists” and the religion he created has been at war with mental health professionals virtually since its inception.

It seems odd that somehow Kelly Preston is posing for Neutrogena ads, while Johnson & Johnson is supplying drugs to Scientology’s avowed enemy of targeted “terrorists.”

Didn’t anyone at Johnson & Johnson research the selection of Preston?

Meanwhile Scientology certainly seems to have “dropped the ball” on this one.

The organization is known for its special handling and protection of church celebrities. The partnering between Preston and a Johnson & Johnson appears to be a potential embarrassment for both the actress and the church.

Certainly the wife of John Travolta, the star that once made $20 million per picture, doesn’t really need the residual income from Neutrogena commercials that badly.

And aren’t there plenty of other middle-aged actresses willing to do ads for Johnson & Johnson’s wrinkle cream?

Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca says, “When people like what I have, I give it to them.” And what Scientology likes about Baca is his title, which the sheriff seems to lend the controversial church whenever it wants.

Sheriff Baca, Scientology's best friend?Baca even videotaped a birthday message for the dead founder of Scientology L. Ron Hubbard and wrote a letter to support a controversial Scientology-linked program outside Leona Valley in California.

The Whittier Daily reports that Baca has “a $1 million campaign war chest – more than twice as much as his four challengers combined.”

The Sheriff is expected to easily win reelection.

“It’s tough to unseat an incumbent, but when you have challengers with little resources, it’s an enormous task,” a political consultant told the local newspaper.

How much of the money in Baca’s “war chest” comes from Scientologists?

It seems likely that Hubbardites grateful to Baca for promoting their interests have responded with hard cash.

Of course there is nothing new about contributing to a politician generously when he or she has helped you out.

Baca says, “A law enforcement agency that does not have strong relationships with the religious community is basically exempting one of the great tools of public safety, and I just think public safety needs all the help it can get.”

However, when that help is from a so-called “cult” like Scientology, an organization with a record of lawsuits filed by former members regarding personal injuries, not to mention criminal prosecutions around the world, should a law enforcement official embrace it in the name of “public safety” so readily without reservations?

And should the sheriff be engaged in Scientology-linked fund raisers?

Baca is paid his $249,603 per year in salary by all the taxpayers of Los Angeles County, which includes many different religious groups, not just Scientologists.

Tom Cruise supposedly is living in a “haunted” house reports Life Style Extra.

Does Tom Cruise need 'ghostbusters'?Apparently previous occupants have “experienced spooky sensations there.”

Caleigh Peters, daughter of producer Jon Peters, says that she “heard noises” while living there and claims the house was “creepy.”

Well, if it wasn’t “creepy” before it certainly seems like it is now.

Cruise has reportedly created a kind of “cult compound” there surrounded by his faithful staff of Scientologists and his girlfriend Katie Holmes is cocooned within that controlled environment.

That would be “spooky” wouldn’t it?

Meanwhile Scientology’s “Top Gun” is reportedly planning an expanded compound on what he hopes will become his very own hilltop overlooking the San Fernando Valley.

It seems the star doesn’t like having neighbors too close so he is trying to buy them out.

“Tom plans to spend up to $25 million on the project after agreeing to knock down one existing property and buying a second one next door” a source told

Katie Holmes may find herself an isolated mom secured within Cruise’s new hilltop compound with baby Suri surrounded by Scientologists.

And the Holmes family may be shut out through “Cruise control.”

Peters claims Cruise’s current rental home is “full of ghosts,” which may have hurried along his home building plans.

Scientologists do believe in ghosts of a sort. 

According to L. Ron Hubbard’s writings the planet earth is plagued by what he called “Body Thetans” or “BTs.” The spiritual residue of beings from outer space brought here millions years ago on spaceships.

Scientologists are delivered from these spirits through what they call “auditing.”

Could it be that Tom Cruise’s detached “BTs” have come to haunt his Beverly Hills house?

If so, perhaps he can call in some “Ghostbusters” from Scientology to clear them out.