Matt Hale the leader of the so-called “World Church of the Creator” apparently decided that hate mail and rage just wasn’t enough when it came to U.S. District Judge Joan Humphrey Lefkow.

A ruling by the federal judge riled Hale so much, according to the criminal charges now pending against him, the hate group leader planned to kill her.

Hale is now charged with solicitation of murder and may end up in prison for 20 years, reports CNN.

Judge Lefkow ruled that Hale’s group must stop using its name, because another organization that had it first objected. This ruling required Hale to destroy all material, which included the name and make appropriate changes at his Web site.

Maybe that was the “last straw” for Hale who has had one setback after another.

The Illinois State Bar rejected him and despite his law degree, Hale could not practice in that state. And he lost subsequent appeals.

Hale also lost one bid after another to become a member of the East Peoria City Council.

It just seems like Matt Hale has become a serial loser. The unmarried racist doesn’t even have his own home and instead lives with his father.

However, living with daddy must seem fine when compared to the distinct possibility of setting up housekeeping in a prison cell.

It appears that this serial loser may soon even lose his freedom.

The so-called “World Church of the Creator” can no longer use its name.

The hate group founded by non-practicing attorney Matt Hale lost the right to its purported name, according to a federal judge’s ruling in Illinois, reports Associated Press.

It is not surprising that the church that originated the name in the state of Washington doesn’t like Hale abusing its good name. They want him to cease and desist immediately.

But Hale is not known for accepting court rulings. He rejects the judge’s findings and no doubt will appeal.

The one thing Hale can use his law degree for in Illinois is acting pro se. But the Illinois State Bar won’t allow the racist to practice law on behalf of any other clients.

Hale appealed that decision, but repeatedly lost.

The white supremacist has also lost two bids for East Peoria City Council.

Hale does seem to be a loser, albeit a “sore loser” and now he has even lost his name.

Hate groups hope to exploit problems in Maine

Somalia once ravaged by war and famine was the focus of American intervention, first by President Bush Sr. and later by Bill Clinton. One result of that humanitarian effort was an influx of refugees searching for a better life in the United States.

Many Somalians eventually migrated to Lewiston, Maine and have apparently strained the social service network there.

Now hate groups such as the National Alliance and World Church of the Creator have descended upon Maine hoping to exploit whatever tensions exist, reports the Associated Press.

The National Alliance in particular seems desperate to prove itself viable as a purveyor of hate since the death of its founder William Pierce. The group littered Lewiston with handouts.

Matt Hale’s World Church of the Creator plans a rally in the town next month.

America once hosted the immigrant ancestors of these hate mongers, but they have little respect for that tradition, especially if those in need now are not white.

Ironically, the activities of such groups in Lewiston only serve to remind New Englanders about the ugliness of hate. Maybe in this sense the National Alliance serves some purpose.

The United States has always been a melting pot of people from different lands. Let’s hope the pot gets hot enough to one-day burn off the likes of Hale.

Matt Hale the founder and leader of the so-called “World Church of the Creator” says it’s moving.

Well, not exactly.

Though Hale claims his “world headquarters” will officially move to a new address in a small Wyoming town he will remain in Peoria, Illinois, reports Associated Press.

The white supremacist apparently just wants some of his followers to set up shop out West.

However, whatever Hale says must be taken with more than a little skepticism. The ardent racist has a history of making misleading statements, such as listing himself as an “attorney” on the Internet, when in fact he can’t practice law in Illinois.

Hale has a law degree, but the not so popular Peoria resident couldn’t convince the Illinois State Bar to let him in.

There is an old adage that a man cannot be a “prophet in his own land.” In Hale’s case this also includes being a lawyer.

Maybe Hale should try his luck in Wyoming? Peoria just might give the racist a rousing send off.

A Neo Nazi couple was arrested in Los Angeles for stockpiling bomb-making materials reports KABC in LA.

John Frederick Steele, 29, leader of the “Brandenburg Division” of the Aryan Nations and his girlfriend Christine Greenwood, 28 had “BBs, nails and razor blades” apparently intended to be used as “shrapnel.”

Steele is a security guard for the Port of Los Angeles.

But the seizure took place two years ago. Authorities were somehow reluctant to take immediate action, despite Steele’s sensitive security position and the potential risk to public safety.

A Deputy District Attorney in LA said, “Given the concern with both international and domestic terrorism on that front, (and) with the potential for incoming weapons, we felt that that might be a security breach.”

It took him two years to figure that out?

Domestic terrorism is still a grave concern in the US. Many experts still believe the anthrax terrorist may have been an American and not a foreign national.

It is important to remember that until the destruction of the World Trade Center, it was American Timothy McVeigh, who held the record for the most horrific act of terrorism in the United States.

There is still a plethora of potentially dangerous hate groups and extremists that pose potential threats to public safety in America.

It is unsettling to think that an alleged Neo Nazi terrorist known to have possessed lethal weapons was let loose and allowed to provide “security” at a major US port of entry.

Perhaps the new federal department of Homeland Security needs to educate law enforcement in Los Angeles?

Matt Hale may be an obnoxious hate monger, but he managed to get a law degree. The problem is he can’t use it to make a living.

No one will grant the founder of the “World Church of the Creator” a law license.

But the ever-persistent bigot is back in court with a practicing attorney to argue his case again, reports Copley News Service.

Somewhat like the old adage, “You can’t keep a good man down,” Hale appears to be proof that some bad men are just as buoyant. was first to break the story that Hale was promoting himself through Internet listings as a lawyer, despite repeated court rulings that he could not practice law. According to the State’s County Attorney though, he could get away with such antics through a technical legal loophole.

Hale’s latest effort to exercise his First Amendment rights is stumping for public office. He is running for city council in East Peoria, Illinois. However, the last person to publicly endorse Hale’s character seems to have been Benjamin Smith. Smith subsequently went on a racist killing spree and then committed suicide.

Hardly the kind of endorsement that will get Mr. Hale elected.

The White Supremacist’s prospects for public office look as promising as his law career. Hale couldn’t get elected town dogcatcher. But he might take a shot applying for a janitorial position at the local pound. Maybe then he could find some practical use for his law degree— to paper a pen.

The powerful and popular Internet search engine Google has seemingly secretly deleted certain controversial websites from its listings in Europe according to researchers, reports CNET’s

Apparently Google responded to legal threats potentially possible through laws in Germany and France. According to those laws hate literature can be prohibited.

Of course within the United States the propaganda of hate groups is protected by the First Amendment, and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) would have a field day with Google in the US over such action.

Google previously won praise for its pledge to submit information about any legal threats to a free speech advocacy website, after a controversy developed regarding the deletion of certain listings concerning critics of the Church of Scientology.

What will happen to free speech on the Internet?

Obviously if Internet users cannot find a site they won’t know what is expressed by its creators. And typically no matter how offensive free speech is in America it is defended. However, Germans do not always appreciate such freedom and likewise the French, who also experienced the devastation wrought by hate groups during World War II, are sensitive to this issue.

ACLU stalwart Barry Steinhardt said, “Over the long term, this will become a significant issue on the Net, there’s a wide variety of laws around the world prohibiting different forms of speech.”

Others suggest Google should at least note what it has done per their previous pledge in response to such legal threats, as it ultimately decided to do regarding Scientology. Internet watchdog Ben Edelman opined, “There’s no need to be secretive.”

William Pierce the founder of the National Alliance has been dead three months, but his followers are managing to keep busy. In state after state they have doled out hate tracts on parked cars, doorways and porches.

This apparently organized effort has been reported across the United States in such places as West Virginia, Wyoming and Colorado.

Of course the peripatetic Neo-Nazis are doing their promotional effort anonymously, as local residents certainly do not appreciate it. The Alliance’s handouts often seem to be regarded as little more than annoying litter.

Their tracts tout such themes as “White History Month” and “Just say no to diversity.”

This recent flurry of activity seems to be a frantic attempt to prove there is still life after Pierce for the National Alliance. But Pierce’s posthumous legacy appears to only be fodder to fill up trashcans.

The Washington D.C. area serial sniper has now claimed the lives of seven people in a shooting spree that began little more than a week ago.

As in most major national crime stories speculation has been intense. What is his profile? How does he think? These are the questions law enforcement experts are now asking in an effort to catch the murderer.

A provocative clue surfaced recently when the killer left behind a tarot card upon which was written, “Dear Policeman, I am God.”

Professionals that use such cards for “readings” or “fortune telling” were quick to point out that the specific card found, known as the “death card,” was misused, reports the New York Post.

One tarot reader said the killer must have picked the card “to scare people,” clearly an observation that did not require clairvoyance.

The media has speculated that the serial sniper might be a “hate group” or “cult” member.

However, the police in this case appear to have ruled out racial or religious hatred as motivation for the murders. The shootings fit no pattern demographically and have included people of different racial and ethnic backgrounds.

The murders also appear to be random and not a ritual, excluding the activities of a “cult.”

Tarot readers that commented for the Post got two things right, which was more common sense than an exercise in any metaphysical discernment. The sniper seeks attention and is delusional.

When this killer is caught he will probably fit the historic profile established by previous serial murderers such as San Francisco’s “Zodiac” killer or Richard Ramirez the “Night Stalker” of Los Angeles.

The serial sniper is no doubt deeply disturbed. He is likely to be a loner and not the member of an organized group. If he is a “true believer,” it is probably a commitment to his own version of religion, such as Ramirez a self-styled “Satanist.” And like Ramirez it is the sniper’s own demons that drive him.

Hate group leader William Pierce abandoned his family and promoted hate from an isolated compound for almost twenty years. Intensely focused upon communicating his message, he ironically lost touch his own children, reported the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

One of Pierce’s sons said, “His family was of no importance to him.”

Pierce accumulated a considerable estate including land and other assets, but left everything to the “National Alliance,” the hate group he founded. Ultimately, his followers became his only real family.

Pierce was once a college professor, but his career was the first casualty of his hatred, which later also consumed his family life. As a father he was a remote figure. It seems Pierce had little room in his heart for much more than his obsessive fixation with racial purity and Neo-Nazi anti-Semitism.

Pierce’s children completely rejected their father’s teachings.

Perhaps the most telling image of anyone, is most often the one held by his or her own family. Pierce may have fantasized about some supposed historical significance, but in the end his family will likely represent his most enduring legacy. Rather than the father of a movement, William Pierce seems to have been no father at all. A man devoid of the very moral authority he so often ranted about.